Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 8th December 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 8th December 2020

Pari and Mahek come out of a toy shop. Pari says she forgot her nail paint in the shop. Mahek asks Pari to come home, they can bring a new one. Pari insists on staying there while Mahek should bring the nail paint. Mahek takes promise from Pari not to move and goes inside. A dog comes there and barks towards the terrified Pari. Mamma and Mishti had just come there and find Pari being chased and teased by the dog. Mishti recalls her promise to Santa Clause and runs to help Pari. She calls the dog towards herself then moves her hand over the dog’s head. The dog calms down. Mahek comes outside concerned, Pari says she was afraid of the dog but Mishti saved her. Mahek thanks Mishti for her help and takes Pari back home.

At home, Mauli return furious over Kunal. She says she has lost all the respect for Kunal. He only lied to her but also to his profession. Dida asks Mauli to explain herself. Mahek was making tea for Kunal while he tells Mahek how Mauli was furious over her. Mahek wasn’t happy over his interest, she claims he is the first father who wants his ex-wife to marry someone else. Kunal explains that Mauli will only agree to marry Ishaan when she begins to hate him. He promised Mishti to get her Popsy.
Mamma and Dida were in a disbelief about Kunal. Mauli says she herself noticed how he diagnosed a list of tests for the sake of commission.
Mahek shares with Kunal that she doesn’t approve of the way he is trying to unite Mauli and Ishaan.

Kunal comes to Ishaan’s restaurant. Ishaan wasn’t happy watching him there, but Kunal brought a gift box for Mauli. Ishaan didn’t trust Kunal and asks what if Kunal cheats on him. Kunal insists that only Mauli must open this box. Ishaan finally agrees to parcel the gift.

At home, Mauli was ready and Dida restlessly awaited Mamma. There was a doorbell, Mauli receive the parcel. Mauli was happy to find a globe filled with her photos. A smile spread her face. Dida says Ishaan has proven that Mauli and Mishti are his life, she must value his love for her. Mamma comes outside and was happy to see the gift. She and Mauli hurry for lunch. Mamma gets a call from Kunal and leaves a message that she is going out for dinner with Mauli. Kunal stops the car with a jerk. Mahek was having an ice cream that fills her face. She insists on Kunal to take right, she can’t miss her interview. Kunal says her interview can be rescheduled, today he is in another mood.

In the restaurant, Kunal sat with Mahek when Mama and Mauli arrive. Mamma was conscious of Kunal’s presence, Mauli also notices this. There, Mahek requests Kunal not to embarrass her at least. Soup was served to them, Kunal deliberately spills the soup bowl then shouts at the waiter. Kunal disgrace the waiter badly and calls for the manager, he claims his pant cost more than the waiter’s monthly salary. Mauli comes to defend the waiter and asks Kunal what’s wrong with him, the waiter is already apologizing. Kunal misbehaves with Mauli and shouts why Mauli continue to be his moral police all the time; she is no more related to him anyway, is she still his wife? Mamma and Mauli walk outside the restaurant. Kunal calms down and asks Mahek to order something. Radhika comes back into the restaurant as she forgot her cellphone. She decides to take a class of Kunal as well. Kunal was apologizing the waiter for all the disgrace. Radhika wonders what’s wrong here. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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