Tuesday Update on True Love 8th December 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 8th December 2020

Akash consoles Meethi. anjum Nani comments that this wedding would have set an example in the society. Maiyya replies that no one can do anything if they have chosen to fall in the well themselves. Malvika agrees with her. no issue Meethi. your thinking is way ahead than time. Find a good groom and do the marriage. Maiyya nods. It was Meethi who thought of this or who marries a widow. They are shocked as they hear Kajri approving Maiyya’s statement. She is back in her plain clothes. Meethi takes a step in her direction but Kajri signals her not to. Meethi is hurt. She folds her hand and apologizes to her. we dint think that something like this will happen. Kajri is not blaming her for it. Its not you but my fate. It was my mistake to dream this big. Your mistake was that you made me see a dream which can never get fulfilled.

My hands were shivering when I was trying to pick up the bridal dress but you insisted. Why did you do it? why did you got me ready, made me wear jewellery again? why have you made me want to be a bride again? Is my life a game? You made me sit in the mandap without finding out anything. Why? I had told you that I was sold in the brothel then why did you made me wish to have my own house? I had told you to check with Sankrant once again as I could see that he was not happy. did I not say it? would you not have asked him if you were in my place? I trusted you and dint ask him even once but maybe I forgot. You wanted to be great in everyone’s eyes. You became great and the symbol of your greatness is standing in front of you, back in a widow’s attire.

Meethi is in tears. Kajri cannot stay here anymore. She requests Anjum Nani to shelter her for a few days. Anjum Nani has no problem. But hear me once. Before you leave, remove these bad feelings that you have for Meethi. Her thought was noble and her heart is pure. Kajri replies that noble thoughts don’t change lives. I am not cursing anyone. I am just saying the truth before I am going. You all let me stay here for so many days. I wont forget it ever. I will also keep the broken pieces of this dream close to me so that I don’t think about something like this again. kajri walks out with her bag with anjum Nani following her. a distraught Meethi is upset with herself. How can I do this? She cries in his arms at her mistake.

Manav cries. Rani tells him not to cry like a mad person. Vishnu comes there and picks him up. He also tells her not to talk to anyone like this (in a nice manner). He goes to make milk for Manav. Rani is worried. The milk powder box is empty. She was hungry and liked the taste so she ate it all. He doesn’t mind it. I will get one for Manav. Till then keep this bucket under the tap. He puts Manav on the bed asking her to take care of him. She puts the tap on. Meanwhile, Manav cried. She picks him up and tries to calm him. he puts her on the carpet and sings lullaby for him to put him to sleep. He continues to cry while she falls asleep in the process.

Ambika is worried about her puffy eyes. Malvika agrees to get a booking done for her in a spa. Ambika smiles. How’s Meethi? malvika tells her everything that happened. It’s like mourning in here. We have won semi finals. Now it is time for finals. Ambika too is waiting for Sankrant to come take her on his own. I have to get Sankrant dance on my tunes first. Malvika is really eager to see that. They end the call. Ambika thinks that Sankrant could have trusted a snake for a change but not her.

Manav is holding the wire of the table fan because of which it falls on the floor. The bucket overflows and the water is about to reach the wire of the fan. Mukta comes back just then and is shocked at the scene. She trips when she tries to walk towards Manav. Rani wakes up because of the noise. Mukta tells her to remove the plug. Rani hurries off after which she picks up Manav in her arms. Vishnu is stunned to see it as he returns from the shop.

Meethi lights diya in the temple. She cannot help but recall Kajri’s words. She prays to Mata Rani about what has happened. you know I wanted good for her. I could never think that her dream will break. Please forgive me. people make mistakes. I too made one. But you are Goddess of strength. You can set everything right. Now you only are her support. She is such a good human being but she has only got pain and sadness in her life. Give her her happiness. Please forgive me. Her phone rings. It is Vishnu. She is shocked to know that Mukta has fallen. She agrees to come there right away.

Doc tells Mukta to take bed rest for a week. Nani comes there. She is really concerned for Mukta. She gets to know everything that happened. She asks about Rani. Mukta lies that she is their neighbour’s daughter. Rani walks out of the room with her head bowed down. Nani cannot believe it that they already have a baby at home. Now you have got your neighbour’s daughter too? Vishnu talks about helping others. He talks in her favour but Nani is anyways pissed with her. I should see who she is after all.

Nani calls out for Rani but pulls her up herself when Rani continues to sit there without giving any attention to Nani. Nani wonders why she was so careless. You don’t care about the people whose house you live at? Rani stares at her angrily. If I was not at fault then I would have shown you who I am. Nani can see Iccha in Rani. She had come in the house just like this, all quietly. She came in and became the daughter of the house. She asks Rani not to stare at her like this. Look down. We don’t need a maid’s daughter here. Whenever that happens, she actually becomes the queen of the house. Get out of here. Get out, look down.

Rani instead calls her an oldie (budhiya) asking her to be quiet. If you will hit me then I too wont leave you. Nani is irked with her bold reply. She raises her hand to slap Rani but Meethi comes there just in time. She is a kid. Why do you want to hurt her? nani reasons that Mukta got hurt because of this Rani only. Meethi asks her if by hitting Rani Mukta’s injury will go away. will she be alright? Nani wonders why she is taking side of Rani. You poor people are all the same. You get inside someone’s house and then force them only to leave that house. Meethi Is fed up if her taunts. We all are tired of it but you don’t give up. We had our heads held high back when we were poor and today as well.

Nani is irritated with both of them. she threatens Rani to go or she will punish her. meethi again interferes. This time Vishnu too supports Meethi. rani will stay here only. Nani firmly tells them that no maid’s daughter will stay in their house now. Vishnu reminds her that she is Mukta’s friend’s daughter. She has gone out for a few days so has left Rani here. Nani is frustrated. You give birth first and then give your responsibility to someone else. Meethi asks about Mukta. She has fallen asleep. Nani wants to send Rani back to her house even if her mom is not here. Vishnu has no problem in keeping her here but Nani has. Mukta is unwell. Plus Manav is here too. She seeks Vishnu’s permission to take Rani with her to her home. He is reluctant as she has no idea about Rani’s truth. She offers her hand to Rani. Will you come with me? Title tune plays. Rani is in deep thoughts as she looks at Meethi. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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