Thursday Update On Young Love Sept 13

Thursday Update On Young Love

Sept 13 Episode

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Dadaji upset in her room.Jagiya comes in and watches hr upset and silently crying.Her tears tell him everything and he too breaks into tears.She doesnt say anything but silently pats on his hand.They hear approaching footsteps.They both look up to find bhairo on her door.Jagiya gets upto face him who looks at jagiya in disgust.Jagiya doesnt say anything and leaves.Bhairo comes and tells dadisa that the wedding cards have come from printing and by rituals,they have to go to the temple tomorrow with alok to give the first invitation to Lord Ganesha and seek his blessings for the occassion.She nods helplessly while jagiya hears this hidden,from behind the door and is upset.

Location: Shiv House in jaitsar
Dadaji is gloating about himself having designed the wedding card,which have just come after printing commenting that its very rare in a military man,to have such taste of artforms.Alok teases him of being self obsessed but shiv praises dadaji that the card is indeed so beautiful that if he hadnt agreed to marriage prior,he would now looking at the card.Evrybody having a good laugh at that.Shiv’s mother comments that she cant believe
that anandi without having yet come in the house has lifted its spirits.She cant believe she’s getting her first daughter in law,dadaji too says that he’s getting his first grand daughterin law.Mahi makes an entrance saying that he too is getting his first bhabhi.Everybody pleasantly surprised to see him.He seeks everybody’s blessings and then sits beside dadaji to see the card.He starts pulling his leg saying in a sarcastic sense that only dadaji could have such art sense to make the card look so awesome and royal.Dadaji too jokingly says tht he too is picking on him.She asks him if he knows when’s sanchi coming.When he replies in the negative,she goes on to call her up to find when she is going to come for joining the celebration.Meenu too insists on her doing the same and a little sternly.While meenu goes inside to get mahi’s fav ,masala chai and nan khatai,he invites shiv for a game of chess.

While playing mahi asks him about his first moveHe starts telling him about his chess move but is interrupted by mahi who clarifies that he’s asking about his first move in romancing anandi and asks him how didi he propose.Shiv tells him to concentrate on the game.Mahi however tells him not to be shy and asks him what had happened and how did he share his feelings with her,like he does everything else with his signature simplicity.When he doesnt say anything,mahi says has eh agreed to marriage without enjoying the phase of romance in between and asks if he has confessed his love at all to her.Shiv says he doesnt need to as he already knows.mahi goes on to explain him its imp,by citing ana naalogy from cricket that just like bold out is the most exciting way to get a batsman out,similarly telling your feelings has the whole fun in romance.He tells him that if he says I LOVE YOU,his love will pick a superfast pace.shiv gets his point and says that he has indeed tried to tell,but never gotten the time,and when he did,he didnt know what to say?Mahi says that he should just follow his instincts,when his heartbeats increase,words of affection would automatically pour out in front of anandi.And he goes on to tell him a very filmy style of proposing to anandi.Shiv gets the idea that he has to stick with his personality and not overdo but simply confess his feelings to her.Mahi comments that he is sure ther’s a crazy lover behind the garb of th serious collector and demands a demo.Shiv awkwardly asks if he wants it now.mahi jokes yes coz after marriage the fun quotient reduces to half.He suggests that he could get her a card,or dedicate a song to her on the radio and better still,since they are going towards the temple,he could buy a piece of jewellery for her on the way and tell her.Shiv still confused how to say but mahi reminds him if he doesnt say it now he would lose the chance of forming memorable moments with her.Just then ira caalls out to them to tell them its time to go to the temple nd they leave together.

Location: Jaitsar Haveli
Everybody gets ready to go to the temple.gehna gets the card.Dadisa too tags along with a hevay face.They call for anandi.Anandi on the first floor,is descendign when she is stopped by jagiya who wants to talk to her.But before he can say anything,bhairo calling out for her agagin,forces anandi to leave from there after an awkward pause.She joins them and they leave together.jagiya sees them going and is disturbed.

Location: In the temple
Bhairo and Shiv’s dadaji respectively present their first wedding cards at Lord Ganesha’s feet and silently seek his blessings in making this occassion a happy and successful one and to grant his blessings on them.They then,enchange cards with dadisa as anandi’s representative and dadaji being shiv’s rep.Anandi and shiv smile at each other in glee.Th families congratulate each other.Anandi ad shiv seeks dadji’s and dadisa’s blessings respectively with dadisa although being upset inside putting up a brave smiling face.Dadaji while blessing anandi jokingly tells her that that he cant wait any longer to have her in their house soon.The priest comes and does the tilak with the pooja ki thali and blesses anandi and shiv as a couple.

