Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 10th November 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 10th November 2020

Mauli kiss Mishti as she hugs her. Ishaan comes from behind demanding a hug from Mishti as well. Mishti waves towards Ishaan calling him Popsy. Ishaan swirls Mishti in the air. He then poses to be sad at which Mishti hugs and kiss him on both cheeks. Some kids join Mishti who introduces Ishaan to them. Ishaan tries to remember their names but Mishti apologizes her friends as Popsy has little memory loss. She claims him to be the best dad anyway. Mauli speaks to Mishti’s teacher that weather forecast is bad, they came to pick Mishti up. Mishti wasn’t ready to leave her friend alone and wait until her parents come to pick her up. In the camp, Mishti introduces them to Pari.

Pari slips while standing up and Mauli supports her. Mauli assures Pari that they won’t be back until her parents are here. Ishaan calls Mamma to inform her that they are waiting for the parents of Mishti’s friend. They discuss Mishti is exactly like her mother, always ready to help others. Ishaan asks Mamma to have some fruits while they return.

Mauli asks the teacher to call Pari’s father who is way irresponsible. Pari replies her father must not have the network else he is the best Papa in the world. Mauli apologizes Pari and agrees her father is the best father in the world. Ishaan offers to take Pari to their home. Pari says anything can happen to her father, he may even get a heart attack. Mauli laughs at Pari, then assures Pari that nothing will happen to her father. She says the weather is really bad, and she is also like Pari’s mother. Her father can pick her up from their home when he gets the information. Ishaan shares his contact details with the guard of the camp. They bring girls back.

At the entrance of the house, Mishti and Pari whisper into each other’s ears. Mauli sense something cooking but Ishaan intervenes and asks Mauli not to interfere in children’s matters. Pari takes her shoes off and the girls run through stairs. In the house, Mauli tells Mamma that Mishti is coming through stairs with a friend. Pari ran over the red color of Rangoli staining the floor of the house. Everyone including Mauli smiles at this. Dida claims Lakshmi has reached their house. Mishti introduces Pari to Dida. Mamma was also happy to meet her. Dida speaks to Pari in her code language of short forms. Mauli asks Mishti to take Pari to her room, freshen up and change for Pooja.

Ishaan comes to Mauli and asks for some help with his waist coat. He then thanks Mauli. Mauli apologizes Ishaan as Mishti embarrasses her as Popsy. Ishaan says it’s alright, Mishti has seen him as her father for last three years, and it’s just that he and Mauli aren’t married. Ishaan says may be there is a day when Mauli says I love you and wants to marry you; and that day may be he turns his face over and dance around in agreement. Mauli who initially got serious now laughs.

In the room, Mishti shows her dress to Pari. Pari says her father never asked her to change for prayer, he claims everyone is equal for God. Mishti says her mother claims the same. Pari takes photo of Kunal from her bag and kiss it, claiming her father as the best man. Mishti feels emotional and wish to see Kunal’s photo. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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