Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 15th September 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 15th September 2020

Nandini recalls Rajdeep insisted on her to dance for him and had brought a western attire for her. Nandini was reluctant to wear it and came outside wearing a white shawl. Rajdeep pulled off the shawl. Nandini tried to hide herself while Rajdeep got chills. He plays the music and insists on Nandini to dance for him. Nandini was terrified and cried badly as Rajdeep ordered her to dance.
Nandini rubs her fingers on the list and thinks she loved dancing, but Rajdeep turned it into a nightmare for her.

Mauli comes to kitchen. Mamma was upset that Prerna called, she is tensed for no reason as she recently shifted house. Dida comes there and tells her to go and live in Delhi with her daughter for a few days. She is staying here while no one even needs her. Mamma says she also thinks she must go to Delhi for a few days. Mauli inquires what was so bitter between them. Mamma makes up its nothing, just a typical mother-daughter in law fight. She asks about Nandini.

Mauli goes to check Nandini in the house and wakes Kunal up as she was nowhere. They open the door to leave the house when Nandini was returning from the temple. She hands the list to Kunal and Mauli and explains she went to temple downstairs to get God’s blessings. Kunal assures Nandini there are no restrictions on her here. They decide to have fun together.

In the fast food café, Nandini watches a few children stuffing burger into their mouths while it filled half of their face. She wasn’t ready to eat the burger as it’s really huge. Kunal held her hand to make her sit back, he insists on Nandini to enjoy the burger like kids and not to worry about people around. She will have a lot of fun. Sweety and her husband were in the same café and tries to make picture of them. Mauli brings her and Kunal’s burgers. Kunal bucks Nandini up to eat hers. Nandini finally begins eating the burger.

Sweety comes with complain of Kunal and Nandini’s closeness to Dida. Mamma brings tea for her. Dida asks Sweety what degree she got. Sweety says she is an MA in journalism. Dida understands that’s why she always poke her nose into other’s matters. Mamma tells Sweety even her cousin’s friend lived with her for five years, she was divorced and had children. She now got married. Sweety says she might not be pretty as Nandini. Dida asks if Mauli is ugly. Or she thinks Kunal is flirtatious? Sweety decides to leave. Dida had enjoyed the gossip.

Kunal and Nandini were to compete for Pani Puri. Mauli warns Kunal that Nandini is a champion. Kunal boasts he has spent his childhood eating Pani Puri and understands the competition. Mayank and Mauli’s mother watch them, Mayank was excited to join them but their mother was angry over Mauli. She says Mauli has money for everything, even outings for Nandini but not to give them loan for Mayank’s business. There, Nandini wins the competition. The ladies demand him a gift but Kunal runs away. Mauli points towards a balloon shooting game Kunal was excited about. Mauli says even Nandini can compete in the game.

Kunal wins the game and gets a red teddy bear that he gifts to Mauli. They now walk towards a henna stall. Mauli recalls Nandini loved henna. Nandini says every year on Eid festivals she desperately wants to get henna. Mauli makes her smell a cone and says Nandini even learned to apply henna. Nandini says Rajdeep didn’t like its fragrance so. Mauli insists on her to get it applied now. Kunal reaches the henna stall and asks Mauli about K of his name. Mauli says there wasn’t any place for K in the design. Kunal was annoyed that he even got a tattoo of her name, she couldn’t get a K of his name. He leaves angrily. Nandini says Mauli got a K, then why tease Kunal? Mauli goes to make his mood up. Nandini hears someone call Rajdeep, she was terrified and runs towards Mauli and Kunal. Her dupatta was stuck somewhere behind. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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