Tuesday Update on Young Love 10 March 2020


Tuesday Update on Young Love 10 March 2020

Akhira Singh getting shocked seeing Disa in Devi mode. Disa tells your end has came Harki. Harki requests for blessings and falls on Disa’s feet. Disa asks her to move from her way and refuses to give blessings. Disa/Devi goes out of the house. Harki and Akhira Singh ask what did they do? Disa says you have left lakshmi of the house under the banyan tree. Akhira Singh and Harki are shocked. Disa says end….end has come.

All the villagers are shocked. Akhira Singh says I fulfilled your orders. Harki refuses and apologizes, saying Chudail has eaten Nimboli. Disa says she will take revenge. Akhira Singh asks for a last chance, Disa says she will give only one chance. She says I can see your lakshmi is alive. I can see your room and gives a hint. Akhira Singh asks her to check in room. Harki says I will go and bring Nimboli, please don’t go from our house. Akhira Singh says please give us a chance.

Harki rushes home and sees Nimboli sleeping in the dark room/store room. She thanks God for her life. She calls Nimboli and asks her to wake up. Nimboli wakes up and calls her maa saa. Harki asks what are you thinking? Are you fine? Nimboli tells her that she met banyan tree chudail, who has long hairs. She fed me laddoos and loved me. I don’t fear her anymore. Anandi tells Dadisaa that she is thinking about Nimboli and tells about her.

A flashback is shown. She tells that she felt attraction towards her and felt some relation with her. She thought of me as chudail. Her face is coming infront of me. She was so innocent. Harki asks Nimboli to come with her. Nimboli asks are you upset with me? Harki says she is not angry and asks will you do house work. Nimboli says I will do as you says. She says I wants to sleep for some more time. Harki says ok and asks her to sleep.

Abhi tells that he won’t leave Shivam and will teach him a lesson. Mannu looks on. Anandi gives tiffin to Shivam. He opens his bag and finds newspapers instead of books. Anandi says how did you feel? Abhi must have felt the same thing. Shivam refuses. Anandi says Dadisaa told me everything. Shivam apologizes and accepts his mistake. He says it is needed to teach him a lesson.

Mannu tells Abhi that they shall punish Shivam. He says we shall push him or throw him in pond. Abhi asks what are you saying? He will be hurt and may die. Mannu says it is good for you. We shall do something big in one go. Abhi says you should say that I should not take revenge. Mannu explains him. Abhi says he won’t do anything. Anandi explains to Shivam to give respect and take respect. She asks him to behave properly with Abhi. Shivam says okay.

Akhira Singh comes home. Harki tells him that she found Nimboli in Kothri. She was sleeping there. Akhira Singh says Devi said right. How did she reach the kothri, when you tied her to banyan tree? Harki says I can’t understand it. I am relieved that Devi won’t be angry anymore. Akhira Singh says why Devi saves Nimboli every time. They look at Nimboli.

Akhira Singh says he would have killed Nimboli long back, but Devi came and asked us to get Kundan married to her. Harki says whatever happened is good. Kundan’s life was in danger that time. Now he turned 18. She says she has decided what to do. This girl will stay here like a servant. She will work for us. Akhira Singh agrees to let Nimboli stay in his house. Disa asks Nimboli what happened. Nimboli tells her everything whatever Anandi had told her. Disa asks how did you reach here?

Nimboli telling Disa about Anandi’s description and says she started calling her chukki chudail. She made me eat laddoos, said I am blessings of my parents and is very special. She says she came to drop me till the house. A flashback is shown, Anandi drops Nimboli and says I will talk to your family. Nimboli says no, else she will be scolded by Maasaa again. Anandi asks her to take care, and says you are very special. Nimboli says ok. Anandi asks her to go.


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