Tuesday Update on Anupama 31st May 2022


Tuesday Update on Anupama 31st May 2022

Toshu informs Kinjal about Vanraj and Kavya’s affair. Kinjal is shocked and says their affair may be continuing even now. Toshu says papa told it ended, but Kavya is still stalking papa and after wedding she went to papa’s room, mummy saw papa and Kavya together and misunderstood papa. Kinjal asks how can he blindly believe his papa, she is sure their affair is continuing, else Kavya wouldn’t have attended every function. Toshu says he doesn’t want to hear against his papa. Kinjal asks what about his mummy, he should think about her also; the way he is following his papa, may be in the future he may also. Samar hears their conversation and drops photo frame in shock. Toshu rushes behind him worried.

Nandini sees Kavya keeping her bags in cab and asks where is she going. Kavya says her house. Nandini asks if she is afraid to face Anupama aunty, she herself wanted to inform everyone. Kavya says she wanted to, if she thinks with her repeated taunts, she will change, she will not and already there are many problems in her life. Nandini says fine do whatever she wants and walks inside home. Kavya sees Vanraj standing in balcony and calls her. He says good she is going from here. She says he wants her to go. He says she doesn’t have to answer anyone in her house and he can come to meet her there. She asks if he will come. He says of course, Anupama is behaving weird and is unpredictable, she didn’t inform his parents yet, but don’t when she may. Kavya says his tension because of her will lessen now. He says please try to understand. She says she either didn’t understand him well or is not understanding now. She gets into cab and gets afraid seeing Anu in kitchen, insists driver to move fast.

Jhilmil seeing Anu’s condition insists her to share her ordeal with her. Anu hugs her and says whatever happened happened for good. Jhilmil asks what she means. Anu says she is happy. Jhilmil says if she is happy, it would have shown on her face, anyways she can share her ordeal whenever she feels like. Baa asks Anu if breakfast is ready. Jhilmil asks her to prepare breakfast for Vanraj ask he likes only her food. Anu thinks still many storms are yet to come.

Toshu searches Samar in locality and asks passers by. Vanraj standing in balcony asks Anupama to serve tea. Samar enters climbing balcony. Vanraj asks why can’t he come via door. Samar confronts him and says he will tell his cooked up story to convince him like Toshu and will say his mummy misunderstood and is a loser; there is a huge difference between his parents, his mother is selfless and father is shameless. Vanraj angrily holds his collar. Samar says he betrayed mummy and didn’t even repent, if he had told mummy, she would have smilingly walked out; he will return back the pain he gave to mummy with interest and stop calling him papa from hereon and walks away calling him Mr. Vanraj Shah. He sits on stairs and cries profusely reminiscing Vanraj and Kavya’s bonding.

In living room, Baa tells Bapuji and Mamaji that bahu/Anu looks silent, something has happened for sure. Vanraj walks down. Baa asks where is Kavya, she is not picking her call. Devika walks in and asks jiju/Vanraj to tell reason. Baa asks if she is the reason behind Anu’s problems, so she didn’t even come. Vanraj says he asked Kavya not to interfere in their family matters. Devika asks if really that is the reason. Vanraj says wedding is finished and why would Kavya come. Devika says he is right, wedding is finished. Anu brings tea for everyone and keeps one cup for Vanraj.

Anu takes burgers to Samar’s room. Samar plays Jeete Jeete Hain Chal… and dances around her to cheer her up. He shows their pics. Anu gets teary eyed. He dances with her, but she doesn’t react much.

Vanraj drives car reminiscing Anu, Samar, and Kavya’s words. He shouts and thinks he should control himself and situation, else everything will spoil.

Samar suggests Anupama forget whatever happened and move on leaving her past behind. Anupama says in her world if a woman has to move ahead, a woman has to leave behind a lot, but she cannot leave her family behind. Samar asks if she will forgive Vanraj. Anu says she would have forgiven if it was a mistake, but it is a betrayal; she cannot punish whole family for one person’s betrayal; she cannot inform about it to Baa and Bapuji, else they will lose their trust on their upbringing. Samar says she is thinking of everyone and whatever decision she takes, he is with her; this time at least she should think of herself. Anu says mother and family are not different and she wants her family to be happy. Samar asks if she felt bad that Toshu hid this truth. Anu says even Sanjay and Nandini hid truth, she understands their reasoning, but felt bad. Pakhi calls her and she leaves.

Samar angrily meets Nandini and confronts her that she hid truth about her aunt and his father. Nandini says she hid the truth as he is close to his mummy and will get hurt more. He warns her to dare not enter his house again and walks away saying he hates her.

Baa sits for pooja and Anu gives her prasad. Devika tells Anu that she is going out for some work and will return soon. Baa as usual comments. Devika jokes with her. Bapuji asks her go and return soon. Samar asks Devika to take Anu along for a change. Vanraj enters. Pakhi asks him to permit mummy to go with Devika aunty. Anu reminisces running around Vanraj seeking permission for everything and says she will go with Devika. Baa aasks to take Vanraj’s permission. Bapuji says he has permitted her and that is enough. Baa asks what about dinner. Jhilmil says she will stay till night and prepare food. Anu goes to change. Vanraj walks to Devika and warns her not to come to his house. She says its his father’s house and she will come until his father orders. He says women like her break houses. Devika says she is better than Kavya as she is divorced and not eyeing on someone else’s husband, etc. Anu walks to her getting ready. Vanraj yells who will take care of Baa and Bapuji and prepare dinner, she cannot go. Anu says he has lost his right to ask and leaves getting into Devika’s car, leaving Vanraj shocked and fuming.

Rakhi takes Kinjal for a massage session and after massage asks why she is looking tensed instead of relaxed, if its regarding Vanraj and Kinjal, her father-in-law is a colorful man. Kinjal warns her to stay out of their family issues and walks away. Rakhi thinks this new is better than massage, once she gets strong evidence, she will create an issue and end Kinjal and Toshu’s alliance.

Anu enjoys ice cream sitting in a park with Devika and asks time. Devika says 20 minutes have passed. Anu says she needs to return home and asks her to drop her back home. Devika drops her home. Vanraj stops her near door reminiscing shutting door at her face once. He says she remembered house at last, she is flying high with her friend’s support and forgot that she is still wearing his name’s shackle/mangalsutra in her neck, she can return back to her friend and is not needed in this house. He locks door and smirks reminiscing past incident. Anu asks him to open the door or if he wants drama, it will be his drama then. Vanraj gets tensed seeing his parents around and opens door. His name plate falls down. Anu hands it over to him and walks in confidently.

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