Tuesday Update on Promised love 4th May 2021


Tuesday Update on Promised love 4th May 2021

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Azaan sitting under the tree. Someone gives him money. Babu bhai says he is not a beggar. Azaan says I am a beggar as I am going everywhere and asking money. He throws his jacket on the ground and recalls Noor saying if he don’t arrange 1 lakh Rs. in 24 hours then she will throw him out of haveli. He takes the guitar and sings hamari adhuri kahani….The passerby hears the song and keeps the money on the jacket. Azaan recalls his moments with Shayra and a fb is shown. Babu Bhai feels bad. A hooded lady comes and keeps some money.

Babu Bhai counts the money kept on the jacket and it is totally 1 lakh Rs. It seems someone sent an angel to help you. Azaan thanks the God. Khalid asks Noor, why did she do drama if she wanted to help Azaan. Noor says she couldn’t see him singing on road. Khalid asks her to tell truth to him. Noor says time is not right yet. Azaan calls Mashuqa, Dilruba and Rubina.

Noor asks what happened, why are you calling your family? Azaan says 24 hours are completed. He says I have to make an important announcement. He says Noor asked me to arrange 1 lakh Rs and I have arranged it. He throws the money on her. Noor says you might not earned it, asked if he has stolen it. Azaan says I didn’t steal anyone’s rights. Noor asks about her 9 lakhs. Azaan asks 9 lakhs. Noor says I gave 10 lakhs to your Ammi’s doctor, so 9 lakhs is due. She asks him to give either 9 lakhs or give badi ammi’s Pasa. Azaan says never.

Noor asks him to take his family from here now itself or agree to any one of her three conditions. She goes. Mashuqa tells Dilruba that it is a limit. Noor brings black paint. Rubina asks if she wants to blacken the house. Noor says we are not talking about your heart, which is to be painted black. She tells that she will apply black paint on Azaan’s face. Khalid shouts Noor. Noor asks him not to shout.

Azaan says I heard that humanity has died, but today he has seen it. Noor gets sad and thinks she wants him to stand on his feet and can’t see him getting insulted. Azaan asks Noor to fulfill her wish, insult him and blacken his face. He asks her to do it. Noor says how can you break so much that you are accepting defeat rather than fighting with the problems. Mashuqa, Dilruba and Khalid ask Noor not to do it. Noor thinks God, please stop me from doing this sin. Azaan asks what are you thinking, just go for it. Khalid takes the paint on the paint brush. Khalid says no Noor. Azaan says its ok. Noor gets up and asks Azaan to rethink again. She is about to apply on his face hesitantly, when Razia comes there and slaps Noor hard. Khalid smiles. Azaan and Noor see Razia and get happy. Mashuqa and Dilruba also smiles. Rubina gets shocked.

Razia asks how dare you to insult my son, if you touch my son then I will break your hand. Noor is about to go to her, but Razia asks her to stop right there and says you have crossed all your limits. She says now I have returned. She says Razia Akhtar Mirza, Bhopal’s bahu begum is back. Rubina is shocked and holds her face. Azaan hugs Razia and says I don’t believe this, you are standing on your feet.

Razia says she is fine, but weak and says even now she is the same bahu begum. Azaan says 5 years, you was not with me. you didn’t know how much alone, I was without you. Razia apologizes to him and says when you needed me the most, I couldn’t support you. Azaan says I was alive for you, else would have died long back. Razia says if something had happened to you then what reason was left for me to survive. She says you are the only one reason of my survival. He says all the furniture is sent for cleaning. Razia says I know everything.

Azaan telling Razia that all furniture is sent for cleaning. Razia says I know everything and says Noor made me know the truth. She says she understood that she shall not run away from this problem and it is not the solution. Azaan says sorry and says I couldn’t make anything or save anything. He says but my Ammi is back and not at all alone, as my ammi is with me. Rubina gets worried and thinks Razia said that she knows all. She tells Khalid that she is worried and asks Khalid if he can find out about that budi..(ya) and then says sorry.

She says Badi ammi knows everything and saw me mixing that powder. She says I have done a big mistake and asks God to save her. She hugs Khalid and says I really love you and don’t want to go to jail. Khalid says if the matter is about you, I would have sent you to jail, but the matter is about the guest coming soon. Rubina asks if any guest is coming? Khalid says he is talking about their baby. Rubina gets tensed and thinks she forgot about her lie. She says seems like our baby will be born in jail. Khalid says I can’t let my baby born in jail, and says he wants her to be punished though. Rubina says I don’t want to go to jail. Mashuqa comes there and says Azaan is calling you. Rubina gets worried and asks God to save her.

Khalid comes out and asks Azaan if everything is fine. Azaan tells that he called him to talk something important. He asks about Rubina. Khalid says matter is about…Azaan says matter is about something else, he says Ammi got consciousness due to Dr. Sharma, and he also said why Ammi was not coming out of coma. He says he wants to start his life again and wants to pray Shukrana Namaaz. Khalid, Dilruba and Mashuqa are happy. They offer Shukrana Namaaz. Mashuqa looks on.

Noor talks to Yasmeen’s pic and says your friend woke up after 5 years. She asks her to see the mark on her face and says she is the most happy today to get slap from her hand. She says she was not that happy when she had sheer khorma made by her. She says if she had killed me then also I would be happy. She says tigress woke up after 5 year. She says everything is changed, but her voice and attitude are all same. She says if she was not doing drama to be bad then she would have hugged her. Razia comes there. Noor asks what work you have and misbehaves with her. Razia comes near her and says you….She slaps her again repeatedly. She asks how dare you to leave Azaan. She asks her how dare she to leave her, this house.

She says my son stayed alone without his friend for 5 years, when I was not with him. She says you was 4 years old when you acted in school’s drama. She says I worked hard to teach you acting and asks what do you think that I can’t understand your acting. She says I am your mother and knows that you can be stupid, but can’t be bad. She asks do you have answers for your doings? Noor holds her ears and says sorry. Razia says you will get punishment and not forgiveness. She asks do you know what Meenu would have done if she would have been here? Noor says she would have beaten me with chappal. Razia says my idea of punishment is different and forwards her hands. Noor hugs her.

Razia asks Noor to say where was she? She says we all needed you after that night. Noor says after that night, you all started hating me. A fb is shown, Noor escaping when fake Inspector accuses her and is about to arrest her. fb ends. Razia says I know that my Noor can’t take anyone’s life. Noor hugs her again and cries.

Razia says I wanted to know what had happened that night? Noor asks her to sit. Razia sits on the bed. Noor says Adil had kept Shayra captive against her wish. She says Azaan had got some chip inserted in Azaan’s jaw and just as he presses it, Azaan used to feel pain in his head. She says then he blackmailed Shayra to do whatever he said. She says that’s why Shayra has to go with him. She says he had kept her captive. She says Shayra’s betrayal to Azaan, hotel room incident, leaving Azaan was all Adil’s conspiracy. She says that night, when I ran away with the gun, it was Adil’s plan. He says Adil called me there. When I reached there, Adil laid trap for me and knew that I was having gun. She says gun was shot and then Shayra….