Tuesday Update on This is Love 11 February 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 11 February 2020

Karan says you can’t lie well. Rohan says you like to interfere in others’ matters. Karan says tell me what’s the matter, else I will call mom. Rohan says okay fine, I will tell you what happened. He tells everything. Rohan says Aaliya and Yug are marrying, it will take much time for me to forget Aaliya, its not easy. He recalls Aaliya. Aaliya is sad. Yug comes to her and asks what happened. Aaliya says I had worn this dress in Rohan and my engagement party, I m feeling bad for him. Yug says I understand, I feel guilty when I think, none can control it, its fate. Rohan says its okay, Aaliya isn’t in my fate, my brother is with me, I don’t need anyone. Karan says I love you brother, lets plan a trip with friends. Rohan thinks if I tell Karan, he will jump in to

help Bhallas. He says you carry on Karan, we will go for shopping. He sends Karan. He thinks why didn’t Ishita and Raman call.
Mani comes to cafe and meets Raman. He asks why this secrecy. Raman says Sahil’s men are watching us, I don’t know what’s this chemical, be careful, if Sahil knows, we can be in problem, lets make things normal. He asks Mani to convince Ishita. Mani says fine, I will keep this, see you. Raman goes. Mani gets a call and says I have some urgent work with you.

Ishita asks for mehendi artist. Mihika says we will apply it. I didn’t get any mehendi artist. Ishita asks her to apply best mehendi to Aaliya. Aaliya comes for mehendi. Simmi asks Ishita for menu. Yug asks Mihika to write his name in Aaliya’s mehendi. Ruhi says you write your name yourself. Yug writes his name. Ek ladki ko dekha to…..plays…. Aaliya writes her name on his name. She says you are mine and I m yours. Amma says you will be marrying tomorrow. Yug shies and goes. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma start arguing. Ishita looks on and smiles. Sahil calls her and says come downstairs, get the keys, I m waiting in the car. Ishita makes an excuse and goes. She comes and asks what do you want. He says I will end everything if I want, give me keys, I will get the box myself. She says sorry, I can’t give it. He says give the keys, you know I can change this marriage into destruction. She gives the keys. He says now you go and celebrate happiness. She goes.

She says if Sahil takes the packet, how will we know what was in it, how will I save Ruhi. Ruhi asks what happened. Raman comes and says she is emotional, I will take her on a drive. Raman and Ishita leave. Ishita says we lost a chance to trap Sahil and save Ruhi. He says nothing will happen to Ruhi, your cabin has CCTV footage, we will show it to commissioner and trap Sahil. They come home. Ishita says it looks good to see them happy. She likes Aaliya’s mehendi. Ruhi says Ishita has a different smile on her face now, Raman has done some magic. Raman says she gets happy on little things, I played songs and she got happy. They laugh.

Mr. Bhalla calls Raman. Aaliya says I m hungry. Yug gets food for her. Ishita says Aaliya got a caring husband. Mihika says Aaliya you are very lucky. Shagun asks how did you learn this Yug. Yug says from my Guru, dad, I have to learn from him to keep wife happy. Raman says its husband’s fear than love. They laugh. Shagun gives a gift to Aaliya. Aaliya says Yug can’t see it. Yug says I want to see it. She says its a bad omen, I don’t want to do any such mistake, I lost Adi, I don’t want to lose you. Ishita says its fine, its superstitions, but its not bad to respect her belief. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to go and sleep. Ruhi says no, we will be awake all night. Simmi asks what will we do. Ruhi says we will play antakshari. Mihika says we will make two teams.

Shamshad says Ishita gave us keys easily, something is fishy. Sahil says she had no other way, you are making me doubt again, Ishita loves her children, she did my illegal work to save Ruhi, get the box from her clinic by sending our man. Shamshad asks the man to get the box. He gets a call and asks what, how can Verma’s men come there. Sahil says go there, I will go and get the box from her clinic, we will arrange some gift for Bhallas. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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