Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 13th October 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 13th October 2020

Kunal was shocked to see the blood ridden house, floor filled with feathers of bird while writing on the wall with blood. He comes inside calling Nandini. Nandini sat at a corner of terrace, trembling out of fear. Kunal was shocked to see her condition as her clothes were torn and face covered in blood. She pushes him away fearful of anyone’s presence, still in a state of trauma. He assures Nandini that she is safe with him now.
Mauli was busy with Mayank’s wedding rituals.
Kunal goes inside. He splash the wall with water and removes the blood stained writing, wiping if with a cloth.
Nandini recalls Rajdeep’s deterrence, and his abuses. Kunal returns to Nandini and assures that he removed everything.
Mauli was trying Kunal’s number. Maa comes to take her for Gadh-bandhan. After the gadh-bandhan ritual Mauli was busy with the wedding rituals.
Kunal holds Nandini’s hand, covers her with the torn pieces of her saree.
Mauli was cheerfully participating in the wedding rituals. She recalls her wedding with Kunal.
Nandini was trembling and hugged Kunal tightly as he helps her inside. He watch Nandini stand under the shower, still terrified. The blood over her face melted. He wipes it off her face with his hands. Later he dry her hair while she sat on the bed. He turns to leave but Nandini holds Kunal’s hand. Kunal sits beside her to caress her, tears fell off Nandini’s eyes and she hugs him tightly.

He sensually kiss Nandini and removes her jewellry. They share cozy bed together.
After the wedding was complete, Mayank and his wife take blessings from elders. Mauli’s eyes were filled with tears while she forced a smile over her face. She tries Kunal’s number.
Nandini sat in the bathroom, there was a mark of sindoor over her forehead with she removes. Tears fell off her eyes.
Kunal sat in the bed, tensed.

Kunal takes a leave from Nandini by kissing her forehead. Mauli was worried where Kunal had been.
Kunal returns home. Mauli asks where he had been. Kunal was speechless. Mauli says at least he could tell her if there was an emergency. She sits with Kunal and says Mayank’s wedding went well. During all the wedding rituals, she recalls her wedding with Kunal. She place her head over his shoulder complementing him to be a good husband, he has fulfilled each of his promise. Kunal only gives her a smile while he thinks about being with Nandini. Mauli leaves the room asking him to get ready for reception. Kunal gets a call from Nandini but doesn’t accept it.
While leaving the house for reception Kunal was lost in the thoughts of Nandini. Mauli asks Kunal where Nandini had gone at the time of wedding. Nandini still tried his number. He texts sorry, he can’t take the call, will meet her in jogger’s park in the morning. Nandini smiles at his reply.
The next morning, Nandini awaited Kunal in the park when he arrives. She wonders why he looks so upset. As he walks to Nandini, she asks if he is now regretting. He is justified and she can understand this. Kunal holds her hand to stop her. He says whatever it is, it’s theirs and they are together in this matter. They will face everything together, good or bad. Nandini hugs Kunal.

Rajdeep had been spying on them and watch this from behind a bush. He wonders if this is all what’s going on. He wonders if they call him as characterless. He won’t spare the three of them now. Mauli would now realize what he already warned her about, she was feeding a snake.
Mauli calls Nandini and asks where she had gone from the wedding. Before Nandini could think of an answer, she invites her for Ganpati at her place.
Mauli and Mamma prepare a Rangoli together. Mamma says Mauli is always timely on Ganpati. Mauli says when she came to Mumbai, she liked it how there is festivity all across the city during Ganpati Utsav. It seems everyone is connected to each other. Mamma says its her eagerness that turns Mauli’s Rangoli is the most beautiful. Mauli says no one can compare Nandini in Rangoli.
Nandini speaks to Kunal on phone while she was painting something. He wished to see but Nandini asks him to keep patience. Nandini wish to see the Ganpati Utsav, as it’s her first one. Kunal promises to fulfil each of her wish now and take her there by himself.
During the celebrations, Mauli convince Maa to wait for a while until Nandini arrives. Maa was curt over Mauli for giving much importance to Nandini. Nandini comes there, she had prepared an idol with her own hands. Mauli was ready to place in it the Pooja, but Maa forbids as it’s a bad omen. Only a single idol can be placed at one place. And Mauli as the daughter in law must do the Pooja here. She questions Nandini if she has lost her mind, or did she bring the idol deliberately to create interference. Sweety agrees with Jyoti. Dida scolds them both. Nandini apologizes as she thought she prepared an idol, and its best place is here among all of them. Kunal says no matter how many idols but Bappa is the same. She brought another face of Bappa to them, and more than two Bappa are here now. Mauli agrees to Kunal. Nandini looks towards him thankfully.
Rajdeep thinks about Nandini and Kunal’s hugs. He decides to break their truth in front of Mauli.