Tuesday Update on True Love 15th September 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 15th September 2020

Rathore explains it to Tappu that the table is booked for two people only, i.e., Rathore and Tappu. Tappu had a doubt but it is now confirmed. She is about to be a mom but don’t know when she will grow up. She has gone after you only. She is very naughty! He agrees that Mukta does have Rathore elements. If that is so then she would have definitely ordered our favorite food as well. They both recall their first date where they both had danced together. Coincidentally, they both are wearing similar color clothes today as well (black saree, red tie).

The song was Pyaar ki ek kahani suno. She feels a little awkward as he looks in her eyes. You were so romantic back then. You had come with a baraat at our home. He is still romantic but there should be someone to romance with. She mentions that so much has changed over the years except the fact that they both are still alone. Some musicians come there and play Mohabbatein tune. They both smile as they feel nostalgic.

Akash is not ready yet to go to office but Meethi tells him to get ready asap. He stops her and keeps looking in her eyes romantically. She is all lost in his eyes. He wants to spend his day with his wife today. This moment shall not pass. Work can be managed tomorrow as well but it will be a very big loss for me if I let this moment go. She tries to go and takes Sankrant’s name. He gets sad thinking about his brother. How do I tell him that Ambika had come here for her revenge and ruined his life? He stays in his room for house holding Ambika’s pic. It is all because of me. She tells him that Sankrant loves Ambika. Atleast you understand this.

Ambika is in her cell. A lady constable keeps food for her in her cell. She goes out humming the same tune which Ambika had sung to Akash – Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai. Ambika tries to stop her but in vain. She turns and looks inside her plate. She finds a paper in it which has pictures of 5 people with circles around their faces – Akash, Rathore, Mukta, Vishnu and Meethi in the center. She gets happy. Dad is all right. What a beautiful message! You truly are my dad, not that Rathore! You only will get me out of here and we will together sit back and watch the drama of Akash’s family’s end. She laughs at it and then eats the food happily.

Sankrant is holding Ambika’s pic. He recalls when she had suggested to have their kid and again when she had mocked him about thinking like that. Akash and Meethi knock at the door and he wipes his tears. He hides Ambika’s pic and she tells him he doesn’t need to do that. Akash asks him about it. You know the whole truth now then why are you sitting here holding Ambika’s pic? She never loved you. Why are you ruining your life because of her? She wants to talk to Sankrant for two minutes. Akash reluctantly leaves. Sankrant tells Meethi that he is trying hard but is unable to forget Ambika. She knows he loved her with a true heart.

Sankrant rues that she played with everyone’s feelings. She made a joke of all the relations. She never loved me. She was only after Akash. Meethi reasons Ambika dint get anything by doing all this. She did what she felt was right but she ended up in jail. She dint get anything. This is your life. You have to decide what you want to do. Yours, your Maiyya’s, your brother’s happiness lies in your happiness. You will have to forget everything so that you are able to move on in life. Think of it as a bad dream as she has betrayed you. He agrees with her. I was only thinking about myself. He tears Ambika’s photo. She takes a promise from him that he will always stay happy. He promises her. She asks him to get ready so that he can go to office.


Yuvi is looking at Mukta’s pictures on the projector screen. He caresses her photo and then takes out his phone. At Vishnu’s place, he is checking out some magazine while Mukta is busy cooking. Mukta gets a text from Yuvi. Vishnu was about to tell her but stops looking at the sender’s name. He is quite angry after looking at the message and keeps looking at the phone all the while. Mukta asks him about what he wants for dinner but he is kind of lost. He is also having dizzy sensations but hides it from her. He is anxiously waiting for Yuvi’s text but the dizziness / headache continues. He finally replies from Mukta’s phone – Hi Yuvaan.

Yuvi is happy that she only used his first name and not sir. He sends another message regarding wanting to meet her. Vishnu reads it and looks at Mukta who is oblivious to all of this. He replies that they will meet in office tomorrow. Yuvaan sends another text. I am missing you a lot. Not only me but the whole office is missing you. Mukta goes to get chillies from her neighbour. Meanwhile. Yuvi invites Mukta for a dinner to which Vishnu replies in agreement. Vishnu is not feeling well throughout. Yuvi is happy with the reply. I will message you the location once the table is booked. Good night. Vishnu is miffed. Vishnu thinks that Yuvvan is making a very big mistake. If anything happens to my wife then I will kill you!

Vishnu deletes the messages from Mukta’s mobile. She asks him if he is calling someone from her phone. He denies. I thought someone messaged you but that wasn’t so. She is confused at his behavior for he has never checked her phone ever before. I mean you can do it but I don’t like it. It feels like you are spying or keeping an eye on me. He promises not to do it again. She gets back to cooking their dinner. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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