Tuesday Update on True Love 29th September 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 29th September 2020

Maharani’s girl eyes meethi, in a dazed state, and thinks that she would destroy her, as her beauty has caused her a great deal of trouble, and shifted maharani’s centre of attention. Meanwhile, maharani, in her room, gets ready, as she takes off the wig, and eyes herself in the mirror with a bald head. the same girl comes in with trembling hands, offering her tea, as she finds maharani like this. maharani comments to her that long hair and beauty dont stay forever.

The girl hesitatingly says that till today, she was the apple of her eye, and never refused her for anything, but since that girl has come, referring to meethi, she has started feeling ignored. maharani asks her to say it clearly. The girl tells her that she would spoil her business someday, and maharni is giving her undue importance. maharni dips her fingers in red hot tea, in anger and asks her never to teach her business tricks again and asks her to get lost.

Meanwhile, kanha stealthily brings up maharani’s name, but he is rebuked by the person to select one of these only. he says that he doesnt like any of them. Titli enters meethi’s room, while she gets up dazed. she finds that titli has a venomous rage in her eyes, and sulphuric acid in her hands. she is shocked. Titli keeps throwing acid on her, while meethi keeps ducking somehow. The noise created alarms kanha and the man too. He asks the man whats behind that door. meanwhile, he tries to get him to titli’s room, but is baffled when it doesnt open. kanha expresses his interest in the locked door. The man says that its maharani’s new item, and he would be able to show her only when maharani tells him to. and he wont be able to bear the cost. But kanha shows him money and lures him to open the door.

He starts banging, alarming titli and meethi. when the door doesnt open, the man breaks in and finds titli with sulphuric acid, and taking the bottle from her, she is shooed from there. kanha is surprised. Maharani’s man in a haste sends kanha off to come some other day and hushes him out, saying that there’s some other problem and he cant cater to his request right now. kanha’s men on the bluetoothKanha is shocked and apalled, when while leaving, he finds meethi sitting scared in one corner of one of the rooms. The person locks the door, and kanha is unable to get in. kanha tells rathore that meethi has been found. Rathore and akash are relieved. Meethi breaks into tears inside. The man shooes kanha away.

Meanwhile, maharani comes in a rage while titli apologises profusely. but maharani says that she would be punished. maharani tells her that either she throws acid on her face, or maharani gets all of her earnings so far. Titli agrees to give all of her money to maharani, which pleases her. maharani says that meethi hasnt even slept with anyone, but has started earning for maharani. She shooes titli away. Maharani calls up a customer, and is shocked beyond belief that someone is willing to pay 25lakhs for the girl, referring to meethi. she is overjoyed beyond belief. She composes herself, and tells her that she would be awaiting him, when he tells her that he would come in the evening with his friend. the man turns out to be akash, who relates everything to thakur and rathore how maharni is trapped. rathore says that the first step is crossed, and the next challenge is humungous and they have to save meethi anyhow. Maharani comes to taunt meethi about her deal of 25lakhs, scaring her to the core.

Yuvaan is shocked to hear mukta and tapasya’s conversation. The noise cvreated by yuvaan alarms them while he apologises for having overheard andf comes upto them, saying that he came to meet vishnu. tapasya leaves to meet the doctor. Mukta asks him if he is okay. Yuvaan says that he is, although he is shocked inside. she says that she thought he wont come again to meet vishnu. He says that she doesnt know how much he cares for her and vishnu and gives her the flowers. While she thanks him, he thinks that he should stay back to find out about who the doctor is and what can he do.

later, tapasya gives tea to mukta and granny, while the doctor checks vishnu, and mukta is tensed for it. tapasya teklls mukta not to lose hope, as everything would be all right, and that the doctor is checking him, and the reports shall come by the evening. she asks mukta not to worry as its bad for the baby. mukta says that she doesnt want to, but she is feeling very lonely. she says that when she thinks about vishnu, she feels angry about akash and meethi, and when she thinks about meethi, she is angry at herself, as to how could she say such bitter things about meethi.

granny is irritated and continues to instigate that this is what meethi deserves, by the lord. tapasya asks her to shut up. granny says that its meethi’s destiny, and asks mukta not to be bothered and ask her to remember that in the recent days, damini raised her hand on her and yuvaan too. tapasya asks her to shut up, as this could harm the baby. Granny says that she too knows it, but she shouldnt have sympathy for meethi. tapasya says that misunderstandings are always too much, and she shouldnt add ghee to the fire. She says that mukta too is at fault, and what if meethi had said this about mukta. but granny again brings about the same old topic of being a servant and owner, and instigates mukta too againts it and leaves.

when titli tries to dress meethi up, she defiantly says that she isnt scared of maharani and wont wear all this. maharani comes in clapping and asks if she isnt scared of her. she defiantly says that she isnt scared, and would die easily as she would die married, like sita for ram. She says that she wont ever be anyone else’s. Maharani taunts meethi, by reminding her about the Damini paathshaala nearby. Maharani tells her that kajri is there only, and she would be harmed if meethi doesnt comply. As she leaves, meethi is shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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