Tuesday Update on This is Love 31 March 2020


Tuesday Update on This is Love 31 March 2020

Bala saying we can’t tell them about Raman. Mihika says Mani, just get Ishita home. Amma asks them to come and keep things inside. She asks Bala to call Ishita. Bala says Mani messaged, he will need some time to finish the meeting. Amma says fine. Mani says Ishu, you will be getting a call from home, be prepared. Bala says I will have to taste the Sambar. He tastes and says its great. Amma asks done tasting, call Ishu now. Bala says yes, I will call her, put it on speaker. Ishita says I can’t talk right now. Mani asks her to talk.

Ishita gets the call. Amma asks where are you. Ishita says Mani and I are stuck in work, everyone is here, I forgot to mention them. Ruhi says we are here. Yug asks Karan to get a file. Karan says yes, getting. Amma smiles and asks

them to come home fast. Ishita says I can’t come home, don’t wait for me, please. Mrs. Bhalla says I made your fav food, come home, Raman isn’t here, at least we can dine together. Ishita says I will come.
She says I can’t go in this situation, I can’t have food. Mani says you didn’t go home since yesterday, try to understand, how long will we lie, you have to assure them that everything is fine. Aaliya says yes, they may doubt and come here, go and change. Ruhi says yes, please go. Ishita says take care of Raman, go and get medicines on time, if Raman wakes up, don’t panic, don’t cry inside Raman’s room. Mani says all of you go home, I will manage here.

Mrs. Bhalla says we were waiting since long. Yug says Mani had to go to office. They all have food. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to have food and say how is it. Amma asks what’s the matter, eat something, you look so tired. Mrs. Bhalla says everything will get normal when Raman comes back, I believe that Ishita is here, Raman will also come. Karan says I hate tears, don’t cry. Bhuvan says Ishita and everyone came back, they are having food and laughing. Arijit says it means Mani is alone at the hospital, its a good chance to strike. He comes home. Karan says please come. Arijit asks how are you, I m glad to see you, I had come to office, Mani and you were busy. Ishita says sorry, Ruhi told me that you wanted to discuss about puja.

He says yes, but I came to ask something else, when I was in car park, I saw Ruhi, Karan and Yug leaving in hurry and talking about some hospital, who is in the hospital. Mr and Mrs. Bhalla also ask about it. Arijit thinks now they have to say if Raman is dead or alive.

Amma asks why you went there, Karan. Simmi says I will tell you, we don’t tell mum as she gets worried for no reason. Mr. Bhalla says she is your mom, what happened. Simmi says I had an appointment with the doctor, he asked me to come back with reports, I couldn’t go, I asked Ruhi and Karan to get my reports. Amma says you shouldn’t be careless, you knew we are making dinner. Simmi says yes, Mihika and I wanted to help you. Mihika says yes, we have prepared halwa for everyone. Arijit thinks these women are very cunning. Ishita says children are worried for Simmi, you overheard their talk and got worried. He says now I m relieved, I was wondering who could it be, but everything is okay. Karan says thanks for coming, it feels nice that you care for us. Arijit says I m glad, we shall finalize project puja date.

Ishita says we will discuss it, Mihika get halwa for him, Simmi take care of your sprain, everyone is worried for you. He thinks I can see they are doing a drama, how did Ishita become so calm when she was with Raman. Mani wakes up by a call. He says Shagun’s call. He answers. He says I m not at home. Nurse says call the doctor fast, its an emergency. Mani says yes, I m at hospital, I m fine. He thinks its best I don’t tell Shagun about Raman. He says my friend met with an accident, I accompanied him, finish work and come soon, love you. He ends call and says what if Shagun calls Ishu, I will tell Ishu what I told Shagun.

Arijit likes the halwa. Karan says we will discuss the arrangements. Ishita gets Mani’s call. She says you missed a yummy dinner, it was so tasty, I can’t hear you clearly, there is no network. She goes signing Karan. She asks is Raman fine. Mani says yes, Shagun has called me, I didn’t tell her, I told I accompanied a friend, if she calls, tell the same. She says you did good, we will explain Shagun when she comes, I want to be with Raman. He says fine.

She comes back and says there is network issue, Mani is still busy in work, I was thinking to pack tiffin for him, Shagun isn’t here. Arijit says I will come along and meet him. Ishita says no, he is an introvert, he will be embarrassed, I will handle it, we are a family. Amma says yes, Mani is a bit moody. Arijit says its late, I will take your leave, thanks for the halwa. He goes. Yug says we will come with you. Ishita says no need. Simmi says go along. Ishita says fine, we will come soon. They leave.

Appa comes. Ishita asks from where are you coming. Appa says I had some work, its not necessary that I tell you. He goes. Ishita says why was he so upset. Ruhi says I will talk to him. Mani says thanks, there was no need to bring much food. Aaliya says you need to eat well. Ishita says go home and take rest. Karan says we should go to that under construction site and check for clue. Ishita says the work was stalled there. Karan says but there would be security. Yug says we will check cctv footage. Karan says we will get some clue. Yug says we have to be careful. Mani says good idea, I will come with you. Ishita asks them to go at night. Ishita asks Ruhi to ask Appa about the problem. Mani asks them to take care. They leave. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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