Wednesday Update on True Love 22 January 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 22 January 2020

Maiyya slitting her palm. Akash looks at her in utter shock. Leave the knife Maiyya. He throws the knife looking at the blood oozing out of her hand. He asks her why you did it. She cries hard I have been living for you only. Now who should I live for? Who do you want alive – your mother or Iccha’s daughter? Akash looks shocked and hugs her.
He says, you are my heart. I can kill anyone for you. But I cant see you in pain.

Maiyya immediately hands him the blood soaked knife. Take this. It has your Maiyya’s blood. Kill Meethi. Akash looks taken aback as the chant rupam dehi plays in the background.
All look at him with anticipation. Maiyya again hugs Akash. She signals Agarth who smiles broadly. Akash wonders what to do.

Akash is washing the knife. He recalls Meethi’s words. Anni used to tell me that all one gets a good hubby by the good karmas they have done in their previous birth. Just like I got you.
He thinks of what to do now. Maiyya has put him in such a situation where he can decide what to choose. My hands are shivering only thinking about it. How can I kill her who believes me and my whole family?

Just then Akash’s evil spirit comes in front of him wearing black kurta. Believe! This belief can make treason so easy. You forgot Maiyya’s pain after recalling your wife’s innocent face? Inside you said you can do anything for her.
The good spirit appears calling him Vishnu, then corrects himself saying Akash. You feel good when Meethi lovingly calls you Vishnu. That’s because she loves you. What do you want to take revenge for? How is that poor girl responsible for it?

The evil one laughs she is the daughter of the woman who has killed his father and made her mother a widow. How can you forget it?
The good one says would the story end after taking revenge?
The evil spirit point out this isn’t a story. It is the harsh reality of Maiyya’s life. You forgot it all in your wife’s love? I will remind you. She lost her husband 20 years ago. You did his last rights. His Maiyya isn’t happy since last 20 years and is living without vermilion. Tell me are you so selfish? You have proved that a few days’ love is greater than the relations of blood.
Good soul says only love can mend hatred. Evil soul mocks he is right. Your love for Maiyya will make it happen. You have to douse the fire burning inside her. Kill Meethi. What are you thinking? You can save either Meethi or Maiyya. If you don’t kill Meethi then Maiyya’s death would come unto you. Kill Meethi. The revenge will be over.
Good soul says if you save Maiyya then Meethi…Akash shouts NO in frustration and holds his ears. The evil soul once again tells him not to think too much. Do as Maiyya has said. End her plight by killing Meethi. Both the souls disappear one by one. Akash looks at the knife.

Tappu is sitting on the bed. Nani gives her medicines. Mukku comes with a glass of milk and tells her not to have medicine on an empty stomach.
Tappu asks for Meethi. Mukku reminds her that she has gone on honeymoon with Vishnu. Tappu says she dint came back for her mother’s death rituals? Mukku tells her not to worry. She is with Vishnu in Switzerland.
Tappu says yes I am getting worried for no reason. Ok, make me talk to her once. Mukku tells her that they aren’t able to get through her phone. She had e-mailed sometime back. Ammo agrees she did. A tear slide down Ammo’s cheeks.
Mukku says maybe there is some network problem. Tappu looks at her doubtfully.

Meethi looks lovingly at her wedding photo with Akash. She kisses him (in the photo) as a cute romantic song lagan laagi re starts playing in the background.
She turns and smiles on seeing him coming. She hugs him by shoulders and says, if I would have got to know that you are in the room then I wouldn’t have showered the love on the photo. I would have kissed you directly. She notices him looking upset and asks about the same.
He says nothing just like that. We are about to part that’s why he is upset. She will go to her home tomorrow. She doesn’t realise what he has said and says you always joke. Where am I going?
She realises, turns and smiles widely at him. Are we going for real? Tell Vishnu. Are we going home? The news is so good then why are you all sad. You must be happy then why this sad face?
Akash manages to smiles. I am very happy for you. Its been so many days. Now you will meet your family members, your mother. He takes her hand in his and says, but I will miss you a lot.
Meethi takes her hand back. We will go together. We wont stay away from each other. Plus you have a job at Bundela Constructions too. I am very excited. Thank you so much. She kisses him on the cheek. I am so excited to meet everyone. She hugs him.
Vishnu brings forward his right hand. He looks at the knife. He takes it behind her. She asks when they are going back. She needs to do the packing too. Tears roll down Akash’s cheek.
Meethi thanks him. But she needs to ask one thing. Is his right hand locked somewhere? When would he hug her properly? I love you.
The same song starts playing in the background as Meethi happily hugs Akash. Akash takes the knife back. He puts his right hand on her shoulder and cries distraught.

