Thursday Update on Young Love 15th October 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 15th October 2020

Harki giving tea to Kundan and asking him to come with her as she is going to meet Mouni Baba with Rami Kaki. Kundan refuses to go. Harki asks him to keep eyes on three dacoits. Kundan drinks the tea and thinks it is cold. He calls Nimboli to warm the tea. Nimboli says she will do Maasaa’s work first and then will do his work. Kundan holds her hand, twists it. Nimboli shouts. Pushkar comes and asks Kundan to leave Nimboli. Kundan leaves her hand. Nimboli laughs. Kundan gets angry and goes.

All the villagers gather to meet Mouni baba/Akhiraj. Akhiraj looks at the gifts, money and jewellery presented to him and gets happy. He sees goldsmith there and recalls looted him with money and jewellery. He signs Deenu to call him infront. He gives him the stolen ring. Gold smith gets happy and says this ring was stolen by Akhiraj few months back. Deenu says baba knows everything. Goldsmith thanks Akhiraj and asks him to keep that ring as his gift. Deenu says it is Guruji’s blessings for you. Akhiraj says everything will leave here, but only soul and values will go up. Everyone nods.

Dr. Anant talks to Anandi and says it is good that Shivam knows everything now, but the situation is not going to be fine. Anandi asks what do you mean? Anant says Nimboli shall know the truth. Anandi says I can’t take the risk. Anant says I don’t know if you are brave or not, and asks why she is afraid of her daughter, and says you will have to try in all circumstances. He says you should have told you months back. Anandi says Mangla and I were trying. Anant says Nimboli is trying to separate you both and asks her to see the truth. Anandi says I have full faith on her and she can give her life for her. Anant says she can give her life for Nimboli, but not for Nandini. She says she has only that girl in the name of happiness and asks why Nimboli’s behavior haven’t changed till now. He says I am sure that Mangla is instigating Nimboli against you, and will never let Nimboli back here in Jaitsar.

Anandi says Mangla is not like you are saying and says Mangla said that she will tell her everything. Anant asks her to tell Nimboli today itself. Anandi says we shouldn’t hurry up. Dr. Anant says you might be scared of Mangla, but not me. I will call her. Anandi refuses to let him speak to Nimboli and says I haven’t given you right to take my life’s decision. Anant apologizes and leaves. Anandi thinks about Anant’s words and gets thinking. Anant is driving car back home and recalls Anandi’s words. He gets Anandi’s call. Anandi apologizes to him for her words. Anant says I should apologize for crossing the limits and assures not to interfere in her personal matter.

Harki comes to the Mouni baba. She hears his voice and thinks she heard his voice somewhere. Rami Kaki says Mouni baba have broken his maun vrat few days back. Akhiraj sees Harki there and looks on. Harki also tries to recall seeing him. Akhiraj says she is the woman who is in immense pain, and says he had heard her cries while he was praying. Everyone looks on. Akhiraj/Mouni says she has suffered a lot, and is all alone. Other villagers say that baba was talking about Harki and Rami identified her right. Harki folds her hands and goes near him. She sits down. Akhiraj asks her not to lose strength and says your happiness is hidden and asks her to identify it. Harki looks at him. Akhiraj says it seems God has sent me to this village so that I could treat this woman’s pain. He does magic again and opens his hand. Everyone looks on anxiously. He throws sindoor on her head. Everyone is shocked. Harki asks what you have done? Akhiraj says this gulaal is the epitome of your happiness and blesses her. Harki thanks him and tries touching his feet. Akhiraj hides her feet. Harki looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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