Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 1st December 2020


Tuesday Update on Complicated Love 1st December 2020

Mamma and Dida were tensed as Pari had fallen unconscious. Pari opens her eyes and weakly calls Buddy. Mamma comes to Mishti and asks how can she do so, Pari is their guest. What if her Mummy knows about it, this mischievousness could be really dangerous?

Ishaan drove Mauli back home. Mauli sat silently. Ishaan asks what’s the matter, she replies she miss Mishti. Ishaan says he is really excited today as he met her after days. He discusses Mahek and Kunal suit each other and look good. Mauli thinks it doesn’t matter to her anymore, she won’t let her past ruin her present. Ishaan says Mahek is a nice girl. Mauli was offensive, while Ishaan tells her not to be jealous. Mauli laughs at his filmy possessiveness. Ishaan says he is also in a hurry to reach home now, there is a surprise for her.

There at home, Pari was restless and wanted to meet her Buddy. Mishti requests Dadi not to tell her Mummy about it. There was a door bell, Pramilla answers the bell. It was Sandhya, Ishaan’s mother. Dida was first afraid to see her, but greets her anyway and welcomes her. Sandhya says Ishaan wanted to surprise Mauli and told her to come here. Sandhya asks who is this cute girl, and converse with Pari. Mishti was annoyed at Pari. Sandhya asks if Pari is Mishti’s friend? Pari nods. Mishti asks her about her gift. Sandhya apologizes Pari for not being able to bring any gift for her. Mamma sends Mishti to finish her homework and asks Pari to go to her room and watch cartoons.

Pari turns to leave, but asks her about her Buddy. Mamma replies they are trying to contact her Buddy, he will soon be here. Pari says her Buddy’s relief camp has finished, why didn’t he return yet. Sandhya asks if her father is also a doctor? Pari replies he is a very good doctor. Sandhya asks the name. Pari says Dr. Kunal Malhotra. Sandhya was upset.

Kunal and Mahek return to Kunal’s apartment. No one answers the bell. Kunal unlocks using his pair of keys and comes inside, he calls and looks around for Pari and was tensed that even Aasha wasn’t here. He calls Aasha. Aasha tells Kunal that she left Pari at Mishti’s place, because her mother was ill. After the call, Kunal tells Mahek that Pari is at Mishti’s house. Mishti has problems with Pari and he hopes Pari is really sensitive to socializing.

Sandhya taunts at Mamma for being a really modern family that they are even keeping Kunal’s daughter at their home. Radhika tries to explain that its just a coincidence, as there was no one to look after Pari. Sandhya apologizes that she isn’t as broad minded as they are, she accepted Mauli was a divorcee and has a daughter as well. But she can’t accept Kunal and Pari in the album. If they really want to marry Mauli to Ishaan, or if they want to drag Kunal and Mauli’s relation somehow.

Radhika promises that this won’t happen again. Dida interrupts that this can’t be done, Mishti is daughter of Mauli and Kunal. They will have to connect anyway; and Mauli will as well have to meet Kunal’s daughter. Sandhya objects that she can’t allow Mauli to continue meeting her ex-husband even after her marriage with Ishaan. Dida clarifies that Mauli has a past, they are grateful to have founded Ishaan for Mauli but it’s clear that Kunal and Mauli can’t break their ties. Radhika calms them down, as they need to manage things out. Ishaan and Mauli had reached.

Kunal called Radhika from the parking as he didn’t wish to go upstairs. He wonders what he must do? Mauli bends to touch Sandhya’s feet but she steps back. She clarifies to Ishaan that their house falls short of accommodating Mauli’s relations. Ishaan clarifies that he knows Mauli for past six years and Kunal visited here hardly twice or thrice. Kunal now called Mauli, everyone watches the phone bell ringing. Mauli clarifies she doesn’t know why Kunal is calling her? Sandhya says this house belongs to Kunal, his mother, granny and daughter live here. It doesn’t matter if he stays here anymore or not. Ishaan interrupts and asks why she is doing all this. Sandhya complains that Ishaan has distanced himself from them. Kunal enters the house from behind. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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