Tuesday Update on This is Love 17 March 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 17 March 2020

Ruhi and Aaliya arguing. Ishita asks what’s happening here. Aaliya says this is going on since long, Yug asked me to stay quiet, but trust me. Yug signs no. Aaliya says let me say, Karan and Ruhi always make fun of Yug, this is not fair. Ruhi says you are making Ishita against us, am I lying. Simmi asks them to stop it. Ruhi says she is blaming us, why shall I listen to her, Aaliya won’t do this, we have to speak up. Aaliya says I will not keep quiet. Ruhi says you protect Yug, we are no one to you, I don’t think we are your family, just be with Yug, I didn’t know you changed so much. Aaliya says its clear that there is no use to stay here, Yug and I won’t stay here now. Aaliya asks Yug to come, they will pack their bags. Yug says enough, we are not going anywhere.

Ishita goes. Karan and Yug go to her. Ruhi smiles and signs Aaliya. Ishita sees Raman’s pic and cries.
Yug says we won’t go anywhere, Aaliya is emotional. Karan says Ruhi didn’t mean that. Ishita says I can see this clearly, why are you saying this, there is something that you both are upset. Karan and Yug say nothing. Ruhi and Aaliya smile. Yug says everything is okay. Karan says you told us that we are your pillars, we promise we won’t fight again. She says please don’t fight. They hug her. Aaliya asks is Ishita fine. Yug asks Aaliya not to start it again. Ruhi says stop acting as if you care, this is happening because of you. Yug asks them to stop it now.

Karan says you are fighting in front of Ishita, she is in pain, we can’t trouble her, she needs us now. Yug asks Aaliya not to talk of leaving the house. Karan says we will sort out our differences, we won’t hurt Ishita. They go. Ruhi and Aaliya smile. Yug and Karan dine together and praise the food. Karan gets icecream for Yug and feeds it by his hands. Everyone smiles.

Simmi sees some news and asks Aaliya to come and see the article on her project. Aaliya says so nice. Simmi asks Ruhi to see. Ruhi says nice, I have to leave for my meeting, congrats Aaliya. She shows the keys to Aaliya and goes. Aaliya says I have a meeting with the locality women, shall I show them the magazine, they will be so happy. Ruhi and Aaliya come to the flat. They say our plan worked and hug.

Aaliya says I made an excuse to Simmi and come. Ruhi says we are making excuse to meet. She gets some bad smell. Aaliya says I also noticed, lets go. Ruhi drops the keys and goes to see. They get shocked seeing some dead body lying there. Arijit says trust me, they will be shocked seeing the dead body. His assistant says I made some man do this work, I had cut CCTV wires when he did this work.

Arijit says good work and throws money. He says none should doubt me, tell me who did you kill. His assistant says its some unclaimed body from hospital morgue. Ruhi says we should go to police. Aaliya says yes, police will doubt on us, they won’t listen to us, we should go. Arijit says I have done this to win the trust of the family, I know what I m doing and why, trust me.

Mani comes home. Ishita says I was coming to office. He says I have come to talk about the event. Ishita says we should talk to Arijit, I m so excited, its Raman’s dream project, we will have its grand opening. Mrs. Bhalla goes and cries seeing Raman’s pic. Simmi consoles her. Ishita goes to see them. Simmi says if we are together, this bad times will go.

Ishita asks Simmi to scold Raman when he comes, he didn’t call or message, stay upset with him, he crossed limits this time. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t care for us at all. Ishita says we all love you a lot. Mani asks Mrs. Bhalla to give him some attention, Shagun went for conference and I feel neglected. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, we will pamper you three. Ishita asks them to come and discuss the event. Mani likes the coffee a lot. Simmi says I learnt it from my south indian bhabhis. Ruhi and Aaliya come. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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