Tuesday Update on True Love 17th November 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 17th November 2020

Meethi agrees that she is Meethi Chatterjee, an Indian. She holds out her hand to be handcuffed. Ansari gestures his constable to do so and he obliges. She leaves with Ansari.

Asgar is angry with Saba. What did you do? You went to Ansari without even asking me and gave your statement as well? What do you know about Meethi? Do you have any idea how important it is that she stays here in our house? Do you understand the importance? Saba is taken aback while Ashfaque is confused. Saba questions his brother if Meethi is more important than my husband. Why? He lies that it was my duty to save her as she was our guest. Ashfaque finds something fishy. Do you consider your brother something or everything is gone with your husband? He goes from there. Saba turns to Ashfaque. I thought that you take Meethi’s side always but today I realised that Asgar bhai is more interested in keeping her here in this home. She leaves from there in tears with her Ammi following her. Ashfaque is thinking something.

Asgar wonders what if Meethi tells everything to Ansari then he will firstly reach Akash and then me. he wont leave any stone unturned.

Ansari asks Meethi about the gun. What was your reason behind killing Khalid? You are a danger! Why did Khalid say so? She repeats that she isn’t a murderer. Why don’t you believe me? He asks her about the other lies – her being an Indian, Meethi Chatterjee. You were staying here illegally? You became a danger for the family who was giving shelter to you? She tries to explain but he doesn’t let her. You have killed the most simple guy of that family and his wife has given her testimony against her. How can I believe you? There is a long list of your crimes. She agrees that she is in Pakistan but she isn’t living here on her own wish. He puts in the terrorism angle. Which group has sent you? She calls it a coincidence that she came here in Pakistan. Lady constables want her in their care so that she starts speaking. She declines being a terrorist. He is not ready to listen to her and orders her to be put behind bars even though continues to request him to listen to her once.

Asgar wants to free Meethi from the jail. I know how to make impossible possible. Ashfaque wants to help him but Asgar points out that Ansari ji is already upset with him. Someone has to be at home too. You stay here to take care of everyone. I will handle everything. He leaves but Ashfaque wonders about the sudden change in his brother’s behaviour.

Meethi is locked in a jail even though she keeps pleading of her innocence. Dua plays in the background. She cries muttering that she is innocent. Listen to me once. I haven’t killed anyone.

Lady Constables force Meethi to accept her crimes. They give her some time to think.

Ansari writes down about the case to find some clue. He throws a file kept on his table aside and Meethi’s photo comes out of it. Before he can pick the file again, the lady constable comes to make a request to him. You should listen to her once. Being a woman I can tell you that she isn’t lying. She is just scared. He agrees to hear her out.

Meethi repeats that she isn’t a terrorist. She agrees to it when he isn’t ready to listen to her. she tells him to ask further questions which prompts him to say hear her story. She agrees that she made a mistake by not telling him anything earlier but she will tell him everything today. she tells him everything right from the start (train journey; meeting Fida; their getting down at Nangla Station but she came back but couldn’t get down again after which Fida pushed her into Tavi river). This is how I reached Pakistan. Ashfaque Rizvi and his Abbu saved my life. Every time I wanted to go back to India I met you. I was scared. Rizvi family told me that if I tell you everything then Nusrat’s alliance will break. I kept quiet and then Asgar ji promised me that he will help me to return to my country. We went to Aman ki Dua too but because of that incident we had to return here. But after coming back here I came to know. She stops thinking that she will have to tell him about Akash. It might risk his life too.

Asgar comes to meet Akash. He is not even able to stand properly. I eat and sleep. I don’t have the energy to even stand up. Everything is hazy in front of my eyes. Please take me to a doc. Asgar can try to bring the doc here though. Akash asks about Meethi.

Ansari wants her to say everything. This is your last chance. She tells him that her husband came to Aman ki Dua to look for her. I dint knew about it. But he saw me and then he too came here to look for me. he is curious about her husband. She adds that he has come here illegally. Police had arrested him. he wonders if it is the same Indian who escaped from police custody. What’s his name? She tells him – Akash Chatterjee. He wants to know about his whereabouts.

Asgar tells Akash about Ansari. He already had a doubt on Meethi. he is a very tough guy. Akash wants him to do something fast or he might put Meethi behind bars. Asgar too wants it or his plan will fail. I have given you my word. It will be a shameful act if I am unable to live up to it. I am going to police station. I will talk to Ansari ji. Akash wants to go with him. I will tell Ansari ji that I and Meethi are not some criminals. We haven’t come here to do something wrong. Asgar wants to go all by himself. Anything can happen if he sees you together. He might put you both in jail. Asgar cannot risk it. Akash tries to make him understand that Meethi needs him as she is all alone there. But before he can say anything he falls down on the bed unconscious. Asgar is thankful about it. I wont let them both go away from my hands but I will have to save Meethi from that Ansari first. He leaves. Akash mutters Meethi’s name.

Ansari asks Meethi about who has helped Akash escape from the police. Who was the guy who came in the disguise of commissioner that day? Meethi cannot take Asgar’s name as it can put his entire family’s life in risk. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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