Tuesday Update on True Love 15th December 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 15th December 2020

Chameli rues how long will they run. They have made a deal regarding my daughter. They wont let me or Rani live. It is better that a mother like me dies. Meethi gets sad. No one can understand it better than me what it feels to not have a mother. I know that pain. We can lie to her today but what will she feel if she gets to know one day that her mother is alive and is in jail. She will never forgive us. Meethi apologizes to Chameli for she wont be able to lie to Rani. Chameli asks her what if she really dies. Meethi stops in her tracks in shock. Mukta too looks at Chameli in bewilderment. Don’t think or say all this or we wont meet you again.

Chameli has no other option she says. Tell Rani that her mother is dead. Meethi wonders why she has been given this responsibility. Chameli replies that Rani has only held onto her hand after her mother’s. I had seen you in market that day. She held your hand while walking. It looked like she has got another mother. You will educate her and give her a new life. I have this faith on you. I have nothing to give to her. I cannot give her anything. You don’t feel disgusted with me, right? Meethi and Mukta are taken aback.

Chameli continues to speak bad for herself. Meethi tells her to stop. She thinks of Damini’s words when she had come to know that her mother was a murderer. She is in tears as she thinks of it. How Meethi had refused to believe her mother! She agrees to take care of Rani. I will give her all the happiness of the world. If this one lie can be good for her then I will tell her this. Chameli wants to give her something to pass onto Rani. She gives her locket to Meethi. all the three women are moved to tears.

Meethi gives Chameli’s locket to Rani. Rani asks about her mother. You dint bring her with you? Did you meet her? she thinks that Chameli is playing hide and seek with her. she goes to check behind the main door but finds no one. She comes back and asks Meethi about it. Meethi lies to Rani that her mother wont come back ever now. Rani asks her driver didi (Mukta) as well. Meethi says your mother has gone really far from us. She wont come back ever. Rani is shocked to know that her mother is dead. Mukta tells it to her. gomti and Maiyya look at each other. Malvika wonders if this girl will stay in this house for forever. Rani refuses to believe either of them. my mother cannot leave me like this. she must be here. You all are lying to me. she cannot die like this. meethi tries to hold her but Rani shouts at her to leave her. she goes to look for her mother.

Akash wants to know how this happened. She decides against telling him either. mukta lies that they received a call from the police station. Meethi decides to go to talk to Rani. Maiyya doesn’t look too happy. Malvika is irked with Meethi. she might make Rani the heir of this house even. I cannot let it happen.

Rani reminisces her happier moments with her mother. Meethi knocks at the door asking Rani to open the door. what are you doing inside? Rani thinks of Mukta’s words. She looks at CHameli’s locket. My Chameli cannot leave me. meethi requests her to open the door. Akash comes there too. He too asks Rani to come out. I know you are hurt and upset but listen to me carefully. Your mother loved you a lot. She is still looking at you from wherever she is. She can see that her duaghetr is upset with her. I lost my father when I was even younger than you.

I had felt really bad and angry. I thought the whole world is against me. why did this happen with me? why did my dad leave me! I too had locked myself in a room just like you. No one could understand why I was angry. It happens! But sometimes it is necessary to cry as our pain reduces that that ways.

We should not hold back our tears as it causes anger in us. We can feel better if we cry our heart out by hugging someone who is close to us. You must accept it that your mother is not with you anymore but she is still looking at you from above. she wont be happy to see you this way. A mother always wants her kids to be happy. he asks her if she is able to hear him. Rani is moved to tears. Akash tells Meethi to come. Rani opens the door just then. They both are very much relieved to see her. Meethi hugs Rani who cries for her mother. Akash too is about to hold Rani’s hand but stops himself. He puts a reassuring hand on Meethi’s shoulder.

Chameli thinks about Rani. Your mother has gone very far from you. She has left you alone. She is dead. She is really bad. It is good that she died. But before going she left you with a very good mother. She cries thinking about Rani. Meethi ji is a very good woman. She will give you a good life. My Rani will become a good girl. she will make a big name for herself. I wont even let my shadow reach you. You will be called Meethi ji’s daughter from now on. Your mother is very happy today. she is happy even though she is dead.

Meethi sings a lullaby for Rani. Rani falls asleep while holding her mother’s locket in her hand. Akash too looks on from a distance. He signals Meethi to come aside. She obliges. Do you want to say something? He nods. Malvika stops outside to hear their convo. Akash tells Meethi that Rani would be called Rani Akash Chatterjee from today onwards. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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