Tuesday Update on True Love 25 February 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 25 February 2020

Tappu helps Damini in lying down carefully. Forget all the tensions. The doc has advised you to rest. Meethi hears their convo standing outside the room. Damini is worried about Meethi. How not to worry as Meethi is all alone now? How will she live? I want to see her happy before I die. I want to see her smiling happily. tappu asks her if Meethi will be able to live happily seeing him stuck in tensions. Would she be happy to see you thus? Damini comments that she will feel at peace if she sees Meethi smiling genuinely for once.

Meethi puts on a fake smile and goes to her Anni. The one whose arrival you are so worried about will not come back in our lives as I sent him behind bars. Damini gets super worried for her. Akash had come here? Meethi calms her down saying papa had already lodged a complaint against him. I just got him arrested today. He wont trouble us anymore. Tappu is proud of her. meethi tells Damini to forget all this. You must take your medicine on time…thrice a day…I myself will give it to you. Damini asks for a promise from her. You will get over your past for forever. You will forget Akash and his memories for forever. Meethi promises her. I wont let him come back in my life ever. I will forget each and every memory of his. Damini finally takes the medicine.

Jogi and Divya stop Vishnu from going home as the weather is too bad. They ask him to stay here overnight as they will feel at peace. He saved Damini’s life so they can do at least this much for him. Vishnu agrees finally. Rohini is there too. She notices Mukta coming and tells the same to her. She sends Vishnu off with Mukta to the guestroom. Give him Kanha’s night suit too. Mukku obliges (she feels shy). Rohini happily watches them go together. I must share this happening news with mummy ji (Nani).

Mukku gives Vishnu clothes to change. He sneezes due to the weather. She goes to get turmeric milk for him. While she is coming back she is stopped by Rohini. Mukku shares how Vishnu was sneezing and she recalled how Nani always used to give them the same so she made it for him too. Rohini teases her lightly. Mukku leaves from there. Rohini is excited as the weather is so romantic and Vishnu isn’t feeling well plus the milk. I must see what’s brewing.

Mukku comes back in the guest room with the milk. She is about to call him but finds him sleeping on the chair. The music of Sawar Loon plays as she keeps drooling at him (lol). She comes out of her trance and drapes him with the quilt. She turns to leave with the milk when he wakes up. I dint want to disturb you so was leaving. He asks her when did she come and would she not give the milk that she got for him. She replies just now handing over the glass to him. He finds the milk cold. You said you came just now but the milk is cold. She tries to take it to warm it again when their fingers touch. Sawar loon plays as they share an eye lock. Mukku leaves from there smiling shyly. Vishnu looks at the quilt and he too smiles (very small smile though).

Piya o re piya plays. Akash is standing in his cell looking sweetly at Meethi’s name that he has wrote on the wall. He sweetly caresses it cherishing some sweet memories of their happy moments together. The constable comes to open his cell. He notices that the food is lying untouched and the blanket too looks unused. Did you not sleep and eat last night? Seeing Meethi’s name he understands that he is love struck and utters a boring PJ. Akash tells him that he wont understand any off it. This punishment is so peaceful for him because my love has chosen it for me. If she wants then I can go to hell as well forget about this jail.

The constable suggests him calling someone from his family. akash declines. This love is mine then the fight is mine too. I will fight it all alone. He caresses Meethi’s name. If my love is true then she will be with me very soon. Meethi comments, you trust yourself too much! Akash turns to face her. He smiles at her. She asks him if he wants to be out of this jail. I will get you out. He says he has more trust on her than he has on himself. I knew you would come. Meethi leaves with the inspector while the constable tells him to come out. Akash says (to the constable) told you if my love is true then I would be out soon. Both smile at each other.

Meethi tell the police inspector to leave them alone. He is worried for her safety but leaves as she insists. Meethi asks Akash that he wants freedom and bail right. He smiles back at her. I had hope that you would come but dint knew that you would come so soon. I had trust on my love. She tells him that he is misunderstanding it. I have come here for something else. They both need to be released so why not strike a deal? Freedom has its own conditions though! You sign these papers immediately and I will take back the FIR that I have lodged. You will get your acquittal and I will get my freedom.

Meethi asks him to sign the papers to get bail. She hands out a pen to him. He looks at the papers holding the pen in his other hand. If you would have brought along my death certificate along with these papers then I might have signed them. She tells him to rethink his decision for he wont get this chance again. He comments that love happens without thinking. She tells him to sign. He comments that there are no give and takes or compromises in love. Frustrated, she asks him what he wants. He seeks forgiveness from her. She denies. It is impossible. He tells her that it very much is, just say once that you love me. She turns her face away making him smile. Your silence told me everything. I wont sign even if you get me 100 papers like this because I will take you back with me. She rues that she was at fault in coming here. I thought that I would forgive you but you do not deserve to be forgiven. It was my mistake to come here to get you released. I wasted my own time. Inspector, please take him away. He is well-suited here only.

Akash says that she is wrongly accusing him. He accepts his follies but he is a changed man now. Punish me as much as you want but I have come back for you only. Your love has changed me. The constable tries to take him but he stays glued to his place. I wont move from here until you tell me that you love me. meethi shouts – I hate you. Akash shouts back saying he wont be able to live without her. The inspector and other constables throw him on the ground beating him with their sticks. Meethi is shocked and in tears. She turns her face away to hide her pain from him as Piya O Re Piya begins playing in the background. All the constables try to hold Akash. Why are you not looking at me Meethi? Look at me! I know you cant because you cannot see me in pain…because you love me! If you want freedom from me then tell these people to kill me. If I stay alive then I will come back. Say you love me. They take him away with force while Meethi cries silently. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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