Tuesday Update on True Love 10th November 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 10th November 2020

Ashfaque goes to drop Akash till the gate. Come here whenever you miss your home or your loved ones. Ammi Abbu will be glad to meet you. He directs him towards Khan Sahab’s guest house. They say Allah hafiz to each other. Meethi comes there just then but misses seeing Akash. She is curious as to who was here. He tells him that a lover had come here. We became friends and then he left. She asks him if he had a word with Akash. He tells her that his phone is out of coverage area. I thought it to be a good way that you are free finally and so am I. I think that he has changed his number because of you. She is not in a mood of jokes. He too gets serious. I told you his phone is not reachable I will try again. don’t get upset as you don’t look good this way. She leaves from there sadly.

Doc checks Vishnu. he tells Divya that he doesn’t think that he can do anything else for Vishnu. sad but true. She is worried as Mukta can go in labour pain any day. He tells her that all his organs will stop responding one by one. Machine cannot keep someone alive for forever. Machine is actually keeping his pain alive. It is good that he is in coma or the pain is unbearable actually. There is no way out. Divya cries.

Ashfaque tries playing the tune that Akash was singing. Meethi comes there upon hearing the tune. She asks about it. He jokes again but then finally tells him about his meeting with Akash (though he doesn’t tell his name). She tells him that this is their favourite song. Akash always hums this song when he misses me. ashfaque looks at her in shock. He tells her that that Indian had told him the same thing. his name is Akash as well. Meethi is shocked. Ashfaque wonders as to how is he here. She asks about his looks from him.

Ashfaque relates it all. Flashback of the cafe scene is shown. Meethi is overjoyed that her Akash is in Pakistan. Asgar who was passing by hears it and stops in his tracks. Ashfaque tells him about the fragments of his convo that he had heard. She is thrilled at the realisation that he has come here as he loves her. She thanks him for fulfilling his promise. Do you know where he is staying? Please take me to him. he tells her to be patient. I have sent him to Khan Sahab’s guest house. They both leave to go to the guest house. Meanwhile Asgar calls someone.

Vishnu is being taken to the ICU. Jogi and Damini reach there. Divya tells them about Vishnu’s condition.

Ekadish shows Ekadish’s kundli to some Guru ji. She also relates the (bad) dream that she had seen. Guru ji tells her that husband and wife love each other a lot but you are the reason for their animosity. He is very sad that he lost his wife. You chose to apologize half heartedly which is why there is problem in your life. His search for his life partner has taken him away from you to a place where everyone is his enemy. Maiyya gets worried. He tells that he cannot say anything conclusive about his future considering all the planets around him. she is ready to do anything to save her son. He wants her to come to him after a week. I will do Maha Mrityunjai jaap for your son on full moon night. This will take away all the problems from his life. A chant plays. She wants some quick remedy but he cannot do anything before time. Akash will have to face his problems / pains till then. Nothing can be done against God’s will. He will have to fight with his pains.

Meethi collides with a guest at the guest house. She bends down to help her pack her stuff. Meanwhile Akash comes there and stands at the reception. Meethi and Ashfaque notice him. She calls out for him and he is stunned to hear her voice. They both look at each other and then walks towards each other. Their favourite tune plays in the background. Meethi touches his face and he closes his eyes relieved.

Ashfaque looks at them sadly as they hug each other. She cannot believe that he is finally here. Why did you not come at the bus stop? I waited for you for so long. I thought you would have forgotten me by now. I thought that you would have married once again. he covers her mouth. So many questions at once? I can never forget you or live without you. Everyone had given up but I always felt that my Meethi is alright and waiting for me. I would have found you from anywhere in this world. This Akash is incomplete without Meethi and will always be. Ashfaque is in tears. Meethi hugs Akash again saying that he loves him and that she missed him a lot. He assures her that he is here to set everything right. I will never leave you alone from now onwards.

Akash wonders as to how she got to know about him staying here. Ashfaque wipes his tears by the time the couple turns in his direction. Meethi tells him about this angel saving her and finding him for her. He gave me a new life. I found my Akash because of him. Akash gives Ashfaque a big hug. He cannot thank him enough for giving him his life back. Ashfaque praises him about his reaching Pakistan but Akash tells him that he has entered here illegally. Police is looking for me.

Ashfaque calls police the villain of their story. Don’t worry you will be safe in my house. My elder brother Asgar has very high contacts. He will surely help you. She too tells him to meet Ashfaque’s family once before leaving Pakistan. They are very nice people just like Bade papa and Badi Ma. Ashfaque and Meethi are happy about fulfilling their promise. They all turn to go but stop as Remat Ula Khan tells them to raise their hands in the air. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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