Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 17th November 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 17th November 2020

In the temple, Kunal and Pari sat for Nandini’s Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli reach the temple and sit for their Pooja. Ishaan and Mauli smile at each other. The pandit ji brings them aarti. Kunal thinks moving ahead without Nandini is difficult, he wish for the courage to be able to move ahead in life and be a good parent to Pari. Pari prays that she realizes her mother would never return to her, but God may send alike of her mother.

There, Pandit ji had draped a chunri over Mauli’s head that flies towards Nandini’s photo. Mauli looks behind wondering where her Chunri had gone. She goes to bring it back but was shocked to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. She walks towards them and gathering courage, removes the Chunri off the photo. Mauli was taken aback as it was Nandini’s photo covered in flowers under her Chunri. She steps back weakly and was about to slip down the stairs. Ishaan comes to support her. They turn to see Kunal and Pari in the Havan. Mauli trembles, breaking into tears and hurries down the stairs. Ishaan was confused and asks what happened. He asks her to be strong, Kunal never affected her. He realizes Kunal’s wife is no longer alive and Pari seems to be a poor girl. He asks Mauli to come to pay condolences to Kunal.

Mauli doesn’t move. She tells Ishaan that Kunal’s wife Nandini was her childhood’s best friend. She came over to live at their place and Kunal fall in love with Nandini. Kunal’s attitude and their divorce flash in Mauli’s mind. Ishaan says this means Kunal cheated Mauli with her best friend. Mauli was devastated and badly cries. She says she was angry at Nandini and never wanted to see her face, but she never wanted Nandini dead. She cries hard saying I am so sorry Nandini.

Pari comes to Kunal with food set in a tray. Kunal smiles and was about to speak. Pari says she isn’t hungry at all. Kunal gets the game, and says he must eat anyway. Pari gives him bites named after Pari, Nandini and Kunal. Kunal says it’s done. Pari says there is some left, one after Mishti’s name and other after Mauli’s. She afterwards claps cheerfully.

At home, Mamma and Dida were also aggrieved hearing about Nandini’s death. Mauli was still crying. Mamma recalls cursing Nandini. Mauli says she was angry with Nandini but she never wished Nandini to die, and forgives Nandini. Ishaan comes there and pays condolences to Mauli. She must be hurt that Kunal betrayed her for her best friend, he gets furious even at the thought that Kunal left Mauli for her own best friend. Ishaan comes to Dida and salutes them for leaving their own son for their daughter in law. He assures Dida that she still has a son, he promises to never leave her and serve them till his life. She will never leave Mauli as well. He also promises them that Mishti will never find out about Kunal being her biological father.

It was morning. Dida comes out of her room and calls Mishti, Radika or Mauli. She finds Mauli in the balcony, her eyes swelled of insomnia. Mauli says she is distressed of Nandini’s death. Dida says she cursed Nandini but never wished this fate. Mauli says Nandini might not get peace until she finds out they have forgiven her.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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