Tuesday Update on True Love 13th October 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 13th October 2020

Priest tells Meethi to do puja with full dedication and everything will be fine. She feels that he is hiding something from her. He tells her that he cannot see any chances for her in future (regarding a baby). She gets thinking. Maiyya and Akash come back. Maiyya asks priest if he saw anything in Meethi’s hand. Priest assures her everything will be alright in their lives with the grace of god. They both have to keep a fast where they cannot even drink water. He leaves from there. Meethi is in thoughts.

Mukku has brought a saree for Tappu. She doesn’t want to wear it but Tappu cooks up a story. Nani too joins them. Mukku invites Tappu and Rathore to join her in her friend’s anniversary party. All my friends’ parents are coming. Tappu is not feeling like going but Nani makes her agree. Nani promises that she wont go in Vishnu’s room without Mukku’s permission. Mukku has anyways arranged for a nurse for today. Now you have no reason to decline. Tappu agrees finally. Mukku tells them to wait at the venue only. It is nearby papa’s house.

We will pick you up from your home only. Tappu is still angry with Nani. Mukku asks Nani why she is supporting her. You don’t know anything about my plan. Nani knows everything. Your friend is in America. I am your mom’s Nani after all so I know everything. I know you want your mom to stay at her new house. Party is just an excuse so as to make them start their new life. I agree I am bad but I am not that bad to not help you for a good cause. Mukku thanks her which makes Nani happy.

Meethi cannot help but think about what the priest told her in the morning. She gets Akash’s call. He has planned a surprise for her. She tries telling him what the priest had told her but he talks of the puja. I will do anything and everything for our baby. He doesn’t let her complete. She is told to open a parcel kept in the cupboard. It contains a saree for her. wear this in the evening when you will come to meet me. She again tries to tell him but he is in no mood to listen. Meethi is worried as he ends the cal without listening to her. She notices her report and thinks of going to doc for consultation.

Mukku makes Vishnu fill her forehead with vermilion. She explains the situation to him and also the reason for why she has to leave him alone tonight. I am going to drop Ma to papa’s place tonight. I have arranged a nurse for you who will take care of you. She reminds him of the watch as well. Even if I stay away from you for a while I will get to know about your heartbeats through this. She takes his leave after telling him to take care of himself. I will be back soon. She calls Meethi to tell her that she is ready. I am going directly to papa’s house now. When will you and Akash reach? Meethi tells her that they wont be able to come as Akash has planned something for her. Mukku is sad but understands her situation. Mukku will miss her. Meethi agrees to meet Tappu and Rathore very soon. She is in a rush so she ends the call.

Rathore brings Tappu to his house. She has come home for the first time. She steps in and hits the kalash (she dint see it for the lights were off). Rathore asks his servant (Vinod) to pick it up but the servant stays quiet. Tappu is talking to Rathore while looking at him and in that time Mukku keeps a thaal filled with red water on the floor and disappears. Rathore understands her plan. He offers his hand to Tappu (as that was how he had made her enter when they had married the last time). Tappu removes her sandals as she doesn’t want to step on rice. Instead she steps her foot in the thaal and Mukku showers flower petals on her saying surprise. Everyone else joins Mukku. Tappu is happy to see everyone.

She steps out and leaves her footprints on the floor while all the others look on. Tappu and Rathore enter while holding hands. All the ladies remind the couple of their promises of loving and supporting each other. Rathore promises to do so and is lost in Tappu’s eyes. Mukku welcomes the couple in their new home. Tappu understands Mukku’s plan. Mukku apologizes for lying to them. Divya, Damini and Nani are with Mukku. The elders bless the couple. Nani shares that this new idea of grah pravesh is Mukku’s. Her parents are proud of her.

One last ritual is left. Divya removes Tappu’s ring and gives it to Mukku. She brings a thaal mixed of water, milk and rose petals. She adds the ring in it. Whoever finds the ring first will rule the house per say. Rathore answers that obviously the queen will rule. Mukku reminds him that he too is a prince after all. They start to look for the ring. Tappu finds the ring and Rathore makes her wear it while they all clap. Rathore gives a peck on Tappu’s cheek.

Akash is readying the venue for his surprise. Meanwhile, Meethi waits at the hospital’s reception. Akash calls Meethi and asks her about her whereabouts. She tells him she is on his way. He hears someone’s voice and gets curious. It was the nurse who had asked Meethi to come to see doc. Meethi hides it from Akash and ends the call hastily telling him she will reach soon.

Meethi asks doc about the reports. Akash thinks about calling Meethi but she might think he is doubting her so he decides against it. She should have come by now. Come fast Meethi! Doc explains the report to Meethi. She is distraught to know that she can never become a mother again.

Doc explains the report to Meethi. She is distraught to know that she can never become a mother again. She touches her belly and tears stream down her face. Doc tells Meethi to take care.

Kaisi Hai Ye Udasi plays as Meethi walks out of doc’s cabin. Akash has fallen asleep on the chair while waiting for Meethi. Doc’s and priest’s words keep echoing in her head. She recalls how excited Maiyya and Akash were about the baby, their hopes and expectations. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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