Tuesday Update on love or Poison 4th May 2021


Tuesday Update on love or Poison 4th May 2021

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Viraj tells them not to fool him. It is in fables. How did I come here? Who are you? They again repeat that they are Vishkanya’s. Rajguru has kept us hidden underneath the south gate of royal palace! Viraj is in disbelief but they insist that his father hid this truth from him. Your father and Rajguru had killed our sister’s daughter. Vrinda says you don’t believe it right. Rajguru knew it though. He killed my daughter Sitara after finding out that I met my daughter finally after all these years. He snatched my daughter from me!

Sitara thinks to go inside the room to look for Viraj. Nethra might have come here with him only.

Viraj is surprised to know that Sitara is Vrinda’s daughter. He is about to say that she is alive but Vrinda cuts him mid sentence. It is time to satiate her daughter’s death by sacrificing him! I will seek my revenge after sacrificing you! She pushes him high in the air and he ends up hitting a pillar.

Sitara enters in the room. Viraj is wincing in pain downstairs. Vrinda and her sisters gather their energies. Vrinda says human body is made up of 5 elements but only one element is enough to kill the human body. We are going to be at peace after a really long wait! We will finally kill you today. Your screams will make it so peaceful for us and for our loved ones! They join their powers. A cloud is formed.

Sitara touches the pillar against which Viraj is leaning. Vrinda and her sisters are stunned to see the cloud getting stopped for no reason.

Sitara paces wondering where Viraj is. Viraj shifts to save himself but ends up hitting his head on another pillar. Upstairs, Sitara hits her leg on a chair and touches another pillar for support. Viraj is saved magically yet again which boggles everyone. Albeli asks her sister who is challenging them again. Vishkanya’s are trapped by Rajguru. He shouts at Viraj. The energy attacks Rajguru but he tries to ward it off using his stick. Vrinda tells him that even he wont be able to save Viraj today. I will make sure that you are unable to even find his ashes today.

Rajguru is having trouble holding himself back safely. He stumbles. Viraj gets concerned. Vrinda notices that he is out of his safety zone after decades. Do something but attack both of them and kill them! Surili asks her how they will attack them. We are tied here. Vrinda reminds them that their shadows are free. They extend their shadows towards Rajguru and Viraj. Rajguru is chanting mantras and holds out his holy stick. Sitara touches the pillar yet again. Rajguru manages to break the energy created by the Vishkanya’s and they are freed. Rajguru brings Viraj out safely. He is positive it happened because of Sitara only. She has saved his life unintentionally yet again.

Ratan, Rajguru and Kuldeep look at Viraj. He is still unconscious. Rajguru tells Ratan and Kuldeep that Viraj is fine. Sitara has gone to call doctor. Ratan asks him what about the truth that he knows now. Rajguru says I know how to erase the memories of Vishloka from his mind. Ratan tells him to do anything but not let him remember that truth. Rajguru keeps a book next to Viraj and writes all memories of the incident in the blank pages magically. The memories have been put in this book. He wont remember anything now. Ratan nods. Rajguru keeps the book back safely. Ratan orders Kuldeep to shift Viraj to his room before doctor comes. No one should know anything. Kuldeep agrees.

Vrinda is angry that they have become too weak. Albeli says maybe Rajguru has gathered more powers in these 20 years. Vrinda denies. I feel there is a power around Viraj which countered Albeli’s powers. It saved Viraj from our attacks and is standing in front of him as his shield. There is no power in the world who can face us! It is only Sitara who can do this. I don’t know why I feel as if Sitara is alive. If it is true then I have to find out the truth asap. Chabeeli asks her how they will find that out. Vrinda shares that she knows a way.

Sitara talks to Viraj while he is tucked in his bed. I cannot believe it. Please forgive me. Your bodyguard failed. Thanks to Rajguru, you got saved today. He is too powerful. He has erased all your memories of the Vishloka. You look so innocent while sleeping but you look Khadus when you are awake. He holds her hand unconsciously. He gains conscious and holds his head in pain. She helps him sit up. He asks her what happened to him. She thinks to cook up an excuse as Baba has told her not to tell him about the incident.

She lies to him that he got injured at the construction site. It is my habit but you switched role today. I tell you to take me with you all the time but you don’t just listen to me. Promise me that you wont go away from me ever! He asks her if she thinks herself to be his God. You think I will only be fine if you are near me? You think I will die without you? She tells him not to say so. Do whatever you want to but don’t say such things. She feeds water to him. Nethra gets angry seeing them thus. I have to find a permanent solution for this girl! She is so clingy!

