Tuesday Update on Young Love 8th September 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 8th September 2020

Kundan telling Harki that Akhiraj called him to meet in jail. Kamli tells Pushkar that she will clean him. Pushkar refuses and says he feels shy. Kamli pretends to be angry. Pushkar allows her to clean him. Harki and Kundan are irked seeing them together. Harki says she thought that he will get mad, but Kamli treated him. Kamli wipes his body with cotton. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays………Pushkar hugs her………………..Kamli feels being in love feeling and smiles.

Anandi comes to Nimboli and asks her to drink milk. She says we will go and buy school stuff for you. Mangla smiles. Kundan comes to Akhiraj and asks why did you call? Akhiraj says you want to take revenge for me and your pain. He says do you want to take revenge from Anandi, Nimboli…..He asks him to meet Gajra….and says he will help you. Kundan agrees and says I will take revenge from Nimboli, and will make your head high with proud. Akhiraj says well done.

Chakor comes to her house in disguise of Chauka, and looks at her family members. Udaan Song plays………….Chunni comes and asks what you are doing with Sand. Chakor says she is carrying this sand of Azaad jung, to make herself remember that she have to free Azad jung from this bond labor. Chunni smiles and says she used to be jealous of her, but now she is feeling very proud of her. Chakor says she will come back again. They hug each other. Kasturi thinks where is Chauka and Chakor….?


Anandi and Nimboli come to the market. Nimboli’s fake mum also come to purchase something there. Mangla says she will be back. Anandi gets busy in buying books. Nimboli goes to see the toys. Her fake mum was just behind her, but she didn’t see her. Mangla turns and is shocked to see that woman. She recalls her conspiracy. She calls her Kanta……Nimboli shows the doll to Anandi and says she will show it to Mangla. Mangla asks God to do something and thinks what will happen if Anandi sees her. She calls her saying she is coming there. Kanta gets alerted and goes from there. Mangla comes to Nimboli. Nimboli shows the doll. Anandi buys it. Kanta and Mangla look at each other.

Chakor tells Chunni that she has brought something for her, and shows her photo. Chakor tells her that she came to know that she is her sister. Chunni says she will take care of the photo, and asks Chakor to take care of herself. Kasturi searches for Chakor. Chakor’s granny tells her that she knows about her, and calls her Chunni. She says you are Chakor’s twin sister Chunni, and says Kasturi doesn’t know anything about you. Kasturi comes and asks what you are hiding? Chunni says Chauka went suddenly. Kasturi says how can he go without telling me. I will scold him right away. Chunni says it was difficult for him to tell you. Kasturi feels bad and hugs Chunni. She says she felt like her part of heart is separated from her, and says I will miss you Chauka……….

Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli are returning back home. Mangla thinks she is living with fear and thinks she will be trapped here only. Anandi gets Sarita’s call and she says she will come and talk to them. She tells Mangla that she have to go to Shiv Niketan for some urgent work. Mangla says it is okay. Anandi says I will drop you to temple and will pick you up from the same place. Mangla thinks thank you Kanha ji.

Chakor opens her bag and sees Nimboli’s kada. She thinks how to return it to Nimboli. Amma tells her, why did she take so much time, and says we have to wait for bus now. Chakor says we shall wait in the Kanha ji temple. Amma asks her to wait there and goes to ask about the bus. Chakor keeps Nimboli’s kada and asks God to return it to Nimboli. Just then she sees Nimboli there and calls her, but then thinks if Nimboli sees her in Chauka’s attire then it would be difficult for her to go from here. Nimboli finds her bangle near the God and says it is mine.

Mangla asking Nimboli to get ready and go to school as she has promised Dr. Anant. Anandi smiles hearing her. Nimboli nods. Mangla signs her something. Anandi packs Shivam and Nimboli’s tiffin. Mangla empties Shivam’s tiffin contents and keeps it in her tiffin. Nimboli comes and gets happy seeing four laddoos in her tiffin. Anandi comes and tells her that she packed pink tiffin for her. Nimboli gets sad and tells Mangla that Anandi packed 4 laddoos for Shivam and 2 for me. Mangla says Shivam is Anandi’s son, so she loves him more than you. She promises to bring laddoos for her being her mum. Nimboli gets happy and goes. Mangla thinks she shall be successful in creating misunderstanding between them.

Anandi brings Nimboli to school and asks how she is feeling here. Nimboli nods sadly. Nidhi tells Anandi that she will take care of Nimboli. Anandi asks Nimboli to study well. Nidhi takes her to class. Teacher asks her to sit, motivates and teaches her. Nidhi explains to Nimboli about drawing. Anandi smiles. Nidhi tells Nimboli that she has a surprise for her and says you like dancing. She brings Nimboli to dance at school’s dancing competition. Nimboli is called on the stage to perform…Nimboli says me……Anandi says I got your dress ready and asks her to go. Nimboli dances on the song Maiyya Yashoda song……….Anandi and Dadisaa get teary eyes looking at her. Sarita announces Nimboli as the winner. Everyone is happy and claps for her. Sarita asks Dadisaa to give prize to Nimboli. Dadisaa gives her prize. Anandi hugs her. Nimboli is still sad thinking about laddoo incident. She comes back home and tells that she has really enjoyed in the school and have won in the dance competition. Mangla is taken aback and asks her to wash her hands and feets to have food. Nimboli tells her that she has enough food in school canteen, and says Nidhi took good care of her. She says School is a nice place, I was unneccessarily hesitating to go. She says she will inform Anant that she will go to school. Mangla gets angry at Dr. Anant.

Nimboli is writing alphabets. Anandi and Dadisaa are happy. Mangla asks Nimboli to go and play. Nimboli refuses and says she needs to study first. Dadisaa says Nimboli will go away from your hands. Mangla is shocked and annoyed. Shivam comes and informs Anandi about fancy dress competition in his school. Nimboli asks what is it? Shivam says are you stupid not to know it. Anandi asks him not to tell that and explains to Nimboli. Nimboli says she will also come to see the competition and asks what he is becoming. Shivam says Gandhi ji. Nimboli smiles and is happy. Anandi says you have school tomorrow. Nimboli says she wants to go to Shivam’s school. Mangla interferes. Dadisaa cuts her conversation and convinces Anandi.

Next day Anandi and Shivam come to his school with Nimboli. Anandi makes Shivam ready in Gandhi ji’s get up. She turns and sees Nimboli missing.