When both the families are about to leave,mahi proposes anandi to go in their car along with him and shiv.Anandi seeks permission from bhairo,which he happily gives.After the families leave,shiv,anandi and mahi approach shiv’s jeep and mahi’s motorcycle lying behind.All of a sudden mahi exclaims of there being a trouble about the tyre of the jeep being punctured and suggests that shiv should drop anandi on his bike and winks at shiv to let him know its his setup.Anandi proposes to call bhairo’s jeep back as they wouldnt have gone far.Mahi tells her not to do the same and bother them.They could leave and he would stay behind to fix the tyre.Anandi then innocently suggests that they too would wait along with him,till the puncture is fixed.Mahi urges her to stop thinking like that and tells her to go instead with shiv on his bike.He takes shiv’s aside and giving him the keys tells him to not let go of this oppurtunity and confess his feelins to her.he then gets anandi to sit and when they drive off,pats himself on such a brilliant plan.

Location: On the road
Shiv is riding the bike with anandi in the pillion driver’s seat.Due to the jerks in the road,she instinctively puts her hand on shiv’s shoulder for support but then gets conscious and withdraws it.However shiv affectionately tells her to put the hand back again and shyly she does so.Both have asmile on their face at the sense of romance and are enjoying the ride.


Location: Jaitsar Haveli and at a tila in the village.
Jagiya is roaming around the house reliving his memories with anandi there with a heavy face.wherever he goes,be it the mandir or the room that they once shared,the memories dont leave him.He finally goes to the store room where he finds the suitcase that anandi had packed his old stuff in and thrown it there.He opens it to find the divorce papers and the voice of the judge still rings in his ears proclaiming them to be divorced.Then he rummages throught the other things kept in the bag.

Meanwhile shiv and anandi are sitting on the tila under the tree where she asks him why did he take the detour and stop there.He replies that he wanted to talk.Just then he gets a call from mahi who is disappointed to hear that he hasnt told anandi yet.Shiv then nervously tries to pick up a topic to talk about and chatters about bikes.anandi senses his anxiety and asks if thats actually what he wanted to talk about.He says he wanted to spend some time alone with her.Saying that he takes a jewellery box out of his pocket and gives it to her.

Drawing an analogy,jagiya too finds the jewellery box which contained the anklet that he had given her.She assk the reason for the gift,he replies saying that it marks the holy day that marks the commencement of the marriage preps starting with the first card being sent out to Lord Ganesha.Anandi expresses her happiness.He asks for her permission to assist her in wearing them.

While in the haveli,jagiya remembers when he had gifted her the payal and the romance then.Shiv on the other hand affectionately drapes the payal around her ankle which she too smilingly agrees to.When he’s done,she has a look at them and comments on them being very beautiful.While jagiya remembering the incident puts the anklet away.He is visibly disturbed but then his eyes wander to other things and he thinks presumptuously that the reason anandi has still taken care of her belongigns is because in her heart she still loves her and what he had been thinking was right all along.And makes up his mind thinking he knows what he has to do now.

Whiel anandi proposes to leave now,shiv is reminded of mahi’s advice of opening out his heart to anandi.He calls out to her from behind and assk her to stop saying that he didnt say what he wanted to.Anandi waits for him to speak.He goes on to say that the first time they met,he never knew that they would ened up spending their whole life together.After that they kept meeting,had fights and arguements too and she was upset too with him but he knew then only that somewhere in his heart he had started liking her.And when dadisa asked him to marry her,he in fact was himself in the process of mustering up enough courage to bare his heart to her.He says that he didnt say it then,but wants to now.Anandi is tensed.He tells her that the reason he is mrrying her is not because of the rituals and the traditions,but because he feels for her and finally says the words “I LOVE YOU” to her.She is stunned into silence but is pleasantly surprised as that confession brings a sweet shy innocent smile on her face and she gets emotional with little tears welling up in her eyes.He says that the jewellery is not just that,but a mark of their relation together,that their love shall continue for eternity and that he would never desert her and would always be by her side.She smiles again and turns to proceed towards the bike.He asks her with concern that he didnt respond.She turns and says that the anklet is really very beautiful with a twinkle in her eyes.and saying so turns away.Silence thereafter,but both seem to be revelling and basking in the glory of their romance smiling to themselves.

Shiv then drops her to her house and drives away.Anandi watches him from behind and gives a shy loverlike smile to herself.

On the way home,as he too is happpy,he is stopped on the way by jagat.He gets down the bike and asks him the reason for being stopped.Jagiya blurts out that he wants something from him abd thats anandi saying that he needs shiv to give him his life back.Shiv is puzzled.