Wednesday Update on Young Love 22nd July 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 22nd July 2020

Kishore travelling in the bus. The conductor asks him to buy ticket and he buys for Jaitsar. He thinks to inform Jagya about Akhiraj’s misdoings. Just then Police comes in jeep and stops the bus. The Inspector asks constable to arrest Kishore. They handcuff him and take him in jeep. Pooja gains consciousness. She hears Jagya talking to Sarita. Ganga says we are very sad. Sarita says you both are not at fault. We tried making them understand, but they didn’t listen. Mannu looks at Pooja from outside. Sarita goes to him and tells this incident happened with my girl. You have ruined my daughter’s life and my life. Pooja hears her saying that the baby died in the womb and she can’t be a mum in her life. Pooja cries and says my baby………Anandi and Sarita try to console her. Pooja stops Mannu from coming closer to her and asks him to go. Mannu says why you are blaming me? What did I do? Pooja asks him to go. Ganga is irked. Jagya takes Mannu from there. Pooja cries.

Kishore is brought to the Police station. Kishore asks what has happened? The Inspector shows the statement and says Nimboli accused you for molesting her. Kishore says this is a lie. I am a good man. He asks him to ask Anandi and Jagya. The Inspector says Nimboli said everything and cooks up a fake story. Kishore says I understood that Akhiraj bought you. He asks what is his price? Inspector gets angry and asks constable to lock him inside. Kishore says you will be punished too. Constable beats Kishore badly. Inspector smirks.

Jagya brings Mannu home and asks him not to step out of room. Mannu apologizes with folded hands. He says he didn’t know about Pooja’s bad condition. Ganga says you have broken everyone’s trust. You are not the same Mannu, whom we did know. Mannu apologizes to her. Ganga slaps him hard and asks him not to call her Maasa. She says you are not my son any longer.

Disa calls for Nimboli. Urmila tells Harki sent her. She says Kishore’s mama came to meet Akhiraj and looking tensed. Mama apologizes to Akhiraj and tells he did a mistake by giving shelter to Kishore. Disa, Urmila and Nimboli are shocked. Akhiraj tells I couldn’t believe that Kishore could do such a thing. Harki smiles. Disa is shocked. Kishore’s mama leaves. Akhiraj nods Nimboli not to say anything and takes her inside. Nimboli tells Kundan is guilty and Kishore is innocent. Disa says you have trapped Kishore, don’t you get afraid of God. Akhiraj says I am God of this house, and if anyone try to betray me then I will kill them, even if she is Nimboli or you. She asks Harki to lock Nimboli inside. Disa is shocked.

Anandi consoles Sarita. Sarita says did Pooja say anything. Anandi says she is still upset and not showing any emotions. She will take time to get out of this loss. Sarita opens the door and finds Mannu. Mannu asks her to let him meet Pooja once. Sarita refuses. Anandi asks him to leave for now. Sarita says I won’t let her meet you. Mannu says why shall I go? You people can’t stop me from meeting my wife.

Mannu says you can’t stop me from meeting my wife. He insists and requests her. Sarita says it is enough and asks him to leave. Mannu asks her to let him meet her once. Pooja comes and stops Sarita from closing the door. Mannu folds his hand and asks Pooja to listen to him once. He says he will explain everything and says he is also sad and upset. He can’t see her suffer and can do anything for her happiness. Pooja slaps him hard. Mannu is shocked. Pooja says I don’t want to hear you or tell anything to you, just go from here. Mannu turns to go and leaves. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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