Wednesday Update on Young Love 16th December 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 16th December 2020

Krish talking to Nandini on phone. Nandini says I will leave from here, just as Dr. Amit comes. Krish says superb. Just then he sees fan falling down and jumps from the bed for his safety. Karuna and Triveni comes there. Abhayram hides something and comes there, says that he heard his shout. Triveni accuses Nandini for the inauspicious thing. Krish says Nandini told me to get the fan repair, but I took it lightly. Triveni scolds him. Krish switches on his phone and gets Nandini’s call. He tells that fan fell down on side. Nandini gets worried. Krish says he is fine and asks her not to worry.

Triveni tells Krish that Nandini is yamraj’s avatar. Krish says I see her as apsara. Triveni asks him to get his eyes tested and says may be something wrong is going to happen. Kundan says yes, I am feeling the same. Triveni scolds him and asks him not to show fake relations. Kundan smirks. Karuna asks Triveni not to insult her husband. Triveni says she can’t take his name criminal 420. She asks Karuna to bring nazar stuff and takes off evil eye from him. Krish says my lungs are getting affected by the smoke. Triveni asks him to keep quiet.

Dr. Amit comes to the hospital and is about to fall. Nandini holds his hand and asks are you okay? Vandana comes and brushes off Nandini’s hand. She asks her to stop caring for other’s husband and says I am with Amit to take care of him. Nandini says Dr. Amit was falling, so I held his hand. Vandana asks her not to break her home. Nandini says you are jealous and says your home will break if you are insecure. Krish talks to fan and says he is happy with its sacrifice. Nandini comes and asks why is he talking to fan? Krish says he is not well as he can’t romance with his wife. He says he has booked a room in a 5 star hotel as they can’t sleep here now. Nandini says for sleeping. Krish says no, to keep awake. Dil Bhola hai plays…….Krish says this is a good shagun for me, like breaking a star.

He says lets go, we will have pool side dinner and then….he is about to kiss her, but Triveni comes and coughs. Triveni says nobody will go anywhere and says you are thinking to spend night with this inauspicious lady. She calls her black cat and tells Krish that he will sleep with her in her room. Krish and Nandini are shocked. Triveni says she will get solution from Pandit ji and asks Nandini if he has any objections. Nandini nods no. Triveni taunts her and asks Krish to come. Krish says I will come. Triveni takes him forcibly. Nandini closes the door and sees Kundan standing. She is shocked. Krish tells Triveni that he forgot his phone in room and says he will bring. Triveni locks him in room and says she will bring. Krish thinks he has to do something to stop the domestic violence.

Kundan tells Nandini that Krish can’t fulfill her wish and says I have spent these kinds of days like this. He says this is my promise that you will see your dreams aarti, and I won’t let you have love all your life. Nandini says whoever wait for night to threaten others, day will be not for them to hide their faces. She challenges him that she will tell truth to everyone.

Kundan asks did you forget what did I do that night and twists her finger. Triveni comes to her room and opens the door. Kundan hides holding Nandini. Triveni gets angry seeing vase fallen on floor. She thinks where did she go? I heard her scream. Karuna and Krish also comes there. Kundan warns her not to tell anything and let her go. Nandini is in shock. Krish asks what happened? Karuna asks why you are nervous? Triveni asks where were you, when I came here. Nandini says cockroach…and says she got scared of it and screamed. Triveni scolds her and asks where was you?