Tuesday Update on This is Love 25 February 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 25 February 2020

Simmi getting a glass of juice for Neha. She says we always feel our husband can’t do wrong and here it where we go wrong, Ishita and I are always with you, tell me where did you meet Yug. Neha says we met a year ago, Yug is my life, love was fake for him. Simmi says he is living with us since long, where did you live alone, this is not fair. Neha thinks what a foolish woman is she. She says I stayed in a cheap lodge and then at a friend’s place. Simmi says that’s sweet, who is that friend. Neha says an old friend. Simmi says call her home, we will thank her. Neha asks will I get fruits, I kept Suhaagan’s fast, I drink juice in the morning. Simmi says you don’t need to fast for Yug. Neha says he is my husband, I love him. Simmi says we women pamper our husbands and spoil them. She thinks I will manage her.

Karan comes and asks Raman did commissioner tell some details. Raman says yes, I don’t want to put you in risk. Karan says fine, but did you think how to use the gadgets. Ishita says we will fix camera on purse. Raman says I will take Ishita as her driver. She says I m going as Shaina. He says maybe you won’t identify me, you can sign me if there is any danger, I will take you back. Karan thinks to keep an eye on Shamshad.

Mr. Bhalla says we should vote, its our right. Raman says Ishita and I are going to watch a movie, for a chance. Mrs. Bhalla says its good, go, will you have dinner outside or at home. Raman says outside. Ishita asks Simmi to take care of everyone. She goes. Ruhi calls her out. Ishita changes her clothes. Raman comes and says I m Ramdeen, your driver. She asks is there any problem. He says no, come, that’s our car. Shamshad gets inside the car. His car doesn’t start. He checks it. Karan comes in Sardar’s disguise and says you made the booking. Shamshad says I didn’t book the cab. Karan says your car broke down, I will drop you, come. Shamshad agrees. Karan thinks Shamshad is going somewhere else. Raman says I m with you, lets stay here. Shamshad says go there, don’t make any mistake, kill Raman, that Karan got info from my sim card, I had laid this trap for Raman, kill him and leave drugs with him. Karan gets shocked and messages run to Ruhi.

Ruhi checks the message and says run…. what does run mean, he got mad. She thinks and says maybe be wants to tell something, what to do, I will call him. She calls him. He disconnects. Shamshad asks him to answer. Karan says I can’t talk on phone while driving. His phone falls down. Ruhi calls Raman. Shamshad asks Karan to drive carefully. Karan says sorry. Karan says message went to Ruhi, how to inform Raman. Ishita says Ruhi is calling. Raman says Ruhi, we are going to watch a movie. She says Karan messaged me and wrote run, I thought its related to you so I called you. Raman says fine and ends call. He says something is wrong Ishita. He sees a car coming. Ishita hides inside the car. Ruhi says Mani uncle, I informed dad, find them out. Mani says don’t worry, I will talk to commissioner. She says get me on concall. Manish says this isn’t Raman’s car, who is it, Shamshad said Raman is coming. Ruhi tells commissioner about Karan’s message. She says Ishita and Raman are in problem, do something. Manish comes to Raman.

He asks who are you, what are you doing here. Commissioner says don’t worry, we won’t let anything happen to him. Yug says we will also come to help them. Ishita says why is Manish here, Shamshad has some other plan. Raman says I got my boss. Manish asks what’s his name. Raman says I won’t tell you. Manish points gun at him. Ishita worries. Ruhi says find them out. Mani says this could be very dangerous, we have to respect their decision, they will be safe. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman and Ishita will have dinner outside and come.

Hetal asks Simmi to teach her making chicken dish. Simmi asks do you eat it. Hetal says no, I can help you. Neha comes and says I was finding Yug, he isn’t in his room. Simmi says maybe he went out, come and help me in cutting salad, Ishita and I understand you, she asked me to make you busy in household work so that everyone gets habitual to see you here. Shamshad says why didn’t Manish call, don’t know Raman reached there or no. Karan thinks it means Raman and Ishita are fine, Ruhi alerted them, she understood my meaning. Ruhi worries. The man says we came to find Raman and Ishita, come with me.

Raman asks Manish to come and see who is his boss, meet my boss. Police comes. Manish and goon run and leave in their jeep. Commissioner asks are you safe. Raman says yes, thanks for coming on time. They leave. Manish says we had to run from there, Raman wasn’t there. Shamshad says Karan is a fool, he always spoils things, he is not so smart that he will steal the sim and get info. Karan thinks Ishita and Raman are safe. Shamshad says cancel the deal today, we will finish it soon. Karan thinks to find out about the meeting. Ruhi says this could have been dangerous. Raman says how could we put you in danger, we are safe. Ishita says we were careful, relax, what about Neha. Yug says Simmi is handling her. Ruhi asks how could you know about next deal. Karan says leave that on me. He removes the Sardar get up. They look on.

Raman asking Karan why do you take risk. Karan says I helped you before. Ruhi says I told you that Karan messaged me run and I informed you, he helped you all. Ishita asks what happened exactly. Karan says I tampered with Shamshad’s car. FB shows Shamshad asking Munna to take car for servicing, petrol is leaking. Karan says I messaged run to you, but it went to Ruhi by mistake. Raman says you saved our lives. Karan says I did some melodrama. He recalls making Shamshad fall and then saving him. Karan says I have to be with Shamshad and know his next plan, you can catch him. Raman says be careful, they are dangerous. Ruhi thanks Karan. He says no need to thank. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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