Tuesday Update on True Love 1st December 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 1st December 2020

Jogi, Divya and Damini reach Bundela House. Maiyya, Meethi and Akash welcome them. Maiyya introduces them to Malvika on her insistence after which they all go inside. Akash is waiting for Sankrant. He should have come by now.

Sankrant is sitting somewhere on road and recalls his meeting with Ambika. He is disturbed by all the incidents.

Pandit ji mistakes Meethi and Akash to be the baby’s parents and asks them to sit in the puja. Everyone is tight lipped while Akash wonders about Mukta and Vishnu. Nani comes there just then and stops the priest. These are the parents of the baby. She (Meethi) is trying to turn Mukta’s baby her own through puja and everyone is quiet! She asks Divya about it. you should be careful. What’s with your love with Damini’s granddaughter that you forgot the real parents of the baby? Malvika is clearly enjoying it. Jogi says it was not deliberate. Why are you creating a scene here? Meethi feels bad but keeps quiet.

Akash goes to give the baby to Mukta. Nani is relieved that she reached here on time or the baby’s parents’ naamkaran would have been done along with the baby. Jogi tells her not to ruin the pious atmosphere. Priest starts the puja. Malvika thinks to get Nani on her side. She brings sherbet for her. nani mistakes her to be the new maid of the house but Malvika explains it all to her. Nani is not interested in her as Ekadish has brought her here after all.

Puja gets complete. Priest tells them that letter M is good for the baby. Nani suggests a name but Jogi asks the baby’s parents if he has thought of something. They haven’t thought about it. Akash suggests Manav and everyone likes it. they all clap as the name gets final.

Jogi is missing Iccha and Tapasya. Damini offers kheer to Nani. She taunts her that she isn’t used to give but take. Damini tells her not to talk bitter things as it reminds them of the past. Nani blames her and Meethi instead. Ask her why she sat in Mukta’s place in the puja? What was her intention? She wanted to become the mother of someone else’s baby. She has revived the past today. she turns to go but Damini stops her. You couldn’t see the one truth so far. Mukta and Meethi have learnt a great lesson from the past. They will never repeat it. Your shadow hasn’t affected their relation like it had affected Iccha and Tapasya’s relation. Nani gets angry. Mukta comes there and asks them if everything is fine. Damini nods. This time Mukta tells Nani to eat kheer. Damini apologizes to her for saying what she had said. Mukta insists so Nani takes the kheer. She blesses Manav all the happiness and a long life. Mukta asks her to bless Meethi too. Nani blesses her to be happy. Vishnu calls out for Mukta so she leaves.

Nani stops Damini. You still want to be equal to us. You have used our Uttaran to live and are now speaking to me like this? Damini says your question has your answer. Think about whose Uttaran is this house in which you are living? Nani smiles and Damini is shocked to see Jogi and Divya standing there. Jogi feels bad. He leaves with Divya. Nani smiles at Damini.

Divya tells Jogi to atleast meet Mukta before going. He doesn’t want to create any rift between Meethi and Mukta. I don’t want to ruin the mood. Nani agrees with him. Should we stay back to listen to some more insults? Meethi comes there. Where are you going without eating anything? He lies that he is ill and wants to take some rest.

Damini cries in kitchen thinking about how she could say something like this. Mukta is worried seeing her state. On the other hand, Jogi assures Meethi that there is nothing to worry about. She tells him to rest in her room then but Nani says people get rest / relax at their own home only. It doesn’t happen in other people’s home. Meethi wishes that they eat something but Jogi says he is full, not to worry. Mukta tells Damini not to hide anything from her just like she wouldn’t have done it with Meethi. Damini confesses that she has made a very big mistake today. Meethi wonders if someone has said anything to them. Divya declines. Thakur Sahab gets tired because of all the running around and stuff. Meethi wants to drop them by their car but they decline that as well. Meethi is sure something is there which they were hiding from her. what could it be? I hope its fine.

Mukta understands that Nani must have instigated her to say something. He nods at her understandingly. Damini decides to go home to apologize to Jogi and DIvya.

Damini comes home and finds Jogi and Divya leaving with her luggage. Where are you going? Nani talks about her arrogance. You bought that haveli where you were a maid! I will never live on your Uttaran. Damini folds her hands in front of them and apologizes for saying something like that. Mata ji said so much to me that I couldn’t control myself. Nani agrees that she has been doing, is doing and will do all the wrong things but how could you forget Jogi’s favours? Jogi stops her but she continues talking. I anyways talk bitter so I don’t care. You only had told me not to use the word Uttaran right before leaving for Meethi’s house.

You have never seen someone’s helplessness before giving them something or have made them feel small before giving anything. But these small people take things rightfully but the bitter truth comes when they give something, just like Damini accepted it today. damini tells her not to add fuel to the fire. Nani is unperturbed. We have spoken a lot on this matter. I couldn’t see Divya’s tears. She has given so much to your daughter. You helped Jogi once when he was going through troubles and you started boasting about it? Damini shakes her head. Nani adds that the time can go bad or worse but Jogi Thakur will not live on her Uttaran. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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