Tuesday Update on True Love 21st July 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 21st July 2020

Meethi is trying to light the lamp but is unable to. Maiyya comes there and helps her. Maiyya says whatever has happened, has happened but I have hurt you a lot for the sake of revenge. But today I am honestly telling you its all over. I wont do anything to you now. Please forgive me. Meethi says that right is with your son. Its good that you realised your mistake. People learn from their mistakes and grow in life. Leave the past. I only wish our lives are filled with love and happiness. Maiyya thinks, this girl is paralysed now but she is still all set on her values. I thought she will give me the respect of being her husband’s Maiyya. I don’t know how much I will have to adjust for my son’s sake. Meethi finds her lost. What are you thinking? Maiyya says I was thinking about who would do the aarti. You are the elder DIL so you should. Meethi agrees.

Nani and Rohini are on their way to Mukku’s house. Nani is lured by Vishnu’s society name Rajwada and thinks that she judged him wrongly. Driver stops their car in a narrow lane. Nani gets down and her feet get drenched with mud. Rohini too gets down while holding all the gifts in her hands. They feel uncomfy. They ask a guy about Rajwada who shows them that this indeed is the place where they are headed to. They are taken aback to see the small houses, narrow lanes and too many people. While Nani is crossing a lane she wonders as to why she feels that she has been here before as well. This looks like that same place where Damini used to live. The look has changed that’s why couldn’t understand. Ram hi Rakhey what has happened. My Mukku is staying here? A girl clashes with Nani and she is put off recalling Iccha’s childhood friends. They finally reach Mukta’s place who was busy sweeping the floor. They are shocked to see her thus. Mukku hugs Nani happily who is reluctant to hug her back. Mukku takes them inside.

Meethi and Maiyya do the puja together.

Mukku is very happy to see them here at her home. Nani tells her she isn’t happy to see this home. You live in a place like this? Rohini likes the place as there are many people here to talk to and look at. Nani rues as to why she is living here when her dad was giving her a nice big bungalow. Mukku says this house is small but it is ours. I am very happy here. Mukku serves them water. Nani notices the plate she is holding and asks her if she doesn’t have a tray at her home. Why serve / drink water in steel glass? You have a maid right? Mukku gets quiet.

Ambika comes and looks at Meethi pointedly while she is singing a prayer. Akash comes there while talking on phone. She immediately covers her head and joins Meethi and Maiyya. She asks for the puja thaal. Maiyya notices Akash standing by the door. First Meethi will do the aarti as she is the elder DIL. She gives the puja thaal to Meethi. Akash comes there. Maiyya asks him to do the aarti along with Meethi. She watches Akash keenly. He looks so happy now. I will keep him happy by doing such small gestures so that he doesn’t think of leaving me. What to do as his life is in Iccha’s daughter! Sankrant joins Ambika. Maiyya notices her and wonders if she would complain to her father if she has got upset. She takes the thaal from Meethi and calls out for Ambika to do the aarti now. sankrant and Ambika do the aarti together. She thinks, first Akash snatched my right to be the elder DIL of this house and now you (Maiyya) dint let me do the aarti first. I will definitely take revenge for this.

Nani and Rohini are all set to leave. Mukku suggests tea. Nani is upset to see her living here in such a small place. How can you be happy here? Mukku takes her outside to show how big this house it. All the rooms here are my own as our own people live here. There were only 6 rooms in papa’s bungalow and only 2 people were to live there. Nani comments that she has become blind with love. You are not able to see the truth. Mukku compliments the people living there. Mukku drops a bucket intentionally and acts being hurt. All the ladies come rushing to her help concerned for her. Other lady brings balm for her. mukku assures them she is all fine. Nani goes all quiet. Mukku introduces them to all. They offer to make something for them but Nani denies. They all go after telling Mukku not to worry for anything and call them anytime in case she needs them. Mukku asks Nani if she realised how close they all are. Nani is still bent on her point. They are not ours. When the circumstances will change, then you will come to know. She leaves with Rohini.

Rathore is telling someone on phone to get the whole bio data of ACP Dharamvir Chaubey. When, why he came to Mumbai…where he was before that….everything! You don’t have much time. Next call would be from your end. A new tune plays in the background while Rathore is lost in the flashbacks of a fire; a woman walking somewhere and then a loud scream. He calls out for Malvika. The driver asks him what happened but Rathore dismisses it.

Ambika picks up a neckpiece and is all smiles. She asks Maiyya how beautiful this is looking on her. maiyya compliments the necklace. I have to keep all this carefully. She takes it from Ambika but Maiyya wants to keep this one. This was given to me by my MIL. This is her last token of remembrance. This is of old style while you are from the new generation. Ambika is put off by this. Maiyya says you got all that you wanted in the wedding. Ambika agrees to let her take it. Now that you have declined me, I shall call dad. Maiyya takes her phone. You have grown up and are married now. you shouldn’t call your dad for every other thing. she gives the necklace to her. maiyya thinks this girl is very clever. This is my second loss today. at one side, there is that Meethi and at the other end, Ambika. Where do I go! Ambika is outside the room. What one cannot get by asking should be snatched. This necklace is a beginning of your loss Akash’s Maiyya. I have to snatch a lot from you and your family now.

Akash and Meethi have come to consult a doc. He is sure that Meethi can walk. You will start feeling a difference by doing regular physiotherapy. But patient has to have a lot of willpower to undergo this. There should be a wish inside the patient to have a speedy recovery. When the mind and body will be positive then the recovery will be very fast. Akash and Meethi are sure they can do this. You tell us the exercise we will follow it regularly. Doc nods.

Nani is counting the floor by her feet. Everyone is confused. Nani points out the size of Mukta’s home. Her bathroom in here is even bigger than that room. Name is Rajwada as if it is a mansion whereas it is a cheap colony. Damini is very happy to know about it. It was next to where I used to live. She tells Tappu that the people there are very good and well educated. Plus they stay like one big family there. Nani is angry. It is not a family for us. They are not up to our standards. Tappu tells her not to speak without thinking anything. Nani asks Rohini to speak up but Rohini appreciates the people, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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