Tuesday Update on True Love 23rd June 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 23rd June 2020

Akash is sitting in the living area playing chess. He notices Vishnu coming downstairs all the while looking at his phone. He stops him by calling him Meethi’s hubby. Vishnu stops right before he could cross the line and looks at it confused. He goes and gives him the newspaper. But don’t cross this line or there will be a problem. Vishnu wants to know what this new drama is. Akash says this line is just like Lakshman rekha which neither you nor I can cross.

Vishnu asks him what this rubbish is all about. Akash tells him this means the house has been divided between 2 parts…yours and mine….this is just like LOC. The one who crosses it might get punished. Vishnu says you have already stooped so low by buying half of this house but now this? Akash replies I tried telling the same thing to Mrs. Kashyap but she is adamant. Vishnu is confused. Akash knew he wouldn’t believe him so turns to Kasha kaka who enters just then holding a tray for Vishnu. He is the witness of this division. He can tell you. Vishnu walks away from there without asking any question to anyone. Kasha kaka leaves too. Akash wonders about Mr. Kashyap’s anger….don’t worry this loc wont stay for more than 48 hours as Mrs. Kashyap will come crossing this line on her own.

Mukku gets a message from some unknown person. “A tip for your case – there were already 3 police cases registered on Nirbhay before his death. He tried to kill someone and made some more attempts too. He has a lot many enemies who will be happy with the news of his death. You will get the files of all these cases in Aatishgarh Police Station. Go and get them and your work will be done. Your well wisher!” She gets happy. If this is true then it can be proved in court that Nirbhay had many other enemies too who can kill him. If I get those files then papa can get bail. She reads the last line again and starts wondering who the sender can be. She tries to call but the number is unreachable.

Meethi picks up the dirty laundry and sees some mark (lipstick or something) on one of Vishnu’s shirt. This means he has met Mukku. Maybe her warning did show some effect on him. It might be that he would have changed his mind and decided to stay with Mukku. I too should try to bring them closer.

Jogi is on phone with Kanha. You are bringing our great grandson home right. Just then Mukku comes there calling out for him. He ends the call with Kanha and then turns to Mukku. She shows him the message. If we get those case files then we can try to file for papa’s bail. He gets happy too. She wants the files today only. But he has a meeting with Rocky Sachdeva today. She decides to go alone to get the files. I only have to go to the police station. He is reluctant but agrees finally. Keep calling me every hour. She nods. He wonders who this well wisher can be. She doesn’t know but she is really thankful from the bottom of her heart. She assures him she will call him in every hour. Bless me that I get those files.

Everyone is waiting anxiously for the baby to come home. Meethi comes to Thakur House. She too has come to see the baby. Right then Kanha enters with the baby. He calls out for Jogi. They all go to see the baby and are very happy to see the baby. They all call him Balgopal (little Krishna). They all think he has taken after Kanha. Damini disagrees he is just like Surabhi except lips. Kanha gets emotional thinking his Maiyya (Iccha) had made preps for his welcome once. Now that he has come neither is my Maiyya here nor his. Jogi tells him not to think that way. They all wipe their tears. Damini and Rohini start playing with the baby.

Meethi notices Jogi looking lost. She asks him about Mukta. He tells her she has gone to Aatishgarh. He tells her the reason for her going there. Mukta has gone there all alone to get those papers. She asks him why he sent her alone. He reassures her Mukta has promised him she will call him every hour. I am waiting for her call only. He looks at his watch and wonders why she dint call yet. Please don’t tell anyone. I should wait for her call. Meethi thinks Mukta has gone there all alone. What if Vishnu meets her there? She recalls the shirt she picked early morning. She calls Vishnu and asks for his help. She tells him about the files which can help in getting bail for Rathore Uncle. She avoids Mukku’s name. He agrees to go. She thinks if they both can spend some time together then maybe they can realise their feelings….they might get closer to each other….maybe the right thing can happen. Mukku has given a deadline of 15 days only. I don’t want anything else but that they both should be back together.

Mukku gives the application to the inspector. Please give me those files. He denies. The work is done here as per government procedure. Come after 7 days. She tells him she has come from Mumbai. My dad is innocent yet he is in jail. My every day is important and you are asking for 7 days? He says there is no point getting angry. Your permission will be seen by the senior inspector who will take his own time in giving out the permission. This all takes time. Vishnu comes there. We will sit outside the police station for straight 7 days and go on a hunger strike.

By evening there will be all kinds of media here. After that you know what will happen. Now tell me how much time it will take. She is surprised to see him here. He says we can discuss this later and turns to the inspector. I am just trying to wake you up. I have worked with an NGO if you want I can give you the GR details of the government in 5 minutes under which it is a crime not to share any kind of information with anyone. I can write an application against you too and sit outside on a strike. We will wait outside for an hour. Please get the files ready by then. He and Mukta leave from there.

Both sit outside near a tea stall. She asks him if bade papa has sent him here. Actually he was very worried that I came here alone. He denies. She asks him again but he doesn’t answer. Instead he asks the tea vendor for 2 cups of tea. She asks him yet again and he takes Meethi’s name. Maybe she wanted both of us to be together for some time.

Akash is eating. Bell rings and Kasha kaka goes to open the door. Meethi comes inside and stops for a second on seeing him but then goes to sit on the dining table. She has a headache. Akash thinks of striking a convo. There is no dining table in this side of the house. I don’t feel nice having food while sitting on the sofa. You too have a sofa on your side to sit down and relax. You can rest there too. Kasha kaka gets her water. Akash asks her if she had food. She nods. Any other question? He speaks up after a minute. I do. How’s the baby? I came to know he has been taken home. She tells him he is fine. Tomorrow we will have the naming ceremony. Akash smiles thinking of something. He says when we will have our son I will name him Mitthu….Meethi’s son. She gets uncomfortable. He notices her expressions and assures her they will be together very soon. Continue reading next page 2 below


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