Thankur House:

Tappu keeps asking for Meethi. Everyone try to calm her but in vain. She makes Mukku swear of herself to tell about Meethi. Divya too asks her to share if she knows anything. Damini looks her while she is in a dilemma as to what to reply.
Mukku says bade papa has gone. Divya asks where has bade papa gone? Meethi is in Switzerland then where has he gone? Muku is about to spill the beans when Jogi enters saying he will tell. Rathore too comes in and Tappu calls out to Jogi, papa!

Mukku asks him if he got to know of anything. Tappu gets up to go to him when Rathore catches her just in time. He tells her not to be a super woman, at least for some time.
Tappu cries out for Jogi. He rushes to her and hugs a crying Tappu. Mukku goes to stand with Rathore. Tappu says no one told me about Iccha. Why did you lie to me?
Jogi asks her why she came home and how is she now. tappu asks about Meethi. You spoke with her na. I too want to speak with her once then I wont ask for it again. Why is no one telling me where she is? You all lied to me about Iccha and now no one is telling me about my daughter. How and where is she? Make me speak to her once please.
Jogi says no one knows where Meethi is sending everyone in shock. Damini says what? Sahab, where is my Meethi? You said about that e-mail. Divya too asks for the truth.
Jogi shares I too got to know some days back only. Meethi and Vishnu are not in Switzerland. Everyone is takan aback. Jogi says Mukta was right about Vishnu. She was right in doubting Vishnu. He cheated us. Tappu recalls the marriage incident where she had slapped Mukku when she had accused Vishnu to be fraud. She cries.

Jogi shares with everyone how they went directly to the police as soon as they got the doubt. They dint got to know about anything yet. Tappu rues she should have listened to Mukku and goes berserk. Rathore tells Mukku to go to Tappu. She immediately goes to support her mom. Tappu continues don’t know where Meethi will be, how she will be. How that Vishnu would have treated her? Mukku tells her to calm down. She assures her that they will find her soon.
Tappu hugs Mukku while Divya comforts Damini. Rathore goes to Damini, I know this is a tough time for our whole family. This is an exam for us – about our trust. Tappu has just come back from the hospital. Iccha ji is no more with us and we have no clue about Meethi. But this isn’t the time to give up. I take the responsibility. I will find Meethi safe and sound back to us. I promise you. He looks at Tappu and promises her as well.

Uttaran tune starts playing as Damini lights the diya at Tulsi plant next to Iccha’s kalash. She thinks her whole life I have exerted myself to raise my daughter. Now when the old age has come, she doesn’t know where her granddaughter is. What should I do lord? Whatever pain you wish to give you can give it all to me. But keep all the troubles away from my Meethi’s life.

Aatishgarh Haveli:

Agarth asks his sister why she gave the task of killing Meethi to Akash. She could have told Nirbhay. He would have killed her by now and would have taken care of her dead body too. Maiyya replies it would have been a big mistake if she would have done that. Nirbhay asks for the reason.
She replies I had seen Meethi’s seed of love germinating in the heart of Akash. I saw that he wanted me to send her back to her home. If you would have killed Meethi then he would forever hold the grudge in his heart. He would think that they have snatched Meethi from him. If he kills her then the revenge will be done with. There wont be any question left in his mind then. After he kills her with his own hands, her son would remain her son only. He will never turn against them.
Nirbhay raises his doubt what if he doesn’t kill her then? I have seen him falling for that girl. What if his hands shiver while trying to kill Meethi?
Maiyya gets up in anger. I have kept him in my womb for 9 months. I have raised him with my blood and sweat, he wont cheat his mother. He has taken the vow of my blood – my blood’s.

Meethi looks at the wedding pic lovingly and keeps it in the bag with her rest of the stuff. Kajri knocks at her door. Meethi sweetly welcomes her in.
Kajri sees Meethi all ready with her luggage packed in her room. Meethi happily tells her that they are going home today. She will meet her mother, Anni, papa everyone. Kajri smiles. You know I can imagine how everyone would be surprised to see me. I am very excited to go back. I will have the yummy dal rice made by ma…yummy! its my favourite.
Kajri smiles. You look so happy just about going back home. But how come this plan……all of a sudden? Meethi replies Maiyya only said all of a sudden to Vishnu. So we are going today only.
Kajri thinks how come she allowed all of a sudden? There must be some reason. Hope Meethi isn’t in any kind of danger. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2



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