Tuesday Update on True Love 17 March 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 17 March 2020

Maiyya hearing Surabhi say I am sure he too would understand that it was neither my mistake nor Akash bhaiya’s. We were misled by Maiyya. Surabhi disconnects the call. Maiyya turns with her ice cold looks to Kajri who is standing still shocked not looking at her. She holds her hand and shouts for her brother shocking Kajri. She drags her along with her.

Surabhi picks up a blank photo frame. Holding it she sits on the bed. She recalls how Kanha had told her he loves her. Kanha comes in the room breaking her reverie. He gives her an angry stare and picks up his lappy. Listen to one thing very carefully Surabhi. Don’t even try to fill the gaps in my life. I have no place for liars in my life. He turns around to go just when Damini comes there. He excuses himself even though she wants to say something to him. Damini gives a box to her full of dry fruits.

It is good for the child’s health. And this Bal Krishna was bought by me and Icchki for Kanha’s child. It is true that you entered into our lives with a lie. You did something by becoming one of us that one stops believing in humanity anymore. But now you have our family’s heir in you. A child’s birth is actually a new birth of a woman. I hope you will forget your past actions because your today and tomorrow will be the child’s as well. Surabhi nods understanding her words. I wont let my lies / mistakes affect my child.

You forgave me right? Damini says who am I to forgive you? If God forgives you then everything will be fine automatically….maybe including your and Kanha’s relation too. She turns to leave but Surabhi asks her if she can say anything for her brother Akash. Whatever he did it wasn’t his fault. Damini turns to her I am worried about the child that’s why put my hand on your head. Rest about your brother that decision will be taken by Meethi. Surabhi tries to say something but Damini holds out her hand at her signaling her to stop. She walks out of the room. Surabhi looks at the idol in her hand.

Shouting all the way to her brother (who is locked along with Kadambari), Ekadish comes there with Kajri. I have a very good news, congratulations. Our Surabhi is back at her in-laws place. Agarth is pleased and so is Kajri and Kadambari. That Iccha’s mother accepted her, their family hugged her back. She dances singing Kabira (wedding one). Agarth has tears in his eyes.

She abruptly stops. Now you must be happy? Agarth and Kadambari nod back. Gomti points out that Surabhi had gone with Nirbhay then where is he. And he wouldn’t let her go there. Everyone is stunned by this. Agarth asks Ekadish about Nirbhay’s return. She in turn asks Kajri who nods her head in a no. she asks aloud who could take her from Nirbhay’s cage. Where is he?

Scene shifts to a man struggling with the ropes tied around his wrists and ankles. He is in some kind of factory or something. He struggles to be free and his mouth is gagged too. It is Nirbhay!

Vishnu is trying to work but is unable to concentrate. The soft romantic tune plays as he is thinking / pacing in his room. He recalls Mukta congratulating him for the wedding. Damini comes there. She knocks at the door finding him lost. He welcomes her in. she has some work from him. I want you to select a ring for Meethi. Can you please go? He is clueless about it. She tells him Mukta will accompany him. Mukku comes there just then. Ammo Nani, I rang up on the jewellery shop they have called us tomorrow. Damini appreciates how Mukku takes care of all the things. You and Vishnu can go tomorrow. Vishnu and Mukta affirm. Damini leaves. Vishnu and Mukta get in to an eye lock. As soon as he tries talking to her she excuses herself citing some work.

Meethi and Vishnu are in her room. She is clueless as to what to do. He is all the more exasperated. We will have to do something. Till when can we lie to them? You only tell if Akash’s wedding was a lie then what else are we doing? He did a drama of love I too am doing the same. He cheated your family and I too am doing the same. Now you only tell what is the difference between real and fake Vishnu? Nothing! The way everyone hates Akash today they will hate me the same way tomorrow. My teacher didi’s family will hate me.

How to tolerate this? I cannot tolerate it because wherever she will be, she will be watching me and hating me as well. We actually entangled things all the more in a desperate attempt to sort them. She nods back understanding his words. But I tried a lot to tell Anni but I couldn’t. massi, Bade papa don’t know who to tell and how to tell. He wipes her tears telling her not to cry. Meethi puts her hand on his to take it down just when Mukta and Tappu come there. Mukta notices the gesture. She coughs as they take their hands away. Love birds it isn’t allowed to be so closer before wedding. Vishnu tries t explain but Mukku smilingly assures him it is ok.

She was just teasing. Sorry to disturb two people who love. We have a very important work. Tappu holds out some wedding card samples for Meethi and Vishnu. You can tell the one which you like. Vishnu is shocked and notices Mukta’s face while looking at the cards. Rathore stands by the door listening. Mukku puts on a brave face showing one sample to Meethi who doesn’t look up. Tappu wonders why she is not even glancing at them. Meethi gains her courage. I cannot do all this…this wedding cards. She tells Mukta to choose one. Rathore declines firmly as he enters. I mean it is your wedding then either of you should choose. Why would Mukta? Meethi mutters she is my sister…her choice is my choice. Please Mukta you do it.

She hands them over to Mukta who starts doing it after holding her firm. She browses through them one by one putting on a brave face. Vishnu is all the more hurt looking at her. Mukta stops on an orange one and reads the bride and groom’s name. she shows it to Meethi who smiles for the sake of it. Tappu takes it from Mukta to show everyone at home. Rathore asks Mukta if they shall leave now. Mukku stands there for a second then walks up to her dad as she wipes her tears. He gives her a side hug and wipes them for her. Vishnu turns to Meethi. Time is running out of hand. If we don’t tell it now then we will play such a big game with everyone’s feeling which even Akash wouldn’t have.

Tappu comes down and shows the card to everyone. Akash looks up hearing the same. Spoons fall from his hand and Tappu turns to look at his direction startled. She appreciates the wedding card. Her choice is very good. Damini too likes it. All take a look at it. Jogi glances at Akash and vice versa. Kanha takes over the responsibility to get them printed tomorrow itself. Tappu looks at Akash who is clearly tensed. She takes the card from Kanha to show it to Akash. Damini stands up taken aback. Akash takes the card from her. She tells him Meethi chose it for her wedding. I liked it very much how is it? He remarks – this isn’t Meethi’s choice. Tappu’s smile disappears, Mukku is surprised and Rathore looks on curiously.

Akash confidently says, this card is not of Meethi’s choice. Tapu remembers how Meethi told Mukta to choose, but she still says, this is Meethi’s choice. People make mistake once, not again and again. She asks him to return the card and says, you will also get one. Akash returns it.

Rathore takes Tapu on a side and asks why she had to lie just to hurt him? Tapu says, no, just to make him feel. What’s wrong if I gave him little pain? It’s nothing in front of what he gave to Meethi. Tapu leaves. Rathore says to himself, why did I give you this right? Right of hurting. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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