Wednesday Update On True Love Sept 12

Wednesday Update On True Love

Sept 12 Episode

Tapasya returning back home and shouting for Masoom and then rudely asking Masoom to get her suitcase from the car but Masoom refuses to do so and therefore both get into a war of words ;Just then Divya and Jogi arrive there and ask Tapasya about her friend Nilu ;So then Tapasya sends out Masoom in a polite tone by asking her to get suitcase from the car sinse she is feeling tired ;Masoom has no option but to listen to her sinse Jogi-Divya r sitting there only ;Tapasya then lie to Jogi about how Nilu is completely broken down after hearing the truth that her mother had cancer but she was there with her friend to console her (Tappu is back to her lieing business ..so what was the use of the earlier track where Tappu was made to suffer,..nothing really changed even now );

Tappu then tells Jogi that she came back early sinse she cannot stay away from them for long;Just then Masoom brings the suitcase inside the house when Tappu asks her to take the suitcase upstairs to her room ;Divya then asks Tappu to go and rest;Tappu then goes upstairs… Ichha in that hut is sitting and shedding tears as usual ;She is remembering all those childhood moments with Jogi and also remembering the first time she called him dad and then remembering the truth that she was told by Tappu .. Tappu inside her room tells to herself that her parents forgot that they only hv one daughter and thats her ;Tappu then takes out Ichha’s picture from the drawyer and tells to the picture that “I m sure you will suffer the same way now,I hv suffered because of you….I m also sorry for Ammo…but what can I do…I never got the love of my parents because of your daughter..and today your daughter will never b able to trust you because of this truth coming out…now only I will hv rights on my father’s love and not anyone else sinse Ichha will never b able to trust Ammo or my dad after knowing the truth” Veer in half-unconscious state is lying on the bed while the doctor is checking him and telling Mai that he has become very weak and thats why is not doing well on which Mai shows her concern and asks the doctor whether anything is serious sinse his engagement is next week(what selfish mother she is..your son is sick and here u r thinking about his engagement party )..

Mai then tells that mayb all this is due to work load but he will b fine soon ;Mai then asks Kinjal to take care of him.. At night,in half-unconscious state Veer starts blabbering that “plss don’t leave me ever..Ichha” (something on similar lines..I failed to hear the words exactly );Kinjal who was resting besides his bed only ,listens to this and goes in confusion mode ;So she goes to Mai’s room and asks Mai whether this engagement which is happening is right or not sinse she heard Veer blabbering about someone and also it seems something is bothering him ;Hearing this Mai replies to Kinjal that nothing to worry about..Veer is just not in a right state of mind after whatever happened with him and mayb he is thinking about his wife because he has noone else in his life..so she should not worry about it (Why Veer will think about his wife here ..why Mai is lieing to that poor Kinjal girl )…

After Kinjal leaves,Mai gives a worried look on her face (It seems Mai is slwoly connecting the dots here ) Divya brings a beautiful bracelet for Tappu ;Tappu is very happy and accepts the bracelet when Masoom too comes there and Divya presents same type of bracelet to Masoom too and asks them both to come down for some food ;Masoom deliberately shows the bracelet to Tappu and leaves ;Tappu is shown pissed off sinse Divya gives similar bracelet to Masoom too and so in anger she tells to herself that “Will I always get such shared love from my parents throughout my life ?first Ichha and now this Masoom” ;(I guess it was Tappu’s idea only na to bring Masoom in this house …It seems history is again repeating now )READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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