Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 20th October 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 20th October 2020

Mauli comes to her room. Her memories with Kunal flash in front of her eyes. She then stops to watch her and Kunal’s photos. Nandini texts Kunal wishing everything is fine between him and Mauli. Kunal drive the car, crying and haunted by Mamma’s accusations against him. Mauli cries in front of the mirror. Nandini thinks about texting with Kunal all day long. They three were crying over their respective situations.

The next morning, Mamma requests Dida to eat a single bite. Dida was crying for Kunal. Mamma says Kunal has another place for himself, Nandini. Mauli comes out of the room and wished to go to temple. She wished to stay alone for a while. In the temple, Mauli prays for courage. Nandini comes to her and explains she never intended to ruin her house. She only wished for a companion who respects her the way she was never respected. Mauli wasn’t convinced. She says Nandini did what children does, they buy a new doll when one has broken and Nandini didn’t find a new one for herself even. She snatched her friend’s doll. She never considered she was breaking her best, childhood friend’s house. She told Nandini how much Kunal was important for her, that she won’t be able to live without Kunal.

Nandini requests Mauli to believe her. Mauli says women have always bear restrictions, first from men and later from women as well. Their makeup was always considered wrong, but today Nandini has legalized every restriction put on women. Anyways, she has lost everything, her inside is empty. She came to the temple to find some hope for herself, but why Nandini came here? Only hopeless people come to temples. She lifts Nandini’s chin and says she got everything, Kunal, his companionship. Nandini says it’s not easy to find or lose someone, she isn’t sure what’s going in Kunal’s mind. Mauli says Nandini is the one for whom Kunal left home, she never dreamed Kunal can ever leave his house, his mother and Dida as well. Nandini was worried at once and says Kunal didn’t come to her, he didn’t even answer her call since yesterday. Both think where was Kunal then? Kunal was driving the car.

Mauli and Nandini try Kunal’s number. Nandini tries Kunal’s number but he doesn’t pick up. Mauli calls Kunal’s friends asking about him. Nandini was tensed and wish Kunal replies to her texts.
Mamma asks Dida whom is she calling. Dida says she is calling Kunal and cries. Mamma says Kunal must not be half as much worried as Dida, he will be at Nandini’s place.
Mauli decides to track Kunal’s phone.
Dida calls Nandini and tells her to give the phone to Kunal. Nandini cries and says Kunal is missing since yesterday, she is unaware how he is. Dida drops the phone. Mamma runs towards her, tensed. Dida cries for Kunal. Mamma consoles and assures that Kunal must be at some friend’s place. Dida prays for Kunal’s safety. Nandini reached the police station to file missing complaint for Kunal.
Kunal was driving fast, while everyone’s accusations echo in his mind. He pulls the brakes of car in the rush and has an accident. Nandini brought Kunal to hospital, he was given the treatment. The doctor comes outside. Nandini was tensed and inquires about Kunal. The doctor says he would soon be conscious.

Mauli reached the hospital and watch Nandini inside Kunal’s room, she stays outside. Nandini cries and tells doctors to take blood from her, but she won’t be able to live without Kunal and might die if Kunal doesn’t get well. Kunal opens his eyes. Mauli backs up and walks out of the hospital. The doctor allows Nandini to take him home, the nurse would give them prescription.
Mauli sits on a bench in the hospital and sobs thinking about Nandini’s words and care for Kunal she just witnessed. She thinks it used to be her condition when Kunal was ever hurt, and today Nandini is in the same condition.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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