Thursday Update on Young Love 23 January 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 23 January 2020

Shiv telling Anandi that Subhadra commented at the end when Alok and Anoop were boxing. Anandi says we shall not leave the hope to unite them. Chote Papa reacted seeing Bade Papa hurt. Meenu calls Anandi and says someone came to meet you. Anandi goes downstairs with Shiv and sees Dadisaa. Dadisaa congrats them for the double happiness. Anandi greets Makhan Kaka. Dadisaa signs Makhan Kaka. He takes out chakki/ hand grinder for Anandi. Daddu asks what is this? Dadisaa says it is very good for exercising for pregnant woman. She asks Anandi to grind something on it while sitting on the ground. Everyone smiles. Meenu says sure. Anandi goes to bring tea.

Dadisaa asks her about Khazan ji. She comes to him and asks how are you? He says he is fine now. He praises Anandi, Shiv and his family. Khazan ji says he was not ready to leave his home, but Shiv insisted that’s why he came. Dadisaa says I am happy that you changed your thinking.

Subhadra is going from there and thinks Dadisaa also came. Dadisaa sees her and talks to her. Subhadra says Anandi will take care of you. She asks Dadisaa to stay there. Dadisaa says she thought to stay for a night. Khazan ji praises Subhadra. Dadisaa asks him to give a good reply to her. Khazan ji says she can’t give a good reply to Subhadra. Subhadra hears it and thinks she have to be careful.

Dadisaa is in kitchen with Meenu. Subhadra comes and tells Meenu to add cloves in the food. Dadisaa says it is not good in the initial months of pregnancy. Subhadra says she didn’t know. Dadisaa tells Meenu that she will sit with Anandi. She goes to Anandi and asks her about Subhadra’s behavior towards her. Anandi says she is fine with me. Dadisaa tells her everything. Anandi says may be she doesn’t know about it. Dadisaa says it is dangerous. She asks her to be careful until she delivers the babies. Anandi recalls eating the cocaine laddoos from Subhadra’s hands. She says she will be careful.

Amol comes home from school and greets Dadisaa. Dadisaa gives him sweets. Amol thanks her and talks to her. Anandi asks him to have milk shake kept in the kitchen. He leaves. Anandi tells Dadisaa that everything is fine between Anoop and Alok. Anandi asks her to come to NGO with her.

Subhadra comes to Khazan ji and brings dry fruits for him. He asks why did you bring it for me. Subhadra says she is thinking to go back to her house. Khazan ji says why you wants to go. Subhadra says you don’t respect me and Kalyani Devi also doesn’t respect you. She says did I insult you anytime? I can’t talk sweetly 24 hours. Whatever I feels, I tells directly. She says I feel you shall return to your house as you are fine now. Khazan ji feels insulted. He says you are right, I shall go from here. He requests her to stay in the house. She takes the dry fruits from his hands and goes. He thinks he is illiterate, but can understand her sign/talk.

Anandi brings Dadisaa to NGO and introduces her to the workers. She then introduces the workers to Dadisaa. Dadisaa feels good to meet them. She thanks Chanda for helping Anandi. Dadisaa talks to Daddu and Anandi. She tells Anandi not to worry about Khazan ji and he will be alright. She says I will leave now. Subhadra says you are leaving. Dadisaa says I will stay if you ask me to. She says she needs to go to school tomorrow. She asks Anandi to use the chakki for exercise.

Jagya tells Niranjan that he is going to hospital. Niranjan stops him and says he needs to talk something important. He says he wants to get Vasectomy done. Jagya asks why? He says he doesn’t want to have his own children. He says he don’t want to hurt Nandu. I am Nandu and Bhairavi’s father now. I will try to fulfill my responsibility. Jagya says I am sure that you will be a good father. He tells him that you can’t become a father if you opt for Vasectomy. Niranjan says ok. Jagya asks him to come to hospital for the operation. Niranjan asks him not to tell anything to Gehna. He agrees. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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