Tuesday Update on This is Love 23rd June 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 23rd June 2020

Ishita saying you can stay here. Natasha’s brother says I can’t leave her alone. Yug says you also want to stay here, we have Dharamshala. Ishita says fine, you also stay. Inspector says we will come later. Arijit thinks I will take advantage of this drama. Ishita says I think I should call the doctor. Aaliya says that girl shouldn’t be here, she may make Raman believe that she is his wife. Ruhi says yes, his condition is weak, its too risky. Ishita says no. Raman gets up. Natasha coming to him running. He asks what’s this girl doing here, make her out. Natasha asks Ishita why is she doing this.

Raman says maybe your husband’s face matches with me, but I m not him. She says fine, truth will come out. She cries and goes out. She says what do they think,

how can Ishita call him her husband. Her brother asks her to have medicine. She says Shardul lied to me. He says police will prove it soon, don’t spoil your health. Arijit says you are right, I trust you both, I also had a doubt that he is not Raman, this is clear now. She says don’t act to support me. He says I trust you, I m a human and feel you are true, we shouldn’t wait for surgeon, we should find way to prove he is Shardul, DNA test will prove this. She says right, idea is good, but how will this happen.

He says you have to get his hair sample or anything else, DNA test will prove it. She agrees. He sees Mani and Bala coming. He hides. Bala asks Natasha and her brother to come with him. They go. Arijit says I have to see what they do now, I have shown them the way, I have to be good in Ishita and Raman’s books, so that she doesn’t think me wrong. Sudha says we won’t believe Natasha, why are we worried when we did nothing wrong.

Arijit comes. Karan says you came again, you are our enemy. Arijit says you can beat me. Ishita says you think Raman is fake. Arijit starts acting. He says I have come from London just to help Raman. Ishita says sorry, we don’t know to keep working partnership with you. Raman says we won’t talk about work unless this sorts out. Arijit says fine, I will go, call me if you need help, sorry Karan. He goes and thinks I hope this project never starts.

Natasha thinks of Arijit’s words and goes to wake up her brother Sunil. She says he isn’t waking up, I have to take Shardul’s hair sample for DNA testing. She gets the keys. She goes out. She comes to Bhalla house and enters Raman’s room. She tries to pluck a hair. Ishita comes and switches on lights. She asks what are you doing here. Sunil comes and says stop, she has a habit of sleepwalk, don’t disturb her, its happening because of trauma. Raman and Yug wake up and see her. Sunil takes Natasha.

Its morning, Ishita says Sunil came and told about Natasha’s sleepwalk, I had seen her at night. Simmi says they are liars, maybe Natasha came there to hurt Raman. Ruhi says I also feel so, we know the truth, why shall we hear them, I will ask Amma to kick them out. Ishita says she has pictures, police is supporting her. Raman says Ishita is right, we have to prove that I m not her husband, Sudha is trying to contact the surgeon, we have tolerate this woman.

Sunil hears them and goes to Natasha. She asks what were they talking. Sunil says they don’t believe your sleepwalk. She says we are tolerating them, Shardul has to accept me as his wife. He says wait, calm down. She says let me go. He says I think Shardul changed getting money, he is happy as Raman, he has become CEO of Bhalla company. She says no, I will prove he is my Shardul, I want his hair or nail, once DNA test happens, it will be proved.

Sudha comes home. She says sorry Raman, I sent many messages but its tough to contact that surgeon during Vipassana. She asks Ruhi to get coffee for her. Karan comes home. Sudha says we shall not focus on these things, we have to get Ruhi and Karan married. Karan says its not so simple, Raman has a big threat, someone is saying he isn’t Raman, I think we shall postpone the marriage. Ishita asks why. Suah says I can understand, those people are staying here, why are we giving them importance, they can do anything to prove that he isn’t Raman. Continue reading next page 2 below


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