Tuesday Update on True Love 20th October 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 20th October 2020

Rathore notices the sadness on Akash’s face. He is sad for he couldn’t find Meethi anywhere. Rathore tells him not to cry or give up. You cannot break like this. We have to find Meethi. Look at me, you cannot give up. You will find your Meethi. Akash nods, wipes his tears and they both again set down to look for Meethi.

Doc checks Mukku. She tells them to make sure Mukku isn’t stressed over anything. As you have told me that something has happened with your family. If something really bad has happened then you must not share it with Mukta because she is unable to tolerate the situation. She wont be able to bear it. They all nod. Doc takes their leave. Jogi caresses Mukku’s head. Divya tells him not to share anything with Mukku. I know any bad news will be impossible to hide from Mukku but we will have to do it for her and her baby. He agrees with her. Nani is sad seeing Mukku in such state. She is in this condition while thinking about others. Don’t know what will happen if she is shocked by something again.

Army officials discuss about the impact of the bomb. They don’t think that anyone in that compartment would be alive. Akash hears this and the reporters saying the same thing. He looks around / walks as if in a trance. It is night time. All three of them continue to look for Meethi but in vain. Rathore checks with the inspector but nothing substantial can be said as of now. Rathore understands the situation very well so he tells him to keep his eyes open. Inspector nods.

Rathore gives hope to Akash again. We cannot give up. We will find her. Damini is sad. Lukka Chuppi plays in the background as she thinks about Meethi and Akash’s wish for a baby that has lead them to this. Akash comes to talk to her. rathore too stands a distance. Akash assures Anni he will find Meethi. I know she is alright wherever she is. Nothing will happen to her. I wont let anything happen to her. She asks him if he is happy now. You only wanted your baby which my Meethi couldn’t give you. She left you. I thought you loved her Meethi and understand her pain. This is the relation of a husband and wife. But no, you wanted a baby (your own baby) more than your relation or Meethi’s love. Only a baby! He tries to explain her but she tells him to be quiet. Don’t you dare say that you love Meethi a lot. You don’t love Meethi! I myself had called you before leaving Mumbai and you remember what you had said?

Flashback shows where Akash tells her that he has given his answer to Meethi. I don’t agree with her. I want my own first baby. You had broken your relation then only. Why have you come here now? He yet again tries to talk to her but she cuts him off. I don’t want your sympathy. Go from here. A tearful Akash looks at her in shock. My Meethi kept waiting for you till the last minute. She felt you will come to take her home but you dint. I dint think you would be like this but you are just like all the other men who are egoistic, selfish. She pushes him away. He tells her he isn’t like that. Nothing matters to me more than Meethi. I promise I will bring her back at any cost. She isn’t ready to listen to him. rathore boosts her not to give up so soon. we all take inspiration from you. I am saying that Meethi is alright. We will find her if we will keep on trying. She is not ready to believe him either. Are you a God? I have seen her board that compartment with my own eyes. I couldn’t stop her. Wish I was in there. She breaks down while thinking about her Meethi. Akash and Rathore support her.

Rathore calls Tappu. She asks for Meethi but he tells her that they haven’t found her yet. Maiyya is there too. Rathore tells Tappu how Meethi and Ammo got separated at Nangla station. Bomb blast happened in the very same compartment. We don’t know if she had gotten down earlier or not. Tappu is shocked. Jogi takes the phone from her looking at her face. Rathore tells him the same thing. she isn’t here in any of the dead bodies or in the injured patients. They all are shocked and in tears. Rathore ends the call.

Mukku prays for Vishnu’s recovery. Nani has been taking care of him in his room but is irritated that she will have to take care of an unconscious guy. A glass falls on the floor near the switchboard and she leaves in a huff from there. Water reaches switchboard. Mukku clutches onto her belly as she notices that the diya is flickering. She bows down before the idol while there is a short circuit in the switch board in Vishnu’s room. Mukku looks up and notices her that her vermilion has been rubbed off when she had bowed down to pray. She runs to Vishnu’s room and notices the short circuit. The board is in flames by now. she runs to help him but trips as her feet gets stuck in the carpet. She calls out for her her bade papa and badi ma who come running to help her. Jogi takes care of the switchboard and then they both help Mukku in standing up. She has hurt her foot in the process.

Scene shifts to the new location. A guy (another new entrant) is driving a tempo by the side of a river. His dad tells him to drive slow but he talks about not being scared of death. His dad tells him to think about the old tempo atleast. The guy talks sweetly to his tempo. His dad wants a real heer to come in his life as it will bring balance in his life. The guy stops and gets down. He runs towards the river clearly telling his dad it isn’t his time to be tied in any relationship. His dad tells him to fall in love, get married. Your words will change then. That guy teases him about it and runs away with his dad following him to teach him a lesson. The guy looks around happily but is in for a shock when he turns to look at his dad and notices someone floating in the river.

Nani comes running for Mukku. Jogi reprimands Mukku for not taking care of herself. He goes to call doctor. Nani is upset at her as she doesn’t listen to anyone.

The guy points at the body for his dad. He rushes to help her. he runs along the stream. She is flown to a corner due to the flow. That guy picks her up in his arms and takes her aside at a place away from water. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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