Thursday Update on Young Love 3rd September 2020


Thursday Update on Young Love 3rd September 2020

Nimboli cries and tells that she has only one mum now. She hugs Mangla. Mangla thinks yes you have only one mum and says that’s me. Anandi calls Mangla and tells that she isn’t picking the call. Dadisaa asks her to tell Jagya and he will get FIR done. Just then Mangla and Nimboli come home. Dadisaa asks where did you go to do puja…..jaipur or did you wait for Kanha ji to wake up. Mangla says they went to Kanha’s ji big temple when someone said about it. Dadisaa says you would have picked the phone. Mangla says she forgot her phone at home. Dadisaa says it is not right and asks her to show some responsibility. Nimboli recalls about her fake mum’s words and gets angry. Dadisaa asks if I do the same thing then how you will feel? Nimboli asks why you are scolding my mum and says she took me to big temple as I asked her. She tells that she will not stay in the haveli where people scolds her mum. Mangla asks her not to tell that. Nimboli says I will not stay here anymore and goes to room. Anandi tries to go, but Mangla stops her and says she will make her understand.

Nimboli packs the clothes. Mangla thinks if she tells about her fake mum then everything will be ruined. She tells her that we will go, but at the right time and at right moment. She says Anandi will feel bad. Nimboli says I don’t like if anyone talks to you badly. She cries and hugs Mangla. Mangla says I know that my daughter cares for my respect. She says I will talk to Dadisaa. She asks her to unpack the clothes. Nimboli cries and hugs her.

Anandi tells Jagya that Nimboli got angry and went to room. Dadisaa says Mangla went to make her understand and says don’t know what is happening. Ganga says I will check. Just then Mangla comes and says I made her understand. She is still angry. Anandi says if she wants to go even now. Mangla says no and she made her understand with much difficulty. She apologizes to Dadisaa for Nimboli’s behavior. She says I will clean her heart and asks them to let her stay with her. Everyone looks on.

Nimboli cries and tells Mangla that you said right that all mum are not same. She asks if you will leave me. Mangla says no and asks her to stop crying. She asks her to apologize to Dadisaa. Nimboli agrees. Mangla asks her not to tell anyone about meeting her mum. Nimboli says she is not getting sleep. Mangla sits lori…….Anandi and Dadisaa hear lori. Nimboli sleeps. Anandi tells Dadisaa that it seems Nimboli has slept. Dadisaa says I did a mistake. Nimboli felt bad as I scolded Mangla. She apologizes to Anandi. Anandi says even Mangla knows that you was worried about Nimboli. She says Mangla will make her understand and asks her not to worry. Dadisaa says I did a mistake by doubting on Mangla’s intention and will apologize to her tomorrow. Mangla hears them and thinks Nimboli is at her side, win will be hers.

Kundan comes to Harki. Harki says I will apply oil on your head. Kundan asks if she has oil tank and gets angry. He says I want 500 Rs as I want to go out with my friends. Harki says she is not having even 100 Rs and says she will ask Kamli to give money. Kundan throws a box and says I don’t want money from Kamli. Kamli comes and scolds him. She asks him to become Harki’s support.

While in sleep, Nimboli tells that she hates her mum and asks why did you do this with me. Mangla wakes up and says I am your real mum. She checks her and feels she is having high fever. Nimboli tells that she don’t want to see her face. Mangla goes to make Kada.

Mangla going to make Kada after seeing Nimboli having fever. Nimboli tells that she don’t want to see her mum’s face. Kundan and Harki come to meet Akhiraj. Akhiraj gets emotional seeing Kundan. Kundan cries. Akhiraj asks him not to worry and says your father is always a tiger even though I am caged. He asks if everything is fine? Harki tells him that Kamli refused to give money to Kundan and curses her. Kundan says I will end her game so soon. He asks Akhiraj to give his consent. Akhiraj says no and says that he will kill his enemies with his hands. He asks Kundan to take care of Harki. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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