Wednesday Update on True Love 30th September 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 30th September 2020

Damini paathshaala, Maharani’s brothel and on the road
Damini is super tensed when she isnt able to contact akash, kanha and rathore, and diesnt have any news of meethi. thakur comforts her that he wont leyt anything happen to meethi, and they would get her back from that brothel safe and sound. she is comfroted but is tensed still. Thakur thinks that they must have reached the brothel by now.

To save kajri, meethi starts singing, while two other girls start dancing, as she sings behind the curtain. Akash is overwhelmed, but rathore asks him to play along and he manages to stay silent somehow, while meethi sings in a daze. rathore and kanha play along while not to arouse suspicion, and pretend tp enjoy it. maharani asks one of his men for kajri to be kidnapped, now that meethi is singing.

kanha overhears this, and tells rathore that they wont reach kajri, and he would do something. He messages thakur to take kajri away from the impending danger. thakur turns around his car to the paathshaala. Meanwhile, damini prays to the lord, to keep meethi safe, and not shatter her faith in him, and til meethi doesnt come back, she alights the diya and says that she wont let this diya douse.

Kanha thinks that by this time, kajri would have been saved. when maharani’s men go to find kajri they find her gone. they are dteermined to find kajri anyhow today. they are shocked when they find that there is kajri along with thakur, damini and anju maa, along with the ladies of the basti who beat the men to pulp and drive them away.

Kanha asks rathore what if they find out that the notes are fake. rathore says that they would manage till the police comes, and they have a very little time bracket, in which they would have tyo do something. Akash is apalled to find meethi in such a state, and finally breaks down into tears. Maharani takes meethi by the hand, and throws her at akash’s feet, asking her to be taken away. Akash is distraught. He tries to comfort her.

As rathore, kanha and akash are alone in the room with meethi, Meethi screams out with the sharp piece of bangle, when akash tries to come close to her, that she is only akash, and would die being his wife only, and wouldnt allow anyone else to touch her even. she screams out her love for akash, and how she is just meant to be with him, and would never be anyone else’s. akash tries to stop her, but she isnt able to recognise him. rathore and kanha are tensed seeing the heated atmosphere.

Maharani too comes in to calm meethi down, so that her clients arent disturbed or angry. She says that she would kill herself but not be anyone else’s. Amidst such heated environment, one of maharani’s men comes in saying that the notes are fake, shocking and frustrating maharanias she unable to understand whats going on. kanha, rathore and akash are tensed too that their farce has been exposed.

meethi is boggled too. kanha and rathore take out their guns, and ask noone to move. Meethi is baffled. as akash begins to get her to identify himself. meethi continues to ask him not to touch her and stay away from her. Finally akash takes off his disguise, and meethi is overwhelmed to find that its akash. Maharanio is shocked too as all take off their disguise. Meethi cups his face, still unable to believe him. she husg him, while he caresses her. maharani taunts herself, that she couldnt identify them. akash asks meethi not to cry, as they would have to pay the price for every tear drop shed. maharani warns them that they wont be able to go from here.

The police too comes in and tell her that her game is up. maharani says that she starts the game and she finishes it. jusat then, the lighst go off, and they all lose meethi. They rush after maharani, when one of the girls tell tghem that meethi has been taken to the temple. When they find meethi, they are distrac ted and dont realise the severe blows on their head, by his men, and are caught off guard as maharani’s men capture him. maharani taunts herself that she shouldnt have been so greedy. reathore tells him that he shoudl let meethi go, or she would repent later. maharani says that she is repenting, that she kept meethi for two days and should have put her on business the first day itself. akash asks her to shut up.

Rathore talks about the eunuch society, who always blesses, and that she is a taint on such people. maharani says that he is right. Maharani tells meethi that she was waiting for this akash only, while meethi is distarught to find him tied by maharani’s goons, and maharani says that she would kill meethi in front of him, and then see how this goes. Akash and all the men, ask meethi to fight for the sake of her and the woman’s self respect and not to forget that she isichchaa’s daughter.

Meethi is affected and emboldened, and bites maharani, and she falls on the ground, with her wig falling off. maharani is furious. Meethi and otherds are shocked to see her like this. she rushes at meethi and throws her at the lord’d feet. Rathore asks meethi to get up, and she complies, and sees the the goddess is looking down upon her. Maharani takes a sword. maharani approaches meethi, with a bald head and a naked sword, while meethi prays to the lord to show her the right path, oblivious of maharani approaching her. she says that she doesnt want to kill anyone, and asks for her guidance. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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