Tuesday Update on Cost of love 4th May 2021


Tuesday Update on Cost of love 4th May 2021

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Poorva and Monty talking to Anita. She acts sweet and asks Monty to take Poorva with him. Poorva refuses to go. Anita asks Monty to ask for Poorva’s hand for marriage, till then Poorva can stay with her. Monty agrees. They smile. Ahaan watches tv and sees rising stars ad. He thinks of Pankti’s words and smiles. Richa asks Vikram how can he think of romance in such a tensed state. He asks her not to start this again. She says don’t know what will mom announce in will, I pity Ahaan, but this is happening because of Pankti.

She says mom can get angry on us also. He says I will talk to dad. He goes. Anita gets JD’s call. She sees Pankti and doesn’t answer. JD asks Anita to answer. Pankti says Monty’s language has south indian flavor. He asks idli sambar. Poorva says I like it anyway. Anita disconnects JD’s call. JD says she didn’t answer my call, Pankti is mine….. my slave, I will decide when she cries and when she smiles. Ahaan comes to meet Pankti. She gets shocked. He asks her not to get tensed, Sheetal is worried for JD so she reacted like that. She says I can understand this.

He says that’s our house, we will stay together and …. She stops him from saying. He shows her rising stars ad. He encourages her to participate. She says I will participate, else how will I become star, you got this form for me, thanks for everything. She kisses him. Menu ishq tera……plays…. She goes to check the door. She gets shocked seeing JD. JD stares at her.

She asks what are you doing here. He says I was missing you. Ahaan comes and gets angry. JD greets him. JD calls her Babu and angers Ahaan. Pankti stops Ahaan. JD jokes on their love and promises. He asks Ahaan to learn things from him, the fun is to enjoy, such fun is not in love, I just had enjoyment with her, not love, here comes my old one Poorva, outdated. He asks Poorva to get whiskey for him. Anita comes and says no need, you can leave. JD argues with her. She asks him by which relation did he come, relation of Pankti’s Sasur, he has no other relation now, Ahaan has paid him 10 crores. Ahaan gets surprised.

JD insults her. Anita says I have come to senses, please go home, you have fallen a lot before. JD says you will regret a lot. Anita says I don’t care if I get punished, please leave. JD gets angry and leaves. Anita asks Ahaan not to come at night, he is just engaged to Pankti, marriage didn’t happen. She asks him not to come by window, he can come by door, as doors are always open for him. Ahaan and Pankti smile. Ahaan leaves.

Anita meeting JD. He says I knew you will come. She says how would I not come, we did many crimes together. He asks her not to forget. She recalls her past. She argues with her husband and scolds him for not being a good husband and good father. JD asks do you remember. She says yes, life has come to this point now, any ways, Ahaan is also believing me now. JD says sorry to hurt you, once we win Ahaan and Pankti’s trust, we will ruin their love story, I have to win the house battle tomorrow, out now. She looks at him. He says out…. She gets down the car. He leaves.

Anita comes home and sees Pankti and Poorva sleeping. She thinks of her husband. She covers them up and leaves. Pankti gets a message and wakes up. She sees Ahaan’s message. Ahaan writes, seeing your strong avatar, I m sure you will win this competition, also thanks for the kiss. She smiles and sleeps. Its morning, Pankti sees her phone ringing. She answers Ahaan’s call. He praises her charming voice. She says I want to say something. He asks her to say. She smiles. He says fine, I love you too. She asks how do you know. He says its about connection, get ready for auditions. She says I m bit nervous. He says its better to be nervous, get ready, I m coming to pick you.

Sheetal goes for signing the will. The lawyer asks her to check the will. JD looks on. Sheetal reads the will that Vikram, Richa, Ahaan will get her property, if she dies accidentally, her property will be given to trust, which will be looked after Manav and Aparna. Lawyer sees JD and recalls Sinha making his affair video. Sinha blackmails him. Sinha asks him to make changes in Sheetal’s will. Lawyer agrees. FB ends. JD gives the pen to Sheetal and asks her not to delay the good thing.
Lawyer makes the ink fall and says sorry. Peon cleans the table. Lawyer gives her papers back. She signs the papers.

Richa says mom and dad should have come by now. Aparna says it will take time, don’t worry, they will come. She asks Ahaan where is he going. Ahaan says for urgent work. She says lett Sheetal come home first. Kids give flowers to Sheetal and wish happy anniversary. JD says happy wedding anniversary, you forgot, but how can I forget. She throws the flowers. He says your anger is justified, you don’t want to forgive me, can we go for lunch for the first time, I will always love you, so please…. He asks lawyer to go home and tell family what papers Sheetal made. Lawyer goes. JD asks Sheetal to come. They leave. Everyone waits at home. Ahaan says I m getting late, shall I go. Vikram asks are you not concerned for your future. Ahaan says this isn’t related to me, I m not interested in her will and property.

He takes Aparna aside and tells her about Pankti’s audition. Aparna gives him mauli as good luck. She asks him to wish Pankti all the best. Ahaan leaves. Lawyer comes home. He says Sheetal made the will and signed too, she has sent me here to read the will. Aparna asks where is she. Manav asks where is JD. Lawyer says don’t know, she has asked me to read will.

Aparna calls Sheetal and asks are you fine. Sheetal says yes, I will come home in some time. JD says its our anniversary today, leave us alone for some time. Aparna says your lawyer has come here. Sheetal says yes, let him read the will. Aparna says come home, I feel restless. Sheetal says don’t take tension, I m coming. Lawyer reads the will, that Sheetal names everything to her husband JD after her death, this is my wish. They all get shocked.