Tuesday Update on True Love 11 February 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 11 February 2020

Divya introduces Mukku to Vishnu. He looks at both of them confused. You are Mukta…Mukta Rathore? She nods. He stills isn’t able to believe it. If you are Mukta then why did she make me meet another lady by the same name? Mukku asks who. Vishnu thinks and then takes Surabhi’s name. He has flashback of meeting Mukta & Surabhi coming there to take her home. Plus she dint even let me meet Teacher didi. He recalls his first meeting with Surabhi where she told him not to meet Iccha ma for no one knows about her being in jail in the past. What is this riddle? I cant understand if you are Mukta then why did she do it?
Mukta says its a long story. Divya laments. Not only you but our whole family has been cheated. One person came in our lives like a storm and destroyed everything.

Sankrant is leaving for the hospital with the thing that Maiyya had asked for when he hears someone knocking a door. He looks around goes to a closed door and asks if someone is there.
Kajri speaks to him from inside. It is me and ma here. What was the commotion all about? Is Akash fine? He asks her if Nirbhay bhaiya locked her inside. She tells him to focus on the main point. What’s happening outside? He tells her that Akash has slit his wrists. I don’t know what will happen but he keeps repeating that he doesn’t want to live. Kajri is shocked and tells him to try getting her out of here. She knows what will give him a hope to live. Trust me once. Open the door for once. He obliges and she tells him where to look for the keys. He finally opens the door and is boggled to see the condition she is in. Go to hospital don’t worry about me. He tells her to do whatever she can for Akash. He leaves. She prays to God. Give me one chance. She locks Kadambari inside again so as to make a call to Meethi.

The doc tells the nurse to get the blood transfusion stuff ready. Maiyya is holding Akash’s wrists and walking along with his stretcher. They take him inside and she waits outside.

The doc goes out after dressing up Akash’s wounds. Akash opens his eyes and tries to look around. Jaana jogi de naal starts playing as he has flashback of Maiyya’s words. My son and revenge are separate. I cannot weigh them in the same scale. Neither will he die for that girl nor will my revenge be over.
On the other hand, Meethi is standing by the window and feels uneasy. (She is wearing the same suit in which he saw her before slitting his wrists). The scene keeps flashing to both of them one by one.

Akash moves his hand. He does it again to remove the drip and has trouble breathing. Meethi feels something.

He removes the second drip followed by the drip transfusing blood to him from the other hand and finally the oxygen mask. He breathes hard. The sound make nurse jump. She quickly rushes to him trying to put the oxygen mask back but he shouts at her. I don’t want to live.
Seeing no choice, she runs out calling for the doc. Maiyya asks her what’s the matter. She says your son is weird. He took out all the syringes, drips and oxygen mask and says that he doesn’t want to live. If he doesn’t let us treat him then it would become difficult for us to save him. She leaves while Maiyya cries thinking about her son’s condition.

Vishnu is in Thakur House standing before his Teacher didi’s photo. Mukku tells him how Kanha bhaiya & Meethi’s life has come to a dead end. Kanha bhaiya has signed the divorce papers and hopefully Meethi too will sign them in a day or two. He wipes his tears. He used my name to cheat you. I am feeling very bad. He goes to Kanha. I had met your wife. By looking at her no one would believe that she was capable of playing such games. I wish I would have met Teacher didi maybe then the wedding wouldn’t have happened at all.
Jogi pacifies him. There is no point discussing about the past as it wont lessen the pain. He wishes to meet Meethi. Divya says maybe she would not like to meet anyone but Mukta asks to let her try once. Divya and Jogi nod.

Doc tells the nurse to call Dr. Tripathi. Maiyya says why no one is telling me anything. What’s happening? He says what to tell you. His pulse is dropping. He is standing at the door of death right now. maiyya cries for her son. Meethi thinks don’t know why am I feeling so restless. Why is my heart beating so fast? Sad piya plays.
Dr. Tripathi is tending to Akash. Because of the wind, vermilion box falls on floor (carpet) in Meethi’s room. She looks at it and goes to pick it. She has flashback of Akash putting vermilion on her forehead at the time of the wedding. Tadeva lagnam chant plays in the background.

Dr. Tripathi suggests getting Akash’s MRI & CT Scan. Because of the physical injuries his mental trauma is increasing. That is the reason why he is unable to stay conscious for long.
Akash calls Meethi’s name. Meethi too feels him calling her name. The doc bends down to hear him repeat Meethi. Meethi again feels it and sad Piya plays. She closes her ears in pain. Why? Why am I hearing it again and again? Why is his voice echoing in my ears? She cries but then wipes her tears.

Just then Mukta pats at her shoulder from behind. Meethi jumps back in shock. Mukku notices her lost and upset. Meethi shares that she is feeling very uneasy. Don’t know why is this happening. The more I try to forget him the more I can feel him / his voice around me. His voice still echoes in my head. I don’t know how to forget him and the memories associated with him.
Mukku tells her to calm down. Don’t stay alone in your room. Come with me downstairs. Someone has come to meet you and it is important for you too to meet that person. Meethi asks who. Mukku replies Vishnu! meethi is shocked.

Meethi gets disturbed. Why did you let him in? Go and tell him to leave right now. I don’t want to talk or see him. You are my sister na please send him out. I don’t want to meet him. mukku says relax. Iccha ma’s student Vishnu has come, not Akash. The same Vishnu whose name Akash took to cheat you. He wishes to meet you once and I too feel that you should meet him.
They both come downstairs. Vishnu is facing back towards Meethi. She looks at him, he turns and Meethi sees Akash standing before her.

Akash walks up to her. I am real Vishnu Meethi your husband who loves you a lot. Trust me. However much I wanted to you I lied but not anymore. Now I cannot stay away from you for even a second. If you wish to go away from me then its ok but my love for you will never lessen. She looks at him blankly. Mukku makes her come out of her dreams.

Vishnu turns to look at her. They both feel awkward and greet each other with folded hands. The phone rings and Divya goes to pick it. Kajri asks for Meethi. Divya asks for her name and Kajri tells her. Divya calls out to Meethi. She sends Mukta saying I am not feeling like talking to anyone right now. mukku picks the call and is told that she is Kajri, Meethi’s sister-in-law. Mukku looks shocked and Meethi wonders who it is. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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