Tuesday Update on This is Love 10 March 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 10 March 2020

Shagun saying Ishita had to meet the counsellor. Simmi says its good if she keeps herself busy, she might realize that Raman is no more. Mrs. Bhalla says I m afraid that something may happen to him. Arijit says I ruined Raman and now its Ishita’s turn. Shweta asks the men to wait, Ishita is on the board of directors, she is coming to talk to them. The man says Raman is not alive, what shall we do. Ishita comes and says Raman is alive, don’t you feel ashamed that its Raman’s dream project, will you leave him. The man says we have seen Raman’s plane crash news, you are saying he is alive, you are his wife and that’s why you are saying this. Mani says this is not Raman’s family but this team, we will sit and talk. Yug asks them to take the right decision. Mani asks

Shweta to make the conference room ready. Mr. Bhalla sees Raman’s pics and cries. Simmi gets tea for him.
He refuses to have it. She consoles him. He says I lost Raman and can’t even cry for his loss, if Ishita sees this, she will be hurt, I m worried for her. She says you have to be strong. He says I couldn’t hug him and say how much I love him. Mihika and Aaliya come. He asks them not to give any bad news about Raman, is Raman fine.

Aaliya says no, there is no news. Mihika says airlines company called us, they gave this compensation cheque. He asks what will I do of this. He tears this and cries. Ishita says you have always invested in Raman’s projects, he gave you much profits. The man says we trust his talents and we invested before, now he isn’t here. She says my heart says that he is alive, its matter of time. Mani says if you go through any loss, I will pay for it. Karan says Sarvodaya group of companies will play the role of guarantor, we will pay for the loss.

Shweta asks Ruhi to come and have a look. Yug asks the employees not to worry. Ruhi says we have to do the best and run the company, you all will resume the project, don’t lose hope. Shweta says we are worried about Ishita, she is in a huge shock, we all want her to be fine, we know Ruhi will take care of us and company like Raman. Ruhi says we want your support, Ishita didn’t accept Raman’s death. Karan asks what, investors called you, sorry mom, I will help Bhallas and become their guarantor, you give me my shares and keep yours safe. Ruhi takes the phone and says Ruhi here, don’t worry, Karan won’t do anything. Karan asks what did you do, I have to help. She says your mom lost Rohan and you are asking for your share, its too much for her to handle, she isn’t keeping well, why are you giving her stress, I don’t want you to lose your mom. He says I wish mom could see how good and sensible you are. She says we have to see what to tell investors, come.

The neighbors ladies meet Mrs. Bhalla and ask about Raman’s death. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita isn’t accepting this. Aaliya defends Ishita and asks lady not to say this about Ishita. Simmi says we have one hope that Raman will come back, we can’t see her breaking down, please leave before Ishita comes. Mrs. Bhalla asks is everything fine at office. Aaliya says there is a problem because of investors. Ishita sees Raman’s pic and cries thinking of him.

She stumbles. Mani holds her and asks are you fine. Shagun comes. Ishita says sorry. Shagun asks are you okay, thank God I was here. Shagun says I will call the doctor. Ishita says I m fine, don’t worry. Mani asks her to stay here. Ishita says yes, I have to work on Raman’s project, sorry I won’t be able to talk to your friend, you handle her. Shagun says fine, take care of yourself. She goes. Shagun says Ishita is dizzy, she isn’t listening. Arijit comes to her and says you were talking about Ishita, you will know who I m once I meet her.

She asks him to give the message. He says trust me, I will help her. She asks him to come. Shweta says Ishita and Mani are in the conference room. Shagun says sorry, you can’t meet her. He says I told you I can help her. Investor says Sudha said she doesn’t know her son is becoming a guarantor, she doesn’t want to become a guarantor. Karan asks what, how could you call her, any person will react like that, I will talk to her, she will be ready to become guarantor. The man says you can’t handle this project without Raman. Arijit says this project will be successful….

Arijit saying this project will be successful, if you backout, it will be your big loss. Everyone looks on. He says you would be thinking who I m and why I m supporting this project, I m Arijit Saxena, I stay in London, I m a businessman, I love my motherland very much, I wanted to do something for the country people, I met Raman in London in a business conference last year. Karan checks about him on internet. Arijit says I was impressed with Raman and told him that I would like to invest in his project, Raman informed me about this, we were excited about this project, Raman is missing, I have read about it, I left my work in London and came here so that this news doesn’t harm the project, he told me that ministers are supporting the project, its a social welfare project.


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