Tuesday Update on True Love 31 March 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 31 March 2020

Mukku is in her room….very sad over the wedding. Nani notices her thus and sits down next to her. She pats her hair calling out to her. Mukku instinctively puts her head in Nani’s lap. You are missing Meethi? Mukta gets up at once shocked. I don’t want to talk about her at all. Nani plays innocent. Did you 2 have a fight? Ok I wont ask anything which you don’t want to tell. But would your Nani not know it without you telling it? What Iccha did to your mom has that?? Mukku wants to stay alone. I don’t want to talk over anything please.

Nani agrees not to bother her over anything. But remember one thing I can do anything for you. I will be here the minute you would need me. Baki Ram hi Rakhey. Mukku is in tears now as Nani gets up to leave. She does turn to look at Mukku once more as she reaches the exit. Now I am back then only that will happen what I want. I wont let Mukta do the same mistake like Tappu. I will destroy the memories of that beggar like Vishnu. My Mukta wont ever accept that Meethi’s Uttaran. I will get her married to some rich prince. She leaves finally and Mukku is thinking hard over something.

Next morning, Meethi is shown sleeping resting her head on a corner of the bed. She sees a flashback of Mukta’s love confession in her dream. And also vishnu’s words rings in her ears….4 lives have been ruined because of you. She wakes up with a start and looks at the clock….5.30 am. She wonders where Vishnu is. He was right it was my fault. I am the culprit. Why did I do this? Why did I not tell the truth to Anni? I should have told her everything. Now I will have to set things right so that Mukta and Vishnu can get their love back. I will bring them together.

Tappu has come to meet Rathore in jail. I spoke with the lawyer. He said you might get bail today. He simply nods back. I tried calling you a lot many times but. He says I am a culprit so my phone has been confiscated. Sit I want to talk to you. She looks around tensed. You wouldn’t have been able to sleep in this atmosphere. He replies its good for the back. Leave all that tell me how was your daughter’s wedding. She smiles broadly….yes there were many difficulties. Akash’s mom dint leave any stone unturned in creating drama but still the wedding happened followed by all rituals and traditions. Yet you were missing. He asks her how Mukku was looking. Tappu is taken aback by the question. She was happy right? And Vishnu? She replies that she looked very beautiful.

Dint get time to speak with her after the vidai as I was so busy. I came here as soon as it was morning and right now everyone is making preps for pag phere ritual. Vishnu and Meethi would be coming over anytime. He is alert. You mean Mukta and Vishnu? She repeats…Meethi and Vishnu. He is too stunned for a minute. Vishnu married Meethi? She affirms…they only were about to get married. He is all nerves. Why how? Did no one say anything? Did Mukta, Vishnu or Meethi not tell you anything? She cannot understand a thing. He drops the bomb. Vishnu loves Mukta not Meethi. Tappu is shocked.

We see the flashback where Mukta told him everything and his phone call with Vishnu. How he was about to announce it when Ekadish turned up at their door. She wants to know why he hid it from her. He says I too got to know yesterday itself. She was hiding her truth from us I told you. She loves Vishnu and vice versa. Meethi still loves Akash. It was all a drama to send him back. Vishnu maybe was with her in the drama agreeing to everything she used to say. No one was telling us anything. This all came out yesterday only. Tappu recalls how Mukta had help Meethi’s hand by force and dragged her in her room.

She dint come out of her room since then. Rathore says this shouldn’t have happened. Go do something as I am stuck here. Talk to her. I don’t want what happened between you and Iccha ji… She keeps her hand on his mouth super shocked telling him to stop. It wont happen she is our daughter. I wont let anything like this happen to her. I will talk to her you take care of yourself. She rushes out from there. He is still murmuring this shouldn’t have happened. He sits down on the bench too shocked to react.

Vishnu is sitting by some cliff as Kitni Baatein plays in the background. He recalls his and Mukta’s love confession and their cute moments. In Thakur House, Mukku too is remembering their past moments. Akash is walking on a lone road lost in thoughts while Meethi too is I guess waiting Vishnu to come back. mukku breaks the mirror as she recalls the wedding. She breaks into tears. Meethi looks at the clock worried. The camera zooms on all four of them one by one.

Damini is speaking to Iccha’s photo. Meethi is coming home for the pag phera ritual. You must be happy now. She is arranging the puja thaal to welcome the newlywed when DIvya comes there with some boxes of jewelery (bangles). I wish I was there but couldn’t make it. Damini tells her to do this ritual now. Akash is out of Meethi’s life. I am all relieved now. I am only sad that Akash’s mom got Mr. Rathore arrested for some false case. I only wish he comes back home soon and we are free from that family forever. Tappu makes an entry looking around for Mukku. She says I have just come back after meeting Mr. Rathore. He dint get bail yet. Divya assures her he would be out soon. She goes to meet Mukku.

Meethi says (to Vishnu) Mukku will think her whole life that I married you on purpose. I agree I made a mistake and I want one chance to rectify it. Give me that one chance. I want you and Mukta to live your life together. I want to go away from your life. He asks her how that would be possible. She says I will tell the truth to everyone. I will free you from this relation after that. He keeps looking at her for a minute then drags her towards the mirror. A chant is playing.

Look at yourself in this wedding dress, mangalsutra which isn’t worn to be thrown away the very next day. It is a bon stretched over many births cycles. It is worn to join relations…hold them together for life…not to break them. He speaks more about the vermilion too. Its not like you realize your mistake and wipe it out just like that. What would be trying to tell the world anyway through that? And what about your Anni? You think we will tell her and she will be happy. We agreed to get married so that nothing happens to her right? What will happen to everyone? If you don’t want to think about them then don’t but for once think about your mom.

If she would have been alive today then would she tell you to break this relation? She never would! She always taught me never to insult the chasteness of relations. He turns to leave when she speak up. But I have no right on this vermilion, mangalsutra and in fact on you even. This all is Mukta’s dream. This vermilion should have been in her forehead. Don’t know why destiny played this game with me. How I can spend my life with you knowing fully well you are Mukta’s love / life. He answers….WAS….but not anymore.

Vishnu saying….WAS (Mukta’s love)….but not anymore. We have made one mistake already now I wont support you in doing another. She wipes her tears. He again starts walking away when she asks him why he is punishing himself for her mistake. I want to free you from this relation then why are you declining / objecting. He says he has as she should have thought of this earlier. I haven’t handcuffed you in some way that you and I can be free as soon as we open the lock. It is a chaste relation of marriage. And my values, principles don’t allow me to get a divorce. Now this relation is a punishment for both of us. All the roads to return are closed now. He leaves from there. Meethi stands there sad / worried. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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