Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 29th September 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 29th September 2020

Nandini looked tensed and shocked as Kunal offered his hand to her. She forwards her hand reluctantly when Kunal holds it. Her bracelet was stuck in Kunal’s sleeves. She apologizes, Kunal says it wasn’t needed as its none of her mistake. He removes the bracelet off his sleeve. They turn to go upstairs.

In the restaurant, everyone watched the news. Mauli suggests that doctors must be needed there, it seems she must also go. She goes to call the authorities. Dida prays for the safety of Kunal and Nandini.
Nandini walked with Kunal alert. Kunal calls the Pandit. He asks how they reached here, the way was filled with danger today. Nandini says they had to come here surely, their grandmother had vowed to come here on Kunal’s father’s birthday. Both pray together.

Rajdeep was flirting with the girl in a corner. Dida watches him and was filled with rage.

Pandit hands Nandini a candle to take as a token from the temple and prays for their togetherness. Nandini and Kunal were speechless and stare at each other silently.

There, Rajdeep asks Dida why she is staring at him like this. Dida throws her s how at Rajdeep and calls him shameless for flirting with a girl in open air. It was her mistake to suggest Nandini give him another chance, but he is worth not it. Rajdeep questions who is she to give him suggestions. Dida says her Kunal and Mauli were right about him. Rajdeep understands she is Kunal’s grandmother. Dida curses Rajdeep for not leaving Nandini and here flirting around with another girl. Rajdeep says Nandini has been captured with them, what he must do now. Rajdeep joins his hands for Dida to get off his way, she was stubborn. Rajdeep pushes her wheel chair behind. Mauli holds the wheel chair out of concern. Dida points towards Mauli.

Kunal and Nandini come downstairs and ask a man if the way is clear. The man tells Kunal they have arranged for tents here, it might take some time for the way to clear. He asks Kunal to book for one as the availability is scarce. Kunal demands for two tents but they weren’t available. Kunal offers his assistance as he is a doctor. The man assures he would inform him if needed.

Mauli stops Rajdeep from leaving. He greets Mauli and asks about Nandini. Mauli tells Rajdeep to apologize Dida for his misbehavior with her. He has crossed the limits today. Mauli says pushing a disabled person is a crime, he might be jailed. Rajdeep asks if she has a proof. Mauli calls him fool, there are CCTV cameras all around. Rajdeep looks around and thinks he might be trapped. Mauli tells him to apologize sooner, else she is also from his city. She asks if divorce wasn’t enough that he was found with a girl here today. Rajdeep apologizes Mauli, then presents Dida with her show, joins his hands and turns to leave. He stops by Mauli and warns a revenge against her whole family.

It was night, Kunal and Nandini walks towards their tents. Kunal looks inside and heads to go in, his head hits a rod of tent and bleeds. Nandini does the dressing for him. Later outside Kunal suggests Nandini to go inside, he will sleep outside. A few guys come to do bonfire and offers Kunal and Nandini to join as well. They soon join the gathering. Young men played music and guitar. Nandini felt cold and covered herself with her saree. A soup was presented to everyone. Kunal offers his bowl to Nandini as well, she has climbed a huge number of stairs today and that too thirsty. Everyone was shivering with cold. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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