Tuesday Update on True Love 22nd December 2020


Tuesday Update on True Love 22nd December 2020

Meethi telling her Anni that if fate is with us then Akash will bring back Manav safely anyhow. Rani gets confused. What’s fate? Tell me, I will go and bring fate with me. I will ask it to stay with us only. Damini looks at her in disbelief (same words were said by the little Iccha). She thinks of the tattoo in Iccha’s hand when she was small. I have got my fate in my hands. I will better your future now as well. Flashback ends. Damini looks at Rani is shock and amazement. Our fate isn’t made just by our talking about it. we believe that God writes it for us. My Ichhki was your age when she had thought to getting her fate inked in her hands. You too are trying to do the same today! fate is a weird riddle. At times it gives us everything without our even asking for it but sometimes it snatches our everything from us silently. She sends Rani out as she wants to talk to Meethi. rani goes out to think how to save Manav.

Damini thinks of Mukta’s words and how she blamed Meethi for losing Manav. She turns to Meethi. Why don’t you understand Mukta’s pain? You talk about fate but whatever is happening here is being written by you. You have become God to write yours, Rani’s, Mukta’s and Vishnu’s fate. Mukta came to ask for your help and you slapped her? Meethi agrees she made a mistake. But I cannot risk another kid’s life to save one kid’s life. Damini asks the same question to her. will you risk Manav’s life just to save Rani? Meethi says should I send Rani back to the same place where she has no future. Should I force her to become like her mother? Damini replies that they cannot have all the answers all the time. Maybe God is testing you to see how well you can do in a difficult situation.

My Icchki dint save her own son Yuvi but Kanha. You are the same Iccha’s daughter. I dint expect it from you. You should have understood Mukta’s pain. How can you raise your hand on her? what would you have done if Rani was your daughter and you had to save Manav? If it was my daughter Iccha then she would have sacrificed her daughter for Manav. Meethi retorts she cannot be great like her Ma. I cannot do this. Rani is my daughter. I cannot hand her to anyone. I agree I love Manav a lot. I know Akash will save him. I know nothing will happen to Manav.

Akash, Vishnu and Mukta reach the location along with the policemen. On the other hand, Damini asks Meethi the same question. What if we will have to give them Rani? Meethi refuses to do so. Being a woman, a mother, I cannot do it. this is my answer. Damini looks at her in shock as she mutters that she wont give Rani to anyone.

Ratna Bai has left from the said locations with her goons. Mukta hugs Vishnu all dejected. They hear a kid’s cries suddenly. They think that it is Manav and go inside again to check but it turns out to be a baby doll with some recording. Mukta breaks down again as she cries for her son.

Damini wants to know if Manav holds no value for Meethi. she says he is, I really want him to be home all safe and healthy. Damini is disappointed with her reply. She tells Meethi to be ready for a sacrifice in case they fail to bring back Manav. You will have to sacrifice Rani to save Manav. Meethi looks at her in shock as Damini continues to speak. You will have to leave your ardent desire to be a mother. I know what I am going to say isn’t right but still I will tell you to send Rani to that hell. Meethi declines. rani is my daughter. I cannot do it. damini wants her to give this test. A mother saves her kids all the time but you must protect others’ kid. Meethi continues to rant that Akash will save Manav. She notices Akash coming back and is shocked to know that he dint get Manav. Damini gives her a choice – living like an ordinary mother or like Iccha. Meethi gets thinking.

In her room, Meethi thinks of Mukta’s and her Anni’s words. She shouts in no as their words haunt her. I cannot do it. I cannot give Rani to anyone.

Malvika and Akash try to make Rani eat but in vain. Meethi comes there. She takes the plate from Akash and sits down beside Rani. She explains Diwali’s significance to Rani. Kids stay most happy today and enjoy a lot. We wont be happy if you will be upset like this. please eat a little my doll. Rani is concerned about Manav. He must be hungry. I know that Ratna Bai and her men. They aren’t good at all. They wouldn’t have given anything to Manav and must be troubling him a lot. Malvika takes Rani with her to do shagun for Diwali atleast. We have to celebrate a little on Manav’s part. rani leaves reluctantly on Akash-Meethi’s insistence.

Akash says we will have to give them Rani. We have no other option. Once we save Manav we will pay them as much money as they want for Rani and bring her back. He knows it will be tough. They wont melt. I have seen Mukta and Vishnu begging in front of them but they dint relent. They only want Rani we must understand this. Do you want them to do something wrong to Manav and then return Meethi to them? what if they kill Manav? She stops him midsentence. You also think that I am selfish? I cannot send Rani back in that hell. Do you want that too? He says no. I have given my name to Rani and have fought with my own family for her. I understand my responsibility towards Rani but we cannot become selfish at the moment by thinking about our baby only. The more we delay, the more Manav will be tortured. For me, Manav and Rani are alike. Meethi affirms it is the same for her. being a mom, I can and will not send Rani back to them. till I am alive, Rani is not going anywhere from this house. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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