Thursday Update on Young Love 1st October 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 1st October 2020

Mangla calling Kamli and asks if Akhiraj is cremated. Kamli says villagers were not ready to take his dead body to crematorium ground, but Sarpanch and his men helped them. Mangla asks Kamli to give call to Harki. Kamli is she is very much angry. Harki takes the call and curses Mangla, call her dayan. Kamli disconnects the call. She asks her to see the truth and asks her to understand.

She asks her to change for good. Harki says I don’t have any place in this house. I have to accept your orders. She says don’t force me to die shamelessly. Kamli says I will not tell you anything until you force me and goes. Mangla thinks I should return to my house in Jhalra as Akhiraj is dead now. She decides to go with Nimboli.

Nimboli collides with Shivam and her locket falls from her hand. Shivam asks from where did you get it and runs after her. Nimboli comes down. Mangla comes home and informs Dadisaa that she has done the rituals. Shivam asks Nimboli to stop. She tells Anandi that Nimboli have stolen his locket which is in her hand.

Nimboli says I haven’t stolen it. I got it from your almari. She asks Mangla why Anandi and her husband’s photo is there in the locket. Shivam asks Anandi to say that it is his locket. Nimboli asks her to say whose locket is this. Anandi thinks this is the right moment to tell the truth, but then thinks if Nimboli gets far from me after knowing the truth, then what shall I do. Shivam asks her to say. Anandi says you both are right. Actually Mangla got this locket in Shiv Niketan, and that’s why I gave your locket to her so that she can get same locket as this. Shivam says it means it is mine. Mangla asks Nimboli to return Shivam’s locket. Shivam angrily takes the locket from her hand. Anandi asks Nimboli to get ready as they need to go. Mangla takes her with her. Anandi sits beside Dadisaa.

Harki cries looking at her clothes and keeps it in the bag. Kamli asks what you are doing? Harki says she is going to stay in Kothri. Kamli asks why? She says come and have food with me. Harki says she will have to follow the widow customs. Kamli says you don’t need to do all this and says Akhiraj will not get peace with this. She says Akhiraj was punished for his sins. Harki gets angry and is about to slap her, but stops herself. She asks her not to talk anything against Akhiraj, and curses her.

Kamli says come and have food with me. Kundan comes and asks you are fighting with my mum. Kamli asks if you really care for her, then stop her from going to Kothri. Harki says she have to answer her husband after death. Kundan says okay and asks Kamli to go. Kamli says I will pray to God that you both get some intelligence. Kundan says I will do the packing. Harki looks at Akhiraj’s photo and cries. She goes to stay in Kothri. Kundan looks at his photo.

Dadisaa tells Anandi that Shivam didn’t say anything when his birthday was not celebrated. She says we will celebrate Shivam and Nandini’s birthday. Anandi says but Nimboli. Jagya says we will celebrate Shivam and Nimboli’s birthday today. Ganga likes the idea. Jagya says it will be surprise birthday party. We will tell Shivam that Nimboli didn’t celebrate her birthday before and that’s why we kept her birthday too. He says he will do the arrangements. Ganga says you have three meetings. Jagya says I will postpone my meetings and says we will celebrate. It will be surprise. Mangla hears him and gets thinking.

Nimboli watches balika vadhu cartoon and laughs. Anandi comes and asks what is special in it. Nimboli promotes choti Anandi on colors every Sunday. Anandi says I will watch it too. Mangla comes and asks her to sleep. Anandi leaves.

Harki, Kundan, Pushkar and Kamli sit and mourn for Akhiraj’s death at the prayer meeting/Chowtha. Harki asks Kundan if he has informed villagers about his prayer meet. Kundan says yes, and says he has written on the board also. Harki says why they didn’t come then. Kamli says they haven’t come because of Akhiraj’s doings. She says nobody is sad over his death. Kundan asks her to keep quiet and says villagers don’t hate him. Kamli says then why they didn’t come here. She says I can be wrong, but not all the villagers. Everyone have same perception about him. Harki asks Kundan to take asthi kalash to haridwar and drown it in river. She goes to bring bag and asks him to come soon. She says your mum is alone, and have no one except you. Kamli gets sad. Kundan touches her feet and goes.

Dadisaa making the arrangements of the party and instructs the servants. Mangla asks her about Nimboli. Dadisaa says she went on a shopping with Anandi. Nimboli comes home with Anandi and shows her dress. She goes to try her dress. Dadisaa asks what is the matter? Mangla says she has brought something for Nimboli and says I wonder if she will like it or not. She shows the doll gift. Anandi says it is very nice, Nimboli will like it for sure. Mangla says sure.

She thinks Anandi might be laughing at me in her heart as I brought her cheap doll. She thinks they are trapping Nimboli with money. Anandi comes to shivam and asks him to close eyes. She shows him tshirt. Shivam says I really like it. Anandi says he will look handsome and kiss on his forehead. Shivam says he will wash his face and come. Anandi says they have a surprise for him, as he couldn’t celebrate his birthday, just wait and watch. Later he comes down and thinks where is everyone? Everyone says surprise….and sings Happy Birthday Shivam……………..

Shivam runs to Anandi and hugs him. Dadisaa also blesses him. Abhi wishes him happy birthday and asks where is the cake? Dadisaa says we are waiting for Nimboli to come. Shivam asks why? Dadisaa says how can we celebrate without her. Dadisaa says she is here…..Nimboli comes wearing the dress brought by Anandi and holds the doll which Mangla gifted her. Everyone claps for her. Shivam is angry. Nimboli hugs Dadisaa and take her blessings, followed by Anadni’s blessings. Anandi compliments her. Ganga also praises her. Dadisaa asks if she has applied black spot on Nimboli’s forehead. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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