Wednesday Update on True Love 2nd September 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 2nd September 2020

Mukku telling Rathore that he did not gave a statement against Meethi but said the truth to sympathize with his daughter as Meethi is just like a daughter to you. Ambika was your daughter. Everyone is shocked to know this. You have lost one daughter and today you have lost your another daughter too. We don’t share anything anymore. She leaves before he can say anything to her. A chant plays in the background.

Rathore apologizes to Akash and Maiyya if he has hurt their sentiments. Maiyya says I would have understood it if it was me who would have testified against Meethi. I had enmity with her and her mom but I was thinking as to why you did this. Now I understand you did this for your daughter. Rathore goes from there. Aasan nahi yahan plays as Sankrant is lost in the memories of his wife. Meethi recalls Ambika’s bitter words (as to how Akash broke off his engagement with her for Meethi) as she sits in the jail. Rathore is also shown to be sitting all lost on a bench in the police station.

Damini was going out of police station when she notices him. She goes to talk to him. He gets up and bows his head down while Jogi and Mukta look on. She asks him if he gave witness against Meethi. You know her right? We all are from the same family. We never differentiated between the kids of our house. Everything will be broken. You used to call her your daughter. You believe she can do something like this? Rathore denies. I cannot think of it for Meethi. Damini wants to know then why he did this. She shakes him loudly asking for an explanation.

Jogi and Mukta go to her to control her. She continues asking him about it. She turns to Mukta crying. Everything is over. Mukta assures her they all are with Meethi. Nothing will happen to her. They both leave with Mukta trying her best to calm her down. Jogi turns to leave without saying anything when Rathore says hope he can understand him as he knows him well. Whatever I saw, I said or I did was right and true. Jogi nods. I know you did what you felt is right. Now I have to decide what is right for us. He walks out of the station.


Akash’s lawyer tells him that nothing can be done now after Rathore’s statement. Akash asks for some way out but is dejected to know nothing can be done for now. Akash notices Sankrant and Chaubey going in a police jeep with their lawyer. Sankrant too notices them but then goes with his FIL.

Mukta tells Meethi that Ambika is her dad’s daughter. Meethi is surprised to know this. Mukta tells her how she came to know about it on the picnic. Meethi recalls how Rathore has been caring for AMbika all along. Mukta tells her that Ambika is his elder daughter. Maybe she dint knew about it. My papa dint support you. He did injustice with you. I want to apologize to you for the same. Meethi still has trust on Rathore but Mukku doesn’t. It will be you who will be punished. What’s the use of all this? His statement proves you guilty of Ambika’s murder. Meethi has faith in her God. He knows I am not a culprit. Ambika poured kerosene on herself.I tried to stop her a lot but she dint listen to me.

Mukku looks at her in shock. But why did she want to kill herself? Did she say anything? You said no one used to come in that fort then how did she find kerosene there? Meethi dint think about it. She only had called me there. She threatened to commit suicide and took me there. Mukta gets thinking. What was she exactly thinking? Meethi tells her that the real reason was that she had come to know her true face. I had come to know she was lying to all of us by faking her pregnancy. I had a video recording of the same. She was scared that I will show it to everyone and dint know what will happen to her afterwards. She loved Akash. She wanted to have him for herself but see who has whom now.

Maiyya has come to talk to Chaubey. What will you get by ruining Meethi’s life? He wont spare her as Meethi has killed his daughter. She asks him to punish her instead as her DIL cannot do anything like that. He cannot understand why she has so much sympathy for Meethi. What about my daughter? You should support me in this. You only had come to ask for my daughter’s hand for marriage. She mutters she had lost her mind back then. He fails to hear it but makes it clear to her that he wont spare Meethi. She will be punished for it by death penalty. I have lost my daughter.
Maiyya again mumbles that it was good. He is taken aback. This time she loses it. It is good she died or I would have killed her with my own hands. She deserved it as she was a complete witch. Sankrant too has heard her. Maiyya realises it and is sad. Chaubey points it out to him. No one shed a tear for your wife. Who will say that a young DIL died in your house? Sankrant shouts at his mom to go from here. Your son is dead now. Chaubey says only I and you are in pain thinking about Ambika and your baby’s death. Maiyya walks out from there. Sankrant looks at the liquor bottle and gulps it down while Chaubey looks on.

Akash has come to meet Meethi. She tells him to be at home with Maiyya and Sankrant. You should not come here daily. What will you do by coming here anyways? He notices how she is worried for everyone else except for herself. You are alone here too. If you say it or not I had a word with lawyer who assured me you will get bail soon. She nods knowing it well. Advocate would have told you that if I accept my crime then my punishment would be lessened. I will get life imprisonment instead of death penalty right? But I wont say it. I wont lie for fear of death. He trusts her. Come what may I will take you out of here.

Ambika is the daughter of an ACP that’s why the investigations have made in a way proving you to be the culprit. The truth has not come out in front of everyone. Tell me in detail what all happened after you called me. She tells him everything in mute. Ambika knew I had proof against her which would tell everyone she was not pregnant. She threw my phone too. It had a video showing she was not pregnant. She paid someone in the nursing home to make a false report. Ambika wanted to destroy the video. He thinks maybe the phone is still there. She too thinks it maybe so.

Akash is checking all the things that were found on the crime scene with his advocate. He wants to take back up from Meethi’s phone but is declined. When the forensics couldn’t find anything then how would you do it. It is anyways of no use to you as it is burnt. Akash points out that they would have gotten Ambika’s phone too in that case. Advocate asks for it. Inspector has shown them everything that he found there. Akash gets thinking now. Why is Ambika’s phone the only thing that could not be found?

Meethi is crying as she sits in her cell. She sees Iccha. Meethi cries but Iccha shakes her head at her. Meethi wipes her tears and is happy to see her mom. She opens her arms to hug her but she is not there.

Mukta puts Damini to sleep. She gets a message from Vishnu and feels a little happy. She replies to him and then puts the phone aside. Mukta is watching news where she finds news on Meethi. She changes the channel and a reporter stops a lady asking her views on election. The lady turns and Mukta is shocked to see Ambika. Ambika turns around and walks away without answering her anything. Mukta is sure it was Ambika! CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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