Rajguru tells Vrinda to let him know if she wants to die by his hands. You tried to attack Viraj today! I have killed your daughter already. Let me know if you want to meet the same fate! Vrinda’s sister retorts but Vrinda stops her. We all know it is you who killed my daughter and not me. It is your thirst for revenge that has killed her! Now I will shed blood in return of my daughter’s blood! I wont be at peace till the time I kill every single member of the royal family! You will just wait and watch. He challenges her to do as she wishes to. We will see who wins – you or my faith! He walks out of there. Vrinda puts a magical potion on his shoulder. I am sending my element out with Rajguru. It will unveil the truth about my daughter’s existence now.

Vrinda tells her sisters that Rajguru wont be aware of her next move. Her sisters points out that this element has to return before 3 hours or her life will be at risk. Vrinda isn’t concerned about her life. It is about my daughter.

Rajguru walks out in the royal palace. He is well aware of the magical potion clinging on his shoulder. You have called upon your death yourself! I wont let this element return here in 3 hours. It wont be able to reach Sitara because of the necklace around her neck!

Sitara gives instructions in the kitchen about the food for Sitara. Vrinda’s magical element reaches the kitchen but cannot catch Sitara. She steps out in the corridor. The magical element goes past her. It cannot see her again when she is talking to Rani Sa. Rajguru looks on. This attempt will go in vain as you wont be able to see Sitara ever! I will do my puja so this magical element cannot return to Vrinda in 3 hours. She will then have no option but to kill herself.

Viraj is having trouble drinking soup when Sitara holds his hand. He tells her he will drink it himself. I am not a kid. She tells him that kids are sweet and not Khadus. She feeds him. It is good right? I have made it. Baba always compliments my soup. He says that it is even way better than the soups served in 5 stars. He tells her not to start her banter again. Will you feed me please? She happily says I will. Our love is so strong after all. Awkward silence follows. Viraj seconds Kuldeep. Your soup is indeed a winner in front of all the others! She smiles. Thank you. She is about to pick his slippers but he warns her against it. I don’t even let my servants do it. You are my friend. Don’t even think about it. She slips. He tries holding her when the necklace comes off. She recalls that her Baba had told her not to take it off ever. She panics. He apologizes to her. She says Baba always told me to wear it. What will I do now? He sarcastically tells her to go to her Baba and tell him. What if something inauspicious happens? She rushes outside to meet her Baba. Viraj smiles. She is a fool.

Vrinda’s hand starts turning black. Chabeeli says our fears are turning true. Surili nods. It’s been 2 hours. Albeli says if her magical element does not return before 3 hours then!

Rajguru is doing yagya. It casts a shield around the mystery door.

Viraj steps out of the bath and is relieved that Sitara isn’t back yet. She talks non-stop. I can sit quietly for a while atleast. Vrinda’s magical element peeks at him. He looks towards the doors sensing something strange but does not see anything. Nethra hugs him from behind. He says I thought someone was around. She tries taking him out for a walk but he is feeling weak. She suggests sitting outside in the garden for a while but he agrees to do it tomorrow. She leans forward for a kiss but he says it simply on his face. Nethra walks out wondering how boring he is. His heart does not melt seeing such a hot girl. It is good though. If his heart cannot melt seeing me then there is no question about Sitara! Viraj decides to finish his work before Sitara returns.

Sitara recalls that Baba has gone out for some work. She decides to tell Rajguru.

Vrinda’s both hands have turned black. Surili suggests using their powers to bring Vrinda’s magical element back but Vrinda tells them against it. It is my last hope. I have to find out whether my daughter is alive or not. Albeli tries to make her understand but Vrinda gives them her swear. I can bear any amount of pain to find out the truth about my daughter!

Guard advises Sitara not to go inside. Rajguru has given such instructions. Sitara wonders what she should do now.

Sitara is walking in the corridor. She is holding the necklace in her hands. It suddenly falls out of her hand and slips under a cupboard. The magical element enters in the corridor. Sitara has bent down to catch hold of the necklace so her face isn’t visible.

Rajguru has created a wall of mantras on the first mystery door. Vrinda’s magical element wont be able to return to her now. She will die without knowing that Sitara is alive!

Sitara looks up and her face is visible. Vrinda sees it. My daughter is alive and perfectly fine! Sitara picks up the necklace. Vrinda’s magical potion revolves around her. Vrinda says I told you that my magical potion will take me to my daughter. Chabeeli points at her tears but Vrinda says my tears hint at my happiness. It is my motherly love. Let them flow. She feels dizzy. Her sisters are concerned. Chabeeli says the work is done. Magical element will return. Vrinda says I feel its presence too. She has turned blue up till her neck.

Rajguru looks at his stick. Vrinda’s time is up. Her death is certain now.

Vrinda’s magical element fails in entering inside the mystery door. Surili wonders why Vrinda’s magical element isn’t back yet.

Rajguru continues his puja.

Vrinda says I made a mistake of underestimating Gyanendra (Rajgruu). He knew our plan. He has created a wall of mantras right outside the door because of which my magical potion cannot enter in Vishloka. He is constantly chanting mantras. Vrinda’s sisters decide to do something to stop Rajguru.