Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 8th September 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 8th September 2020

Mauli cries on the phone. Kunal tells her to be ready, he will just bring Nandini. There was a traffic jam on the way. Kunal feels helpless, then picks Nandini in his arms and carry her towards hospital. Nandini was waiting in the hospital with her team ready, they hurry towards Kunal as soon as he reaches hospital. Nandini is taken into the operation theatre.
Kunal comes to Mauli. Mauli asks where Rajdeep is. She tells him to call Rajdeep right now as they need him here. Mauli trembled and unsure she can do it, she will need senior doctors. Kunal says he will inform the reception about calling a senior doctor, but he is sure she can do it. He hugs her in encouragement.
In the operation theatre, Mauli was getting dressed up. Nandini wakes up and calls Mauli, she takes Mauli’s promise to save her child.

At home, Rajdeep convinces Makhija on call that Nandini was only afraid, he must give him some time and the matter will be settled. Later, he gets a call from Kunal. Kunal tells him to come to hospital as Nandini had an accident, they must report in police. Rajdeep sounds clueless, but was afraid what if Nandini opens up in front of police against him.

In the operation theatre, the senior doctor asks Mauli to terminate the pregnancy, there has been internal injuries and the case is complicated. Mauli remember her promise with Nandini and tells the senior they have to save both. As the surgery begin, Mauli’s hand trembles. The case was getting complicated. The senior insists they can’t keep fetus inside the body for long, this puts patient’s life in danger. Mauli’s hands now trembled and discuss her promise with Nandini to the doctor. She wasn’t able to continue with the operation. The senior takes charge of the operation and tells Mauli to take aside. Mauli cried badly while she watch Nandini being operated.

Later in the hospital room, Mauli comes to Nandini. Nandini opens her eyes and asks Mauli if her baby is safe? She says Mauli must be annoyed that she is questioning the best doctor. Mauli doesn’t reply. Nandini tries to sit up, Mauli helps her. Nandini says Mauli isn’t only the best doctor but an aunt to her baby. Mauli breaks into cry and says I am sorry. She lay her head over Nandini and says she tried a lot but they couldn’t save her child. Her life was endangered. Nandini looked away. Mauli cries that she has failed. Nandini says she was the one who couldn’t fight for her child. Mauli inquires Nandini what happened to her, who is responsible for such internal bleeding. Nandini only cries recalling Rajdeep’s behavior.

Rajdeep reaches the hospital. Kunal meets him and says Nandini is in room 204. Rajdeep asks if they reported in police. Kunal says he didn’t, Rajdeep wasn’t here and even Nandini wasn’t conscious. She just woke up. He tells Rajdeep about the abortion but Rajdeep thinks at least he got rid of at least one. He tells Kunal it was in their fate, they couldn’t help it. Kunal feels strange about his reaction.

Rajdeep enters the hospital room. Mauli slaps him hard on face. He questions if she slapped her again, Mauli replies that any amount of slaps is insufficient for a person like him. It was her mistake she left Nandini with him years ago, she won’t repeat it. He left his wife in the middle of the road to die. Rajdeep tells her not to poke her nose in their personal matter, he tries to enter. Mauli holds him by collar and says she is Nandini’s doctor, she won’t leave the hospital until her permission. Rajdeep tells Nandini to come home else his house doors will be shut for her forever. Mauli questions Rajdeep what happened to Nandini, why was she found in the midst of road. Rajdeep questions if she is a police inspector? Mauli says she can call police, she will report how Nandini was found with internal bleeding and injury in the midst of the road.

Mauli pushes Rajdeep out of the room. Rajdeep asks Nandini if she is happy with his disrespect. He says the child was only two months when aborted, he tells Nandini to get ready and they will do a baby again. Mauli insists that Nandini will not go with him. Rajdeep warns he would only count till three, she must come with him else he will leave her. Nandini tries to sit up in the bed. Mauli convince Nandini she shouldn’t repeat her eight months earlier mistake. Nandini pants but leaves the bed, she apologizes Mauli. Mauli was taken aback.

Nandini says she is sorry she didn’t trust her eight years ago, she was right then and even today and this time she will take the right decision. Mauli hugs Nandini with tears. Nandini looks towards Rajdeep and tells Mauli to make him leave. Rajdeep questions if she has gone insane? Mauli now confronts Rajdeep and shouts at him to leave. Rajdeep shouts at Mauli pushing her aside and pulls off Nandini’s cannula. Mauli resists the pull and was pushed out of the room into Kunal’s arms. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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