Thursday Update on Young Love 26th November 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 26th November 2020

Krish says we will become friend plus enemies, what say? Nandini says you are hiding something big from me, and says until you tell that, we are enemies. Nandini’s watch gets stuck in his bracelet. While Nandini tries to free the entangle things, Krish hides his passport with his bag. After Nandini goes inside, Krish takes a sigh of relief. Mrs. Shekhawat asks Krish to get the stuff out from the temple. He compliments her beauty and says she is looking swag like every mom. While he is walking, falls on the flour plate…..Nandini laughs seeing his face covered with flour. Someone comes and says oh Choori….Nandini gets tensed and asks you? Nani saa says you was laughing a lot, and stopped seeing me. My travel is successful. She asks krish? Krish says I am tenant here and asks about her Introduction. She says she is Mrs. Shekhawat’s mum. Nandini says she is my nanisaa.

Nani saa says I am not your Nani, but of Sudha. Nandini says I would have come and take you, you came suddenly. Nani saa says you came in this house suddenly. Nandini asks her to forget the past and says Sudha will be happy to see you. Nani saa says outsiders are welcoming family members and says she knows how to show door to the outsiders. Sudha comes and says Nani saa. Nani saa hugs her happily.

Sudha asks her to come inside and says she won’t let her go this time. She says if anyone insults you even this time, I will become reason for her insult. Mr. Shekhawat comes and says today is the auspicious day and that’s why we have to talk good things. Sudha says how can I tell good things, as Nandini has copyright to talk good. Mr. Shekhawat asks her to remember if Nandini would haven’t stopped it, then she would have been victim of the old customs. Sudha gets angry and says it is my day today. How can you say that. She says once I get married, you will not see me. Nani saa tells Sudha that she will take care of everything now and looks at her. Nandini is teary eyes. She says Sudha’s marriage will be done well with elders blessings. Krish understands her situation.

Nandini asks him not to say. Sudha asks Nani to sit and goes to call her mum. She asks her mum to open her eyes. Mrs. Shekhawat opens her eyes and sees her mum. They get emotional seeing each other. Nanisaa says that inauspicious girl kept me away from you all for 15 years. Mrs. Shekhawat says that day would have been inauspicious if Nandini wouldn’t had stopped us. Nani saa says I was your mum even now after 15 years. She says don’t forget that you are talking to your mum.

Nandini is in her room and wipes her tears. Krish comes here, says old lady said some much and you didn’t say anything. Nandini asks him to get ready. Krish says I can’t understand you. Nandini asks him not to call her family as old lady etc. She asks him to remember and goes. Krish says impressive and smiles. Premal’s dad calls Shekhawat and asks him to attend his guest in a special way. Shekhawat asks him not to worry. He asks nandini to welcome Premal’s special guest.

Amit’s dad sees a card and says I hope you will get married soon. Amit says already married people can’t marry. Dad asks him to take divorce as his marriage is just for namesake. Amit says it is not that easy. Dad asks him to marry Nandini and says everything will be easy then. Dr. Amit says it seems you are hearing old songs. Dad asks him to speed up his love and confess his love to Nandini. Dr. Amit says we are professionals, and I don’t want to lose her by proposing her. He gets Nandini’s call. Nandini invites them for Sudha’s sangeet. Dr. Amit says I will come for sure. Dad asks him to agree to his sayings. Amit goes. Dad thinks you can’t hide during wedding atmosphere, and you will know that you both are more than friends. He asks God to unite them. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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