Wednesday Update on True Love 25th November 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 25th November 2020

Meethi and Akash are tied behind each other. Asgar and his boss discuss some event in the Indian embassy. We have been waiting for it. Indian guests will come here including big Indian delegates. We must take care of our guests nicely. Asgar adds that they have two Indian pawns to take care of their guests. They both are ready to die for each other. His boss asks Asgar who would be the Fidayin among them. Asgar wanted it to be Meethi but now that his husband is here too let them both decide who will give this sacrifice. Tomorrow you both will go to heaven. You guys decide who wants to be the human bomb and who wants to die by his bullet. I have done so much for both of you and have untied you both. You can do this much for me atleast.

One of you will go to Indian embassy as a human bomb. I will be there obviously so I will press my remote’s button and there will be a blast. Meethi and Akash are shocked. One will go to heaven from there only while my friends here will take care of the other one. The world will remember your sacrifice. Meethi and Akash’s love story shall be remembered. Akash tells him that this is not going to happen. Asgar gives them two minutes to decide while he goes to drop his boss till outside.

Maiyya asks priest if everything is well in her son’s life. The alcohol is starting to show its effect on Kajri. She drops a few glasses and stammers while replying. Priest tells Maiyya that there is someone in this house who has an evil eye. Malvika quickly goes to Kajri. She acts all concerned. Kajri is indeed feeling dizzy. Malvika takes her to her room while Maiyya watches them. priest suggests her to throw that person out of their house asap or their bad time can come anytime.

Meethi prays to Ganpati. Everyone in India will be making preps for your welcome while we are stuck here. Please show us a way. Akash tells her that the ties of both the countries are worsening because of people like Asgar. Come what may we wont let him be successful in his mission. She is sure Asgar will do anything to fulfil his mission. He can send someone else in our place. He is a cheap guy. Don’t know how many people will be affected because of this. Their life is as precious as ours. We have to save them as well. There is one way, you stay back here and run away from here after finding a way out. Go to Ansari and reach embassy with him. I will go with Asgar as the human bomb. Akash is shocked and worried for her. she tries to explain it to him that he can atleast fight with the goons but she cannot. You should reach Ansari anyhow after escaping from here. I will go with Asgar and try to buy time somehow. I will try to find a way out and can sacrifice myself for my country but I wont let Asgar be successful in his mission. Akash is against him but she gives him her swear.


Asgar comes back to ask them about their decision. Meethi agrees to become a human bomb. He is happy for this is what he had wanted.

Malvika takes Kajri to her room and helps her in lying down. She asks her if she is happy here. Kajri is happy here. You are very good. I dint like you initially but you are very good. Malvika too likes her a lot. Kajri shushes her. don’t tell maiyya. She doesn’t like me at all. She has tried to throw me out of this house 4 times but he saved me. sankrant saved me. He is very good and he always helps me. malvika asks her if she likes Sankrant. Kajri tells her not to ask such questions as someone might hear it. malvika notices Maiyya eavesdropping from outside. She repeats her question. Kajri doesn’t know if she likes him but he is too good.

Maiyya is very dangerous. She has troubled Meethi so much that she left this house. Everyone is good but Sankrant is too good. Maiyya cannot take it anymore. She slaps Kajri. Malvika tries to defend Kajri but Maiyya stops her. she slaps Kajri one more time. You are saying bad things about me and have an evil eye on my son. Priest was right. It’s all because of you. Get out of my house and don’t come back. Kajri apologizes to her but in vain. Malvika smirks. Now Ambika’s way is clear.

Zubeida reads her prayers. Ashfaque comes back all alone. Ammi is relieved that he dint bring Meethi along. Ashfaque tells them that Asgar lied to them. he dint take Meethi to police station. Everyone is shocked to hear it. Ashfaque calls out for Asgar who comes home finally. Ashfaque asks for Meethi and is told that she is with her husband. Ashfaque warns him that he wont spare him if he has done anything wrong with Meethi. zubeida had seen someone killing somebody and covers her ears (Asgar killing Khalid I guess). She looks determined now. Ashfaque wants to go to police station to give statement against him. asgar holds him by the side of his throat. Nilofer doesn’t like it. You are my younger son. You will go against me? you trust Meethi but your Ammi, Abbu and bhabhi trust me.

Zubeida shocks them all by telling them that she doesn’t trust him. she is holding Quran in her hands. Asgar goes near her. she frees himself and knows that she has not sworn by this Quran but her kid. You don’t care if I or my child live or not. you are a clean person with a pure heart right? Swear on this Quran that Meethi lied about everything. Say it that you dint kill Khalid bhaijaan. Ammi and Abbu are shocked. Asgar asks her and everyone if they doubt him. sadly, you trust a guest? She keeps asking him to swear by the Quran while he keeps stepping backwards.

Ashfaque knows he cannot do it as he has not just killed Khalid bhai but many other innocent people as well. We have to find Meethi. He turns to go but Asgar stops him. he pushes Ashfaque inside saying he wont go anywhere. Ammi cannot see it. you brothers are fighting amongst yourself. Ashfaque warns him not to try to stop him but Asgar points out his gun at him. the whole family looks at them in shock. If you take one more step then I would forget it that you are my younger brother. Ashfaque looks at him stunned while Nilofer is all teary eyed. Ashfaque tells him to shoot him as everyone should know of his real identity. I saw you going out of the house after Khalid bhai’s murder. I hid this truth from everyone. I used to trust you like anything. I should be punished for it. Shoot me.

Zubeida pushes Ashfaque away and stands before the gun. You will have to kill me and my child first. I saw it all with my own eyes when you killed Khalid bhaijaan. Flashback of the same is shown. Ammi, Abbu and Nilofer are shocked. Zubeida kept quiet as she became emotional after knowing that evry same day that she was pregnant. I made a very big mistake by not supporting Meethi or telling the truth to Ansari. If I would have stopped you that day only then so many people’s lives would not have been at risk today. Asgar puts the gun on her head and is all set to shoot her. asgar slaps Ashfaque as he tries to stop him. he slaps Zubeida as well. Asgar holds Ashfaque by the neck and then beats him. they all look on helplessly as Asgar rams Ashfaque’s head against a wall. Asgar tells him to listen to him and not make him do any crime. He hugs his almost unconscious brother and calls someone. I want some men at my house to keep a watch here. Send them asap